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  1. Ichimawashi

    GTB- Guess the Banzuke- Kyushu 2019- 8 days left, 49 entries

    Trying this out for the second time after missing the deadline last time. Not that my score would have been anywhere near the top.... :)
  2. Ichimawashi

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Sixth page already Without any mention of He who seldom wins? Checking the results... Hattorizakura lost No one is surprised What is the problem? Skills remain quite limited Does he even train? Still thin as a rail Anorexic possibly? Eating disorder All is forgiven Welcoming rikishi for Injured returnees
  3. Ichimawashi

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    We already have up to ten minutes of buildup before the big matches and you want to add a separate entrance with music for each rikishi in each bout. 21 matches in makuuchi would take three hours instead of two. I think it is great that Hattorizakura and Hakuho both enter the ring area and sit down and wait for their names to be called, the only difference being that Hattorizakura's name echoes more because of the attendance level.
  4. Ichimawashi

    2019 Aki Basho Discussion (spoiler alert!)

    I make it nine straight losses now for Japanese Yokozuna :) I proposed on the mbovo channel the term ‘mono-ii henka’ for the situation where nobody but the gyoji and judges know who won a bout and the judges get up as though they need a talk, but instead are leaving because their shift is over. :)
  5. Ichimawashi

    Ridiculous Predictions for Aki 2019

    Enho goes 10-4 and is matched against Ichinojo on Day 15 just for fun. The Boulder unexpectedly trips and falls onto Enho, who has no chance to get out of the way and valiantly attempts to lift him for a WWE-style body slam. The lift succeeds for a split second, but that section of the dohyo collapses under the pressure, and only Enho's head is visible after he sinks into the clay like a nail into softwood. A mono-ii follows, carefully avoiding the hole in the dohyo, and the announcement is that Enho kept the bottom of his feet in contact with the dohyo while it failed but Ichinojo touched surviving areas of the dohyo with several body parts at once; Enho gets the win! The kimarite is posted online as 'Enho' officially for several weeks until 'Enho' is finally added to the official list of kimarite with the definition 'anything that defies rational description.'
  6. Ichimawashi

    Dangerously close to the third rail...

    Well, I guess that answers that. Thanks yet again, Moti! And congrats on the Nagoya ISP win!
  7. If this post does not appear to live up to the 'respect for sumo and its ways and traditions' that we all support, I apologize in advance. It is well-known that Hakuho hopes to be asked to represent sumo in the opening ceremony of the 2020 Olympic Games in Japan by performing a yokozuna dohyo-iri, and that he may even be extending his career to remain active until that time. I do not, however, recall any news reports that confirm that the organizing committee has made any such request. Is it possible that the spectacle could be too controversial for Olympic standards? I refer -- knowing that this is something that sumo watchers accept and mostly ignore while others who stumble onto live streams tend to mock (and often get rightly banned for it) -- to the level of nudity, or near-nudity among the rikishi involved in the ceremony. Is it possible that the IOC is going to have a serious problem with this, even if camera angles are carefully chosen? I recall many strange things from opening ceremonies that even the commentators' explanations did not make terribly clear, but nothing on the level of what one sees when a rikishi, even one in a kesho-mawashi, is viewed from behind.
  8. Ichimawashi

    How Enho got KK & Ginosho, TFIC (tongue firmly in cheek)

    On the Mbovo stream on the final day I remarked that Enho's kimarite was similar to what Gene Hackman did to that deputy in _Mississippi Burning_...
  9. Ichimawashi

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    Eight actually!
  10. Ichimawashi

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    Not very long. Are you now changing your argument? Didn't this start with you claiming 'incessant screaming?' Even after they stood up and got back down again, Meisei's elbows were touching his knees, fists far from the ground, until well after Hokutofuji had both fists down; Konosuke clearly feels that this is an unfair advantage.
  11. Ichimawashi

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    Watch it again; I did. The first was almost a whisper. The second was conversation level. The third was loud but not yelling, and considering that Meisei looked as though he might never put his hands down, Konosuke showed a fair bit of restraint.
  12. Ichimawashi

    Kimura Konosuke

    I voted don't care either way, the first option being a bit overstated. To make tate-gyoji, Konosuke probably needs a few more years to elevate his announcements to the unintelligible mispronunciations that the current tate-gyoji gives us: Endo in seven syllables, Kakuryoohoo, that sort of thing appears to be a prerequisite for the job which straight-talking Konosuke does not have at the moment. :) Is the segment following dohyo-iri, before Makuuchi, occasionally seen on the streams, where the tate-gyoji shows off his calligraphy and mispronounces as many Makuuchi names as he can a tradition? I would expect Konosuke to break this tradition with a simple welcoming announcement and a point to the scoreboard.
  13. Ichimawashi

    Nagoya 2019 Discussion (here be spoilers)

    This idea that a gyoji or a referee or an umpire or an official should suspend the rules rather than be the focus of attention loses me every time. "Fans come to see the athletes, not the officials" is a BS argument, since nobody will come if the rules are not applied fairly to all. Konosuke has been consistently scheduled in the slot around the newsbreak and is very aware of the time available to keep the schedule flowing as it should. Last night's case looked more like an episode of "To Tell The Truth," or a jack-in-the-box display, with Meisei and Hokutofuji popping up and down repeatedly. I've read some comments about shimpan and other elders being critical of the tactics of some rikishi at tachiai and I think Konosuke and others are trying to tread carefully, between letting the trend go so far that it forces the implementation of some new rule, and not letting anyone use tachiai delays as a tactic. What's Japanese for WE DON'T HAVE ALL DAY?
  14. Ichimawashi

    Lower Division Schedule Reform

    One option might be to slowly increase the size of Juryo, perhaps two extra per basho until it gets to about 36-40. The banzuke committee could choose when to expand based on the performance levels of the extra rikishi in promotable position, sometimes deciding not to add any, just to increase the number of things we can debate. :) The larger Juryo would create a low Juryo round robin between almost all of the J11-18 (or J12-19, or J13-20) except for those challenging for the Juryo yusho. Six extra Juryo matches would simply mean the Juryo dohyo-iri would happen about a half hour sooner. With the current streak of Kokugikan sellouts, it sounds like the extra Juryo salaries could easily be covered.
  15. Ichimawashi

    First shot at a banzuke algorithm

    OK, I admit I haven't spent as much time on this as I would like, and my first result in GTB (82nd of 83!) shows that my program and my interventions in the tricky bits seem to have a lot to learn. Next time I'll try to beat two other entries....