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  1. TakaTochi

    Preparations of the masses- Kyushu 2019

    It might happen. Tochinoshin's probably in the best health he's been in since Tamawashi hurt his big toe, and Takayasu's elbow just isn't healed enough. If Tochinoshin can get eight wins by day 10, I think he'll do it. I don't see Takayasu doing better than 8-7. Hopefully they both achieve their goals, but both are quite uncertain. Especially because there's a lot of talent in the rare four komusubi slots and in maegashira 1-6 this time around. If Takakeisho doesn't compete or pulls out, their chances look much better imo. Doubly so if Mitakeumi and one of the yokozuna also go kyujo partway through.
  2. TakaTochi

    Takakeisho injury update

    He's only 23. I really fear he's not giving himself enough time to fully heal. He's the type to put too much pressure on himself.
  3. TakaTochi

    SumoDB down?

    Thanks, guys. It works. For now. We should look into mirroring the site in case this kind of thing happens again, given that it seems fairly routine.
  4. TakaTochi

    SumoDB down?

    Hi Asojima, thanks for your reply. I clicked on your link, and the site behaved the same. About five seconds of loading, then the 404 screen. Is the owner of the site active on this forum?
  5. TakaTochi

    SumoDB down?

    Hi guys, I am trying to do some research on Aminishiki and Yoshikaze. So I went to the Sumogames.de site, and it gives me a 404 message. I went to isitdownrightnow.com and it said that the site had been down for over a week. Does anyone have information as to why it's down, when it'll come back up, or a workaround database I can use in the meantime? I've tried the Brave and Opera browsers. http://sumodb.sumogames.de
  6. TakaTochi

    Haru Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I'm a big fan of Kotoshougiku, too. Where Tochinoshin is a forklift, Kotoshougiku is a bucking bronco. Hard to be as explosive as he is at 35.
  7. TakaTochi

    Kokugikan box seats ticket price question

    Thanks for the info, guys!
  8. Hi guys, I and two of my mates are planning a trip to Japan in September, with attending the last two days of the September basho as the highlight. We would buy seats in the Kokugikan, in Box section A. Are the tickets priced per-box or per person? I read an article that said prices would be about 11700 yen or about $105 per box, but the sumo.pia.jp website seems to say that prices are per person, and that we would have to buy tickets for four people to fill out the box, since we would be a party of three. So the price would either be $105 for three people or $420 for three people. Can someone fill me in on which price is correct?
  9. TakaTochi

    Time to do our own sumo: predictions

    Sumo games are good for some fans, but others prefer to talk about our predictions this way. Some of us don't want to compete and just want to talk. Also, not sure how predicting Hakuhou yusho and Kakuryuu jun yusho is outrageous, but everyone is entitled to his own opinion.
  10. TakaTochi

    Time to do our own sumo: predictions

    Tochinoshin 8-7 or 7-8 Chiyonokuni 2-5-8 Yoshikaze 4-11 Aminishiki 3-12 intai Hokutofuji KK Takakeisho 10-5 Hakuho 14-1 yusho Kakuryuu 12-3 Takayasu 11-4
  11. People don't kill people, karaoke remotes kill people.
  12. TakaTochi

    Trump on senshuraku?

    Agreed, please lock this thread. Also, please let it be known that an anti-Trump forum member turned it political.
  13. TakaTochi

    Trump on senshuraku?

    Please yes! Keep sucking on the globalist teat if you like, but sharing sports like this is a good way to unify the Japanese and American people and increase the popularity of sumo worldwide.
  14. TakaTochi

    Setsubun 2019 Edition

    What are those large, bright shoulder pads they are wearing?
  15. TakaTochi

    Naruto beya-new violence..

    This is terrible news. I thought we were past this as a sport.