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  1. Tony

    Sumo on TV sometime somewhere

    in Tokyo it is now on DVD too. Where can I find it? It would be a pleasure to watch this page of sumo's history.
  2. Tony

    Sumo on TV sometime somewhere

    Do you know if VHS of 1991 London koen are available?
  3. Tony

    New recruits for Hatsu 2014

    Onoe-beya's new recruit is a cube!
  4. Tony

    Sekitori body fat measuring

    Do you know where I can find these results for rikishi of the past like Kirishima or Takanohana I. If I remember correctly, at his prime, Chiyonofuji was with 11%.
  5. Tony

    Rikishi extra activities

    Good news! Chiyoarashi isn't kyujo anymore?
  6. Tony

    Curious lists...

    The following rikishi is the last one that rikishi just above fought for his very last appearance.
  7. Tony

    Juryo Promotions - 2014 Hatsu

    If I'm not wrong, Sakigake is the second sekitori of this stable since ex-Onokuni founded it. Great news!
  8. Tony

    Retirees after Kyushu 2013

    Last july, I couldn't watch keiko at Takanohana-beya. What's your opinion about way of training in this stable? Is it as strict as Futagoyama-beya's time?
  9. Tony

    hey Ken where can i find you?

    I'm trying to contact Ken Coller for old basho's video but I don't receive answer. Does anyone know an other way to contact him?
  10. Tony

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Wonderful news for Harumafuji! I'm glad to see him back in good shape. I'm very impressed (one more time) by Kisenosato's bout. He reversed decision cleverly and calmly.
  11. Takanoyama (mk2 West, 3-3) against Higonojo (J14 East, 7-7) tomorrow would be interesting, wouldn't it?
  12. Tony

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Great bout from Kisenosato indeed! This is the second time this year he defeated the two yokozuna; Wonderful! I hope he could keep calm tomorrow and get his 13th shiroboshi.
  13. Tony

    The 3 leaving oyakata (pics)

    Masuiyama II was one of my favourite rikishi of all time. I admire his skills and fighting spirit although he had a weird tachi-ai. Aobajo was an other distinctive rikishi of makuuchi division during Showa 50's (for sideburns and classic style). If I remember well, he almost won one of his first makuuchi tournament.
  14. Tony

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Kyushu basho is often a very successful basho for Kokonoe's deshi!
  15. Tony

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Nevertheless, audience is very warm, much more than in Tokyo, Osaka or Nagoya.
  16. Tony

    Rikishi Status Kyushu '13 - Final

    Kotoyuki is very young, so he could find time to recover.
  17. Tony

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Hochiyama's career is a bit weird with spectacular up and downs. I always like this rikishi and hope he could return to the top!
  18. Tony

    Rikishi Status Kyushu '13 - Final

    6 months would be the minimum time of rest.
  19. Tony

    Rikishi Status Kyushu '13 - Final

    No news about Kotoyuki?
  20. Tony

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    We'll see but Harumafuji seems to be very genki for this tournament. His way to move is swift. I think he could be a serious opponent for the yusho race.
  21. Tony

    Kyushu Basho 2013 discussion thread

    Kisenosato made a good start : he was in a bad position but he remainde unruffled, rectified it. Few months ago, he would probably lost this kind of bout.
  22. Tony

    New recruits for Kyushu 2013

    One more very small rikishi at Michinoku-beya! I hope he could contribute to regain prestige at this heya.
  23. Tony

    Rikishi Status Kyushu '13 - Final

    Chiyoarashi had surgery for his knee? He's kyujo for four months now.
  24. Tony

    Consecutive Basho at Sekiwake (Goeido)

    Goeido would be to take an advantage of the number's reduction of ozeki. His sumo is pleasant to watch (go forward and skillful).
  25. Tony

    Endou Kyujo?

    If he teares his Achilles tendon, he would be kyujo for three tournament at least.