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  1. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Making a comprehensive list of sumo terminology

    Especially when Konosuke says it.
  2. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Haru 2023 discussion (results)

    Highly doubt about it
  3. Old Shatterhand is dead

    The end?

    Read a little bit back
  4. Old Shatterhand is dead

    The end?

  5. Old Shatterhand is dead

    The end?

    Torrent would be better solution like in case of Jason. anyhow Moti just made his new video sharing channel on Rumble. As Rumble (beside the registration) needs your telephone number in order to like and comment (no way to give them from my side) he cannot expect too much reaction on his videos on Rumble either.
  6. Old Shatterhand is dead

    The end?

    I think someone who has all these archives (perhaps the authors) should share it via torrent. I know this is not the most fancy solution but surely the most safe. Watching the tournaments will be managed somehow in the future but this very valuable content will be lost forever if it is not shared this way. I would be very pleased to download it to my hard disc.
  7. Old Shatterhand is dead

    The end?

    I still miss yours
  8. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Videos Hatsu basho 2023- Days 1-15

    What really surprise and disappoints me is the silence of this community… Anyway the archive of Jason, Moti and Natto should be put to torrent file share. No old narrow minded xenophobic japanese committee could put their hands on it any longer… and also the bashos should be put to torrent in the future.
  9. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Videos Hatsu basho 2023- Days 1-15

    Shame, shame, shame!
  10. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Faith No Jo
  11. Old Shatterhand is dead

    New Juryo for Hatsu

    Ach so! So that is why he was so familiar to me!
  12. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Yes exactly! Intentionally or not but Takayasu was knocked down. Which is a kind of karma as he fought all along this basho with vicious kachi ages.
  13. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    But he is Takayasu. Even so, there's still a pretty good chance he'll screw it up in the end.
  14. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Some thoughts after half time with a little more. This was day 9, the first one I've really enjoyed so far in the tournament. It's been a strange tournament though, probably the strangest so far in this "transition year" with different rikishi winning each tournament. There will probably be a new winner this time. It's very likely that there will be only one ozeki by January, Mitakeumi can start all over again if he still has the strength, he has to win all his matches now to become ozeki again in January, and that's unlikely based on what we've seen. Shodai is also kicking his last legs, he will need a brace from him too to avoid being relegated to ozekiwake, although we have seen that from him before. Takakeisho is on form so far, although his loss to the flying monkey today has somewhat overshadowed his performance so far. Currently Oho (!!!) and Hoshoryu are leading, the latter I think is starting to get the idea in his head that he could win this tournament while Takayasu. .. There's the sports media, Beckham bends it, Takayasu screws it. It would be a surprise if he did end up winning the tournament, but half-philippino bear has so far always stumbled nose-first at the raspberry entrance. Always. Takarafuji, my dearest favorite neckless michelin doll... 0:9 Hopelessness is Terutsuyoshi incarnate compared to him. The latter will almost certainly resume salting away at the juryo from January. By the way, what the hell happened in the Isegahama stable during the preparation? Then there's Chiyotairyu and his retirement. Not just from the tournament, from everything sumo. Intai on day 7. That's it, no more, no more faxni, no more months, years of suffering, struggling with the unchangeable, slipping down to juryo, then to makushita to the unpaid. Done. Opening a restaurant, thank you very much, fed up with sumo. And what a sensation he was when he burst into the sumo world, with many people calling him the next Japanese (!!) yokozuna. As a university yokozuna, he started from MS 15, but was injured, then went from MS 46 to Maegashira 10 in one year. Then there is the Aki winner Tamawashi, the iron man of sumo, who is terrible, but today he beat the otherwise despicable performance of Ura with a technique I have never heard of before: gasshohineri. I tried to look up the last time he did this in makuuchi, but I was unsuccessful... Juryo: I haven't seen today's yet, but in general ex-Hakuho, Miyagino oyakata what the heck is he doing with this Hokuseiho kid? Why he did not he shouted his head off that he can't even do a measly tachiai in juryo? He starts every single game from behind because he just stands up at the start. That's it, that's how he starts games. Besides, with his physical gifts, it is incomprehensible how slow, sluggish and predictable he is. If I were Hakuho, I'd give the kid a good workout in training, then he could still be somebody. This tournament is starting to shape up, but really, the only thing worth mentioning for me so far was Mitoryu's kotenage against Ichiyamamoto.
  15. Old Shatterhand is dead

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    I still belive SPT is a misunderstanding. Considering the resources they have their content is sloppy and boring for me. Today’s video of senshuraku was a… WTF was it? Asking every non asian passerby turned up around Kokugikan to shout “Sumo Prime Time” to the camera, do they think it is cool? I need something unique that I can’t find on youtube in english, something extra, reports interviews, archive, analysis, donno but this is by far amateur approach to me.