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  1. mt fuji

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    If you have time to kill, the Asanowaka - Dewanojo match was odd and fun to watch if you can find it. I saw that Asanowaka pulled a susoharai so I dug through Karla's stream to find it
  2. mt fuji

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    I think Shodai would try to get something going sooner than later... I'd guess the next one somehow involves two of Hokuseiho, Daishoho, and Mitoryu
  3. mt fuji

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Looking forward to the inevitable Hokuseiho - Shodai match where they both just stand straight up at the tachiai and wait for the other one to move forward Also really hope that Wakamotoharu beats Daieisho, Hoshoryu beats Kiribayama, and they all win the rest of their matches, just to give the people that have to decide who will be Ozeki a hard time (I'd guess only Kiribayama and maybe Daieisho get it if this happens, but who knows!)
  4. mt fuji

    mt fuji's Fantasy Sumo

    Hey just wanted to bump this thread - the draft for this game is live and you can draft until a few hours before the action starts! I'm still updating scores manually so it can take up to 24 hours for me to get around to updating the scores one day I'll have an API set up to do it for me!
  5. mt fuji

    Haru 2023 discussion (results)

    Wow Asanoyama really made something out of nothing there with Ochiai. I wish Ichinojo had a more formidable opponent and we could have seen another Ichinojo v. Asanoyama.... but great action in Juryo today!
  6. mt fuji

    mt fuji's Fantasy Sumo

    I've been dealing with a troll over the past week - they figured out how to draft teams with racial slurs in them, and also figured out how to delete all of the teams in my database... but I think that's all taken care of now (I hope!). If you've drafted in the past 48 hours, your team should still exist, but you might need to draft again if not! Draft is open until right before Juryo starts!
  7. mt fuji

    mt fuji's Fantasy Sumo

    You can't change during the tournament, but there's a "DELETE TEAM" button on the account page if you feel the need to re-draft for whatever reason. Thanks for spreading the word!
  8. mt fuji

    mt fuji's Fantasy Sumo

    I'm here to share my new website and invite everyone to play my version of Fantasy Sumo! I've been playing Fantasy Sumo with some friends and strangers on the internet since 2019. In the fall, I started learning how to code through a software engineering bootcamp, and I made this website as a final project. I've come a long way since I started playing, keeping scores in a Google Sheet and manually updating scores for every match Now that the new rankings are out and I've made some updates, the draft page is live and I would love to have as many players as possible! There's also a Database page that allows users to sort things like height & weight, yusho / kinboshi / sansho, and more. You can pretty easily see which wrestlers are all in the same heya, who has the most kanto-sho, who's the shortest... and there's another table with couple of years of (my) Fantasy Sumo scores you can use to help pick your squad. Hope you'll pick a team! Feel free to leave some constructive criticism about the site - I haven't made it look great on a tablet yet, and it's probably easier to draft on a computer than a phone... but it's a work in progress!
  9. mt fuji

    Training pics overview February 2023

    is Terunofuji expected to sit this basho out too? is Wakatakakage going to be healthy enough to compete? have we heard that anyone else might not start the basho?
  10. mt fuji

    The end?

    I stopped because Natto started doing them, glad someone’s doing it whoever it is!
  11. mt fuji

    The end?

    I started making Juryo highlight videos & eventually Makushita videos to serve the same purpose the Kintamayama recaps do - 99% concise highlights, 1% light-hearted commentary, 0% filler or unnecessary footage! Kintamayama provided coverage when it was difficult to access and I wanted to do the same. I loved watching old tournaments in between basho and learning about legends in context. Gonna miss funny fonts Friday. And I’ll be sad to see so many dead links on Sumo DB :/
  12. mt fuji

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Just wanna say that it's really nice that people can yell and cheer again. The atmosphere seems totally different!
  13. mt fuji

    TORCHBEARER 2023: invitation, rules, and your picks

    I'll pick Nabatame - Ms1e
  14. mt fuji

    Rikishi weight check for Hatsu 2023

    Is there a full list of these measurements on the internet anywhere? I usually find it on the Nikkan Sports site but I don't think they've updated their banzuke yet.
  15. mt fuji

    Ajigawa beya born

    the active wrestlers who meet these qualifications: Terunofuji / Takakeisho / Shodai / Mitakeumi / Tochinoshin / Takayasu / Asanoyama Myogiryu / Tamawashi / Okinoumi / Aoiyama / Takarafuji of course, they won't all want to open their own, or politics will happen, or they'll inherit a stable. Endo will qualify with another year of top division tournaments there's probably someone out there that's better at SumoDB queries than I am, but I didn't find any wrestlers since 1955 that would qualify solely because they had 25 sanyaku tournaments without either 60 makuuchi tournaments or becoming Ozeki