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  1. TakaTochi

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I'm a big fan of Kotoshougiku, too. Where Tochinoshin is a forklift, Kotoshougiku is a bucking bronco. Hard to be as explosive as he is at 35.
  2. TakaTochi

    Kokugikan box seats ticket price question

    Thanks for the info, guys!
  3. Hi guys, I and two of my mates are planning a trip to Japan in September, with attending the last two days of the September basho as the highlight. We would buy seats in the Kokugikan, in Box section A. Are the tickets priced per-box or per person? I read an article that said prices would be about 11700 yen or about $105 per box, but the sumo.pia.jp website seems to say that prices are per person, and that we would have to buy tickets for four people to fill out the box, since we would be a party of three. So the price would either be $105 for three people or $420 for three people. Can someone fill me in on which price is correct?
  4. TakaTochi

    Time to do our own sumo: predictions

    Sumo games are good for some fans, but others prefer to talk about our predictions this way. Some of us don't want to compete and just want to talk. Also, not sure how predicting Hakuhou yusho and Kakuryuu jun yusho is outrageous, but everyone is entitled to his own opinion.
  5. TakaTochi

    Time to do our own sumo: predictions

    Tochinoshin 8-7 or 7-8 Chiyonokuni 2-5-8 Yoshikaze 4-11 Aminishiki 3-12 intai Hokutofuji KK Takakeisho 10-5 Hakuho 14-1 yusho Kakuryuu 12-3 Takayasu 11-4
  6. People don't kill people, karaoke remotes kill people.
  7. TakaTochi

    Trump on senshuraku?

    Agreed, please lock this thread. Also, please let it be known that an anti-Trump forum member turned it political.
  8. TakaTochi

    Trump on senshuraku?

    Please yes! Keep sucking on the globalist teat if you like, but sharing sports like this is a good way to unify the Japanese and American people and increase the popularity of sumo worldwide.
  9. TakaTochi

    Setsubun 2019 Edition

    What are those large, bright shoulder pads they are wearing?
  10. TakaTochi

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    This is terrible news. I thought we were past this as a sport.
  11. TakaTochi

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Hatsu 2019, Day 2: Aminishiki wins! He's still truckin'! Enhou looked pretty good despite losing. Man, that Abi - Ikioi fight was brutal. I had to watch it like four times to be able to fully process it. I like both wrestlers, and a victory is a victory, but I feel bad for Ikioi not being able to fight at his fullest. That cut may not get a chance to heal until after the basho, and it will hold Ikioi back seriously. Reopening a cut that you've already got stitches in must be a level of pain all its own. Solid victory for Ryuuden. He struggles against big pusher-thrusters like Chiyotairyuu. Sadanoumi was bloodied in his fight, too. Odd, kind of a bloody basho this is turning out to be. Yoshikaze seems to be losing his edge in footwork recently. Today he just kind of slipped. Takakeisho looks impressive as last basho. The one guy I expected to give him trouble, Shouhouzan, didn't. I expect him to get ten wins this basho. Hokutofuji's on fire this basho. I expected him to win against Goueidou and he delivered. Good for him. I think we might lose two oozeki this tournament. I feel bad for Tochinoshin. He's my favorite wrestler, and the most powerful rikishi, but he just can't seem to rid himself of nagging injuries. I expect him to lose his Oozeki rank this tournament, but stay in san'yaku. It's too bad, really. I feel extremely bad for Kisenosato. Not just for him, but for Sumo. I know the fans will support him even if he goes 0-15, but I have to ask, how much is enough? And I'm the guy who roots for the underdog.
  12. Hakuhou Y Takayasu Takakeishou O Tochinoshin Tochiouzan O
  13. TakaTochi

    Ryuden vs Abi in 2019.... In the balance.

    I think Ryuuden will meet success this year due to the strength of his fundamentals.