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  1. Tony

    New recruits for Kyushu 2014

    Any informations (heya, age, etc.) about these guys?
  2. Tony

    Kaio statue

    Very impressive and ... good likeness of him!
  3. Tony

    Day 15 pics Aki14

    Do you know what's wrong with Kokonoe oyakata? Why he hold a stick in his hand?
  4. Tony

    Post-Nagoya Retirements

    Do you have any information about reasons of Shineiyama's retirement?
  5. Tony

    Rikishi Talk Nagoya Basho - Day 1-6,8-15

    So, Kisenosato has a sense of humor!!
  6. Tony

    Future Yokozuna as tsukebito

    For example, I remember a picture of future yokozuna Tochinoumi as tsukebito of yokozuna Tochinishiki in late 1950's.
  7. Tony

    Nagoya 2014 Discussion Thread

    Last saturday, I watched again documentary about Osunaarashi and liked that his oyakata scolded him after he made an extrashove. IMHO, it's quite ironical when you consider that his forearm move at tachiai is certainly much more dangerous. I sincerly hope he'll change his tachi-ai's move.
  8. Tony

    Kakuryu as Yokozuna

    Do you know if Michinoku oyakata took part at the yokozuna promotion party? Or relations between Michinoku and Izutsu still strained?
  9. Other yusho winner skipped this press conference in the past?
  10. Tony

    Juryo Promotions - 2014 Nagoya

    Wakanoshima is from Hanaregoma-beya. What a beautiful tribute to his first oyakata's memory.
  11. That is a perfect example of creating a conspiracy theory by using statistics the wrong way. The likelihood of beating both is by no means 3%. If you look at Kakuryu's past wins over Hakuho you will find that he has beaten Harumafuji in all the basho, too. So as long as Harumafuji is not in exceptionally good condition, which he is not this basho, you have to give Kakuryu about an even chance to beat him. If you look through sumo history you will find a lot of rikishi who made huge jumps in their performance in very short time frames. Futabayama had been a Maegashira with the exception of one Komusubi basho for three years, than makes Sekiwake and starts a three year long winning streak. Chiyonofuji goes from underweight injury-prone Maegashira to the dominant Yokozuna in a little over a year. Kirishima was perfectly healthy in his Komusubi debut and went 1-14, still seven basho later he makes Ozeki. Sumotori can develop, gain strength and sometimes just self-confidence which takes their sumo to a new level. And it is not just sumo specific, it works in other sports, too. In Tennis Wawrinka has won the Australian Open in convincing fashion, in darts Michael van Gerwen has gone from eternal talent to the man to beat in just a year and somebody whose wife lets them watch more sports can probably come up with some more examples. So Kakuryu is now close to Yokozuna promotion. Is this due to conspiracy? Probably not. Can you construct one around it? Of course. And for the foreseeable future we will probably have to read way more theories whenever somebody goes for a promotion or an unexpected yusho. By the way, for a fan of traditional shikona like me the most important question has not been raised, yet: Will they change his shikona to Nishinoumi IV? When Kirishima was up for Yokozuna promotion it was said that he would get the name if he made it. Nishinoumi wasn't a very successful shikona for yokozuna!
  12. Tony

    Rikishi Status Haru 2014 - Final

    So, Chiyoarashi is back, good news!
  13. Tony

    Yokozuna/Ozeki preperandum - Haru 2014

    I'm afraid Harumafuji's last perf at Fukuoka was his swan song.
  14. Tony

    Unknown Tegata

    Maybe "noyama" for the two last characters of bottom tegata.
  15. Tony

    Haru 2014 Banzuke

    Two bro in makuuchi, it's official! Plus, Chiyootori become Kokonoe-beya's heya-gashira.
  16. Tony

    Who it is ?

    I think it's Asashoryu (face and feet position).
  17. Tony

    Who it is ?

    I couldn't recognize him! Have you got a bigger picture?
  18. Tony

    Heya Watch Hatsu Basho 2014

    Lot of Kokonoe's deshi are in their highest rank for this basho, so these tough results are understandable.
  19. Tony

    Hatsu 2014 Discussion - *contains spoilers

    Yes, he seems to have found a technique suitable to his size. I'm not sure how he has been resisting opponents just falling on him and crushing him. For now, it is effective Yes, his sumo is effective and nice to see but I'm worried about his neck, his position is very low and dangerous (it's the same case for Satsumahibiki).
  20. Tony

    Hatsu 2014 Discussion - *contains spoilers

    Endo's victory was beautiful! What a reflex!
  21. Tony

    And A Happy New Year to Everyone!

    I couldn't agree more, I whish you an happy new year!
  22. Tony

    New Banzuke - 2014 Hatsu Basho

    It will be interesting to watch his perf. IMHO since Nagoya basho his sumo is one of the most spectacular among sekitori.
  23. Tony

    YDC on the next yokozuna run

    Kaio was particularly unlucky during tsuna run tournaments (back pain and injuries). Kisenosato is in top shape now, but the most difficult is before him : win a makuuchi tournament. With a 8 years weaning for japanese audience, pressure would be terrible.
  24. Tony

    New Banzuke - 2014 Hatsu Basho

    It's done! Takanoiwa is promoted in makuuchi! Congratulations to him!
  25. Tony

    Hochiyama retired

    Sad news! His career was suprizing with spectacular up and down in hierarchy.