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  1. mt fuji

    March basho 2021

    He has his citizenship now so I’m sure he would rather retire and keep earning a salary than get COVID to skip another basho
  2. mt fuji

    Sumo Reference Updates

    Yeah that was exactly what I needed, thank you!!
  3. mt fuji

    Sumo Reference Updates

    I posted about this last basho, but has anyone in this thread had success adding video links in the torikumi? I've added links and hit "save" and then all of the links disappear and it doesn't look like anything was saved. The last mention I've seen of adding videos is from 2019. Is it still possible to add links? Would love to add my Juryo videos and Kintamayama's Makuuchi videos for posterity edit: Even for the previous basho in November, only a few of the top division bouts have videos!
  4. mt fuji

    Banzuke for Haru 2021

    made a little banzuke reveal video (with a demo of a beat I'm working on)
  5. mt fuji

    New recruits Haru 2021

    Hey is there any place on the internet or spreadsheet or list that has all of these newcomers listed in one spot? If not I might try to make one
  6. mt fuji

    Kimarite Statistics - 2021 Hatsu

    more footage from the lower divisions in a few days
  7. Hey everyone, starting a new thread for the new basho ~ I'm making juryo and lower division recaps again this time. Here's my watchlist, let me know if you want to add anyone to it! Ms1 - Ms5 Ms6 Hokutenkai Ms6 Wakayama Ms7 Oshoryu Ms8 Murata Ms8 Shohoryu Ms9 Hokaho Ms10 Yuma Ms14 Ito Ms15 Hokuseiho Ms18 Tokisakae Ms20 Tochikamiyama Ms21 Wakatakamoto Ms26 Yoshii Ms32 Daitenma Ms37 Fukai Ms43 Mudoho Ms45 Anzai Ms52 Nihonyanagi Ms57 Nishinoryu Ms59 Otsuji Ms59 Dewanoryu Sd6 Denuma Sd9 Hayatefuji Sd15 Ofukasawa Sd17 Taiyo Sd18 Nabatame Sd23 Shishi Sd29 Shinohara Sd47 Hagiwara Sd56 Osuzuki Sd58 Takeoka Sd90 Kirameki Sd91 Shimoyama Jd3 Senho Jd4 Ishii Jd5 Toma Jk28 Shonanzakura Newcomers: Jk25 Atamifuji Jk25 Arauma Jk26 Kyoda Jk26 Onofuji Jk27 Fujinonami Jk27 Tairikuyama Jk28 Minorufuji here's my announcement video if you want to watch it:
  8. mt fuji

    Juryō promotions for Haru 2021

    I think if you combined Bushozan and Takakento, you'd end up with Takakeisho. I'm sure Oho will be back up; hopefully wrestling all 15 days against Juryo guys was a wake up call and a learning experience
  9. mt fuji

    Retirees- January 2021

    Is this everyone that will retire before the next basho? I know you're supposed to hand in retirement papers pretty quickly after the end of the basho, but is it possible sekitori retire before the next one? Shori to hear that you'll have to find a new joke for the end of your lower division updates
  10. mt fuji

    Videos (all days) - Hatsu 2021

    They're rare.... for pretty much anyone other than Shonanzakura. I haven't been watching Anzai before this basho but I love his spirit and his energy, he's always hyped about winning or noticeably sad about losing
  11. mt fuji

    Rikishi Status - 2021 Hatsu Basho

    Hope to hear a health update about Churanoumi, his fall off the dohyo would have been serious on its own, but he also hit his head on Hakuyozan's knee after a big slap from Takagenji.
  12. mt fuji

    Corona and sumo

    Yes I'm disappointed they're not testing but it's also not surprising and pretty consistent with the way they've shown what they prioritize. They need to make money and positive tests put that at risk!
  13. mt fuji

    Videos (all days) - Hatsu 2021

    Shonanzakura gets the most slack on false starts, I doubt this is the only tachiai like this from this basho.
  14. mt fuji

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    I really like his pre-bout ritual where he kinda scurries from the tawara up the shikiri-sen like he's going down an escalator. Tohakuryu has a consistent routine too and their match was pretty funny
  15. mt fuji

    Sumo and Head Injury / Concussion

    Hope I'm not going off-topic, but the mishandling of head injuries goes beyond tachiai. Just from the Day 13 action that I saw, Nihonyanagi landed a great sotogake on Fukai, and I couldn't tell if he hit his head when he landed on his back, or if he just had the wind knocked out of him... either way, he was obviously injured and the shimpan did the right thing to hurry along Nihonyanagi and get an attendant up to talk to Fukai. Even though this instance was a step in the right direction for getting injured rikishi some help, I still wish they had some assistance or ringside attendance from any medical professionals. Whether it happens from a tachiai, or a hard throw, or a bad landing off the dohyo, we've all seen rikishi who have made their injuries worse because they're forced to exit the arena on their own, when proper medical attention could have handled their injuries more effectively. I said this in my YouTube comments but no one here reads those: I know I'm watching a full-contact sport and I don't expect any sport like that (especially this sport) to change the rules of the game to make it injury-free. But it's terrible for the rikishi to give 100% in the ring, get injured, and have to fend for themselves to get anything close to medical attention. It's also bad optics, but that shouldn't really be the main issue. At least when football or rugby or whatever players get injured, they immediately get someone checking them out. Makes me want to stop watching, honestly.