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  1. I would like to invite everyone here on the forum to join in the fun and play Kachi Clash for Haru. KACHI CLASH: HARU - March 2019 is here! CLICK HERE for Official Site, Rules, Banzuke, and Contest Standings. No Drafting: You get to pick who you want! No Cost: All you have to do is comment, watch the scores rise, and earn your bragging rights for supreme sumo prediction! No Confusing Rules: 1 win = 1 point ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submit your picks here in the forum, with a comment, or in our official discord channel. You will be entered under your username (unless you specify a different entry name.) Kachi Clash will continue for all future basho! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: Each player picks 5 rikishi and gain 1 point for each bout they win. That's it! Pick ONE rikishi from EACH of the ranked sections: Y-O , S-K , M1-M5 , M6-M10 , and M11-M16. You may change your picks up until the day of the Basho. PM me if you need a change (like when someone goes kyujo just before the basho begins.) During the basho, players are ranked according to their # of wins, and first-place will earn a coveted EMPEROR'S CUP next to your name for all future Kachi Clash contests. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good luck at Haru 2019 everyone!
  2. Hi everyone! I've been putting off registering, but I think it's time. I'm a very active member on the Grand Sumo Discord channel, and frequent r/sumo (not that that's a good thing), but I've mostly just used SumoForum as a resource instead of getting involved. I am a designer and created a sumo board game that I'm currently shopping to publishers. Doing research for the board game about a year ago is what got me interested in sumo... ok obsessed. I now have an original Hakuho Tegata hanging over my TV, and have designed a Sumo Calendar, 3 Sumo Sporcle Quizes, an Abi Drawing, and a brand new sumo prediction game called Kachi Clash. As you can tell, I love to contribute to the things that I care about, so you'll probably see me around here trying to give back to this community in various ways. My wife and I watch religiously, and love just about all of the rikishi (don't ask us to pick favorites, there's TOO MANY). I look forward to getting to know you all in time. Thanks for having me. Cheers!