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  1. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    Reminded me of the John Cleese line, commenting on Python’s “Upper Class Twit Of The Year Show,” as the camera shows Graham Chapman under a car: “And Oliver has RUN HIMSELF OVER! What a great twit!”
  2. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    The frustrating and amazing thing about Hiro is that he comes up with these slightly off idioms ('taking care of HIS business' is one of my personal favorites, even if BTO would have a musical problem with it....) with such an amazing propensity, that one can hardly appreciate a single one before the air is filled with five or six more. On Day 14 I had a half dozen examples in my eardrums before the judges arrived to begin the Makuuchi day. One laugh this basho was a few days ago when NHK threw him a sudden curveball and posted the NHK Sumo Twitter ad without the usual random photo of Kitanofuji, instead featuring Enho. This caused a rare five seconds of silence from Hiro, who had showered Kitanofujisan with praise, the way the former VP talked about the former POTUS, on his previous stint when the ad came onscreen with Kitanofuji's mug. Finally, he stammered "Is ... is that Enho?" :)
  3. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    Wasn't that a famous Orwell essay, Shooting a Rikishi? :)
  4. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    Wild and crazy final day matchups. Despite a Juryo visitor to the top division we have three invaders from Makushita and fifteen Juryo bouts, one more than my little spreadsheet ever expected! And what are we to make of Ms7e Ryusei (1-5-1) vs J10w Yago (3-11)? The purpose of this match is what exactly? Did Ryusei sleep in and someone else took the blame in order to get him an eighth try? To decide who gets a slot at about Ms15 and who drops to Ms16? I can't wait. Hiro Morita, as usual, mixed a thousand metaphors with another thousand slightly off or mangled English idioms on the English broadcast today. My favorite was describing 7-6 Akiseyama vs 7-6 Kotoeko by saying 'kachi-koshi on the line' when he meant 'kachi-koshi on offer' or 'kachi-koshi up for grabs,' since neither of them actually had one yet, and they are virtually impossible to lose once gotten. Then he pulled a new one by repeatedly pronouncing Daiamami with the accent on the last syllable! This mystified me until I realized DaiamaMEEE was destiny knocking at the door, pronounced that way to fit the opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth! Then destiny beat Hoshoryu by yorikiri....
  5. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    Statistics aside, I think that the non-Georgians among us realized that ozeki might be the pinnacle and expected that coming back from the injury had robbed him of the time many Ozekis have had to establish himself at the rank. The tournaments that preceded his promotion to Ozeki made me retire the nickname Touchy Notion when trying to predict winners. Now the unpredictable Touchy Notion is often showing up, due to accumulated wear and tear, but there are still streaks of the Tochinoshin that had a handful of tournaments where it seemed he had solved all the problems and could go as high as he wished. He's doing very well avoiding the inevitable, and his brief time as Ozeki is in no way proof that he should not have been promoted. One tarnishes the Ozeki rank by not trying, not by failure due to wear and tear.
  6. Ichimawashi

    Sumo Limericks (in case Haikus are not your thing)

    On TV we see spectators southside Only rarely on eastside or westside But when East-West are shown It quite quickly is known For the ugly, South seats are disqualified
  7. Ichimawashi

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    That dressed up lady Seems to have been promoted She has a new seat
  8. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    In five matches I don't believe Ura has unbent at the waist a single time between getting down for the tachiai (Ura's tachiai in this basho has been consistent: what in National Hockey League terms would be described as a 'turtle': he bends low and waits for the opponent to arrive and then engages) and straightening up only after the bout is over. If this continues we will begin calling him Ura Quasimodo.
  9. Ichimawashi

    Actually not so concise rikishi talk

    Takakeisho appears to have won the day's Captain Obvious award. Tomorrow he will perhaps tell us that every opponent is different, as is each day, and only the dohyo remains constant.
  10. Ichimawashi

    Lower division celebs results

    There was a story in one of the weird news sites on my tab list saying that a 68-year old South Korean woman, aiming to obtain a driver's license, has advanced past the first hurdle and will soon take the road test having finally passed the written exam, after 950 attempts. Shonanzakura's record crumbles by comparison.
  11. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    Looks like someone already has done so. I'm sure it will soon be fixed.
  12. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    Alert to the good people at sumodb: Day 2's Jonidan schedule currently (early in the morning Tokyo time on Day 2) consists of only two bouts. I suspect something has been misentered somewhere and fooled the software. Kyokai site has the full slate.
  13. Ichimawashi

    Fun with search and replace....

    Wait a second, then: who is K? :)
  14. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    I suspect the clock dictated no mono-ii. The timing judge must have miscalculated, there was barely time to see them bow before the clock reached the top of the hour.
  15. Ichimawashi

    March basho 2021

    The most shocking thing about that call was that the gyoji was still in his original spot when he guessed who had stepped out across the dohyo. Konosuke at least moved and got a good look before getting confused about who started where.