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    Sumo injuries

    There are three operation for ACL : Macintosh ( the oldest ), Kenneth jones and DIDT ( plus sometimes Lemerre ). The two last are recent ( 10 years ). Before, lot of athletes refused to be operate ( Laurent Cabannes a international french rugbyman ). Macintosh didn't very good results. Athletes developped the muscle of quadriceps what supports all leg. Today, new operations are less restricting. I think that for rikishi, it's Kenneth Jones. This operation consists to take a piece of patellar tendon and to join it with ACL torn.
  2. Tony


    Sorry for my awful english!
  3. Tony

    What is the best TV-series ever?

    I like very much three serieTV : "Magnum", "The Sopranos" and the eternal"M.A.S.H".
  4. Tony

    Who will win "Le Championnat" ?

    Let's go Bordeaux! A good team with asuper coach :Elie Baup!
  5. Tony

    What's the best ever Manga-serie ?

    My favourite manga is Hokuto no Ken. It' a great story with very charismatic characters.
  6. Tony

    Who'll be the next Yokozuna ?

    Chiyotaikai is the most regular ozeki in 2002. I think that he can win Aki basho in september.
  7. Tony

    Will Maru become the best ever foreign rikishi ?

    Musashimaru is better than Akebono. I talk about rikishi talent.Musashimaru seems to me more complete than Akebono ( better balance, able to produce great sumo,...) He doesn't my favourite rikishi, but I think that Musashimaru is the best foreign rikishi of every time.
  8. Tony

    The way yusho was decided

    What a shame! Tochiazuma uses too much henka during important bouts. Already for his ozeki promotion in Kyushu basho 2001, he used a dishonorable skill for win Musoyama ( 15th day ). Now, it's during a kettei-sen. However, he produced an wonderful 1st bout against Chiyotaikai. For me, Tochiazuma is wasting his talent!
  9. Tony

    Chiyonofuji hitting taiho's 32 ?

    Chiyonofuji is the best rikishi of every time! I don't believe that used yaocho for win his 31 yusho. It's true who he retired quickly.But, he was 35, almost 36 (once month later ). In modern sumo, very few yokozuna continued after their 32 years. Chiyonofuji had a exceptionnal longevity. Furthermore, in Natsu basho 1991, I think he suffered right leg ( watch the bouts against Takahanada and Takatoriki ). And Chiyonofuji's style was so impressive, so perfect, what he needn't yaocho.Thank you Chiyonofuji for all these wonderful moments!
  10. Tony

    Tribute to Lynn Matsuoka

    Yes, she makes a great work!
  11. Tony

    Who was main responsible of Sumo boom in the 90s ?

    Hanada brothers are certainly main responsible of sumo boom in 1990s. They are big stars in Japan, and it's very important for Japanese that one or two rikishi dominates. For new decenny, Chiyotaikai or Kotomitsuki could be the great japanese rikishi. I don't know if a foreign like Asashoryu could be exit sumo of its "popularity crisis".
  12. Tony

    Imagine the profiles of the rikishi to come ...

    I think that weight is a false problem.And I disagree with members of NSK who wanted penalize rikishi above 170kg. Yes there are lot of injuries nowadays perhaps due to important weight. However, I think that mainly problem is sumo'quality. I'm not a fan of Oshi-zumo, and nowadays lot of rikishi uses these skills. Weight'explosion is a factor of this development. But, there are big rikishi who have a beautiful style ( Kaio, Kitanoumi, Onokuni, ...). For sumo'future, I think that there will be several rikishi'type.However, I hope more rikishi as Aminishiki or the fabulous Chiyonofuji and Kirishima.
  13. Tony

    Next Ozeki speculation

    Kotomitsuki seems to me a serious candidate. However, it will be certainly in 2003. Wakanosato is maybe too irregular, but...