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  1. Tony

    Yokozuna/Ozeki preperandum - Kyushu 2013

    Impressive! Hakuho's clever with his hands! Lot of great past rikishi practiced baketball before their sumo life : Chiyonofuji, Akebono, Asashoryu, etc.
  2. Tony

    New recruits for Haru 2014

    It's a good news for Naruto-beya. Recently, I didn't watch young and very promising talent in this heya!
  3. Tony

    Kyushu 2013 Banzuke

    Takanoiwa is one of the unluckiest rikishi. With a kachi-koshi as juryou 2 in last september, we could expect that he will be promoted. Takanohana-beya will wait to celebrate his first makuuchi rikishi.
  4. Tony

    Former rikishi activities

    If Baruto stopped his sumo career to protect his knee, it will be surprizing that he'll begin pro wrestling.
  5. Tony

    Asakayama-beya to be created

    If I'm not wrong, in 4 years, Tomozuna oyakata will turn 65. So, who could buy his toshiyori-kabu? And in 4 years, could we imagine that Tomozuna and Asakayama-beya reunite again?
  6. Tony

    New recruits for Kyushu 2013

    His mensurations are impressive : 1,94m for 170kg!
  7. Tony

    Asakayama-beya to be created

    Which rikishi could follow ex-ozeki in the future heya? Kaisei?
  8. Tony

    Preparations of the masses-Nagoya 2013

    I read on Takanohana-beya's website that it's not possible to watch asageiko. Is this rule actually applied? Indeed, I'll go to Nagoya next week and would like go to Takanohana-beya.
  9. Tony

    Sumo documentary videos

    Do you know if it's possible to download the NHK world's TV show Sports in Japan? I search precisely the program about "The role of ozeki".
  10. I just watched "Sports in Japan" of this week. The guest was Demon Kogure and some marvalous bouts of the past were broadcasted. So, I'm wodering if anybody knows it is possible to download this program on the NHK World's website?
  11. Tony

    Kitanoumi kanreki dohyo-iri

    I guess Kitanofuji chose an hotel because he wasn't member of NSK anymore.
  12. Tony

    Soukokurai to be re-instated!

    What did wrong with Chiyohakuho? His sumo? His behaviour?
  13. Tony

    Former Yokozuna Taiho Has Passed Away

    Very sad news indeed. He would be died from an heart attack.
  14. Tony

    Rikishi Status: Hatsu 2013

    Unfortunately, the video's bout don't allow to be optimistic. Chiyoarashi already suffered a bad knee injury last year. I think he will be kyujo for the end of basho.
  15. Tony

    Rikishi Status: Hatsu 2013

    Could you explain to me why Kokonoe-beya deshi's kyujo are strange? Is it more interesting for these young guys to compete injured?
  16. Tony

    Asageiko at Tomozuna Beya

    The last one is a picture of Kyokutaisei, isn't it?
  17. Tony

    New recruits for Hatsu 2013

    Kokonoe beya scouted a new boy from Okinawa (and from the same Chiyokiryu's high school). He's 1,80m tall and weighted 120kg. His name might read "Katsuyama". He's the third deshi from this japanese prefecture.
  18. Tony


    Actually, a tombola will take place during the tournament. The daily winner could be shooted beside Kokonoe oyakata.
  19. Tony


    Thank you Fay. If I understood correctly, during the next hastu basho, a Chiyonofuji's pictures expo will take place. About the two first pictures, the first one was taken for his juryo promotion (11-1974) and the second one for his makuuchi promotion (sept 1975).
  20. Tony


    Very nice, thank you to share it! When you wrote these pictures were published by NSK, did you mean these pics from magazines? or anything else?
  21. Tony

    New Yokozuna Harumafuji Dohyoi-iri style

    Chiyonofuji's yokozuna dohyou-iri was undoubtely the most impressive I've never seen.
  22. Tony

    New Yokozuna Harumafuji Dohyoi-iri style

    One, this Futabayama's dohyou-iri was filmed for his danpatsu-shi ceremony. Plus, the yokozuna dohyou-iri's realization was often very slow until 1970's. For example, Kashiwado did it in two minutes, Kitanoumi was around one minute.
  23. Tony

    Yokozuna Promotion timetable

    The dohyo-iri practice will begin tomorrow?
  24. Tony

    New Yokozuna Harumafuji Dohyoi-iri style

    I agree with Asashosakari : his shisho would be his teacher. By the way, what kesho-mawashi's trio was choosen for the first public dohyô-iri (hônô dôhyô-iri)?