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  1. Tony

    Aki 2012 wiegh-in- Way out!

    Any information about Chiyotairyu's weight? I found he weights 158kg now!
  2. Tony

    Greatest Sumo Ever?

    I agree with Salle although it remains a very difficult question. For me, Chiyonofuji' style is very unique : a quasi perfect mix of swiftness, power and technic. His performances around 1981-1982 stayed really incredible to watch. Plus, he was lighter than his main rivals. Last but not least, he's very charismatic, never leaves somebody cold.
  3. Tony

    Kokonoe beya mystery

    I would like to add something about Kokonoe oyakata. In the sumo world, it's not a mystery that he was an untypical person. IMHO, lot of rumours are just... rumours, results of some guy's jealousy (Lynn Matsuoka and some ex-rikishi confirmed me) For example, I'm not certain he didn't use steroids, but who claims he actually did? One, he was always very muscled and well defined body. Second, his weight improvment could be explained by his hard musculation training after his right shoulder's dislocation in march 1979, plus the fact he quit tobacco following Takanohana I's advice.
  4. Hello there, I searched for few months video tapes about several ozeki of the 1980-1990's (Wakashimazu, Hokutenyu and above all Kirishima). So, I would to know if somebody has video's tape of tournaments during their primes?
  5. Tony

    Injury situation

    Very sad news about Chiyozakura... I sincerly hope he could recovered
  6. Tony

    Heaviest man ever lifted

    Kirishima and Chiyonofuji won several bouts against Onokuni and Mitoizumi by utchari or tsuridashi. For example, Kirishima defeated Onokuni (around 200kg in this time) during aki 1988 by utchari.
  7. Tony

    Injury situation

    Thank you! Any news about Chiyozakura?
  8. I'm worried for few months about ex-makuuchi Ryuhou's case. Is he injured? He's now in jonidan division and didn't take part in the three last tournaments.
  9. Tony

    the decline of aomori

    And what can we say about Hokkaido's rikishi!
  10. Tony

    Chiyohakuryu intai

    I found on a chinese website Chiyohakuryu (sandanme rikishi of Kokonoe beya and from Inner Mongolia) danpatsu-shiki's pictures. The ceremony took place this week. As I couldn't understand chinese, I don't know why he decided to stop his career. Linked to yaocho case? If I remember correctly, he was one of the Chiyohakuh
  11. Tony

    Chiyohakuryu intai

    Thanks for the news! He's a Japanese citizen for a while, isn't he?
  12. Tony

    Chiyonohana twirls his last bow <b0w>

    Chiyonohana was my current favorite Kokonoe beya's rikishi. I thought he will be a good private coach for the young deshi of the heya. Indeed, Chiyonohana dedicated oneself tp their training like Rachimi did in the past; and in Kokonoe-beya, Mr. Sato (ex Tonoumi and Chiyoarashi) is employed as private coach. Maybe ex Chiyonohana will give advices during future Kyuushuu basho...
  13. Tony

    January 2011 new recruits

    We might add Chiyosh
  14. Tony

    Kofuji health update

    Congratulations! Have a very good year!
  15. Tony

    Happy New Year everyone

    Happy new year girls and boys!
  16. Tony

    Futabayama, 35th Yokozuna

    Very interesting! Thank you very much Fay! Just a question : this museum is located at Usa, the Futabayama's hometown?
  17. Tony

    YDC Soken-pre-January 2011

    How was Baruto? Genki or not? I will not upset if he achieves a great performance in January after his return in his home country.
  18. Tony

    The Next Rijicho

    By curiosity, if the moto Futagoyama oyakata was alive, do you think what he has got capacities and profile for the chair? I always wonder me if he would be a good chairman, he seemed to me a very honest and smart man.
  19. Tony

    Nagoya 2010 retirees

    Thank you for the news, I skipped it. It's true he was gifted. In October 2007, I watched him during a degeiko session at the Oguruma-beya and he dominated sekitori as Hokutoriki, Wakakirin or Yoshiazuma.
  20. Tony

    Nagoya 2010 retirees

    I'm very sad for Kaih
  21. Tony

    Scandal fallout

    It's an unprecedent case I suppose?
  22. Tony

    Former Kitabayama dies

    Tell us more Kinta, please! I'm very sad, the three oozeki from Muroran all died now.
  23. Tony

    Scandal fallout

    It's really ashamed! Tagawa basho should be a special event for the former oozeki Takanohana I and Futagoyama oyakata. In this town, one's of the greatest supporter of the great man owned a chanko-nabe restaurant, the only one in Japan authorized to be called "Takanohana chanko". In the article of the Mainichi shinbun, it noticed that an other Tagawa basho should be take place in the next years.
  24. Tony

    Jiji Premium Pics

    My guess for the third picture is Satsumahibiki, for the last one, Kirinowaka.
  25. Tony

    Have admitted publicly to baseball gambling

    And now, it's Chiyohakuhou's turn!