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  1. Karasukurai

    Game 21 for the Natsu 2022 Basho

    Thanks once again to Tameiki and Profomisakari for running Game 21.
  2. Karasukurai

    Game 21 for the Natsu 2022 Basho

    I'm the top list (6th) but my shikona has a typo. I might have typoed on my entry. Anyway, I look forward to another mediocre or poor performance in Game21 !!
  3. Karasukurai

    Game 21 for the Haru 2022 Basho

    I've peaked too early. Down hill all the way from here!
  4. Karasukurai

    Game 21 for the Haru 2022 Basho

    I'm already playing lol - you don't need to keep including me in the second list.
  5. Thank you Achiyama. I am very surprised that I managed to hold on to win as there are so many excellent players in this game. I think I had a lot of luck! I am now gong to eat the giant macaron.
  6. I did send by email as requested. Ho hum.
  7. Karasukurai

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Maybe they could have stopped him. Generally I thought they did OK, especially compared to the previous 'leave them on the floor and stare' protocol. It was difficult to tell what exactly Ura had wrong with him in the few seconds after his fall. I thought he'd hurt his knee again when he was trying to get back on the dohyo, probably others did too. As soon as it was clear he was shaky and concussed, the judge nearest to Ura was indicating there was a problem and two guys were there supporting him quickly. I've been a massive critic of the non-existent injury protocols but I'm going to give a bit of credit to the staff today - not perfect but big strides forward in injury response IMO.
  8. Though I would love the points, I think Takayasu lost on day 10
  9. Absolutely agree! I bet Terunofuji didn't thank his friend for that knee jolt. It looked like it hurt.
  10. Yep, his latest video suggesting that Teronofuji threw that bout to Meisei solely based on the evidence that he was his mate, is getting the comments it deserves.
  11. Karasukurai

    Hakuho retires

    Hakuho's managed decline has finally come to an end then. That's not to say that he wasn't entitled to squeeze as much out of his latter years as possible, he was. Still, I'm glad he's intai because I look forward to his next role. Hakuho has already shown that he has a good eye for potential in youngsters and hopefully his stable does well. Somehow I don't think it's going to be easy for him, I suspect that his relationship with the JSA is going to be difficult, I can imagine that if one of his rikishi steps out of line there will be the usual 'foreign born oyakata blah blah, lack of Japanese values blah blah', these could be 'interesting times'. I was never a fan, there was something about him that always grated on me. Nevertheless, he was the best, good luck Hakuho, best wishes for future success.
  12. Karasukurai


    Visited a church in Llangattock-Vibon-Avel, near Monmouth, Wales a while back. Noticed a particularly nice grave with a Celtic cross, it belonged to Charles Rolls (of Rolls-Royce fame) who was killed in 1910 (I believe the first British person to die in a plane crash).
  13. Karasukurai

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Yes, I thought Chiyotairyu was waiting for a matta too. Curious.