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    Abema TV all sumo live

    I use https://obsproject.com/

    Abema TV all sumo live

    Thank you all for your kind words! They give us strength! As for "Abema TV", many thanks to them for the broadcast, they grow each time, but the operators are terrible ! )))

    Miselet Plus YouTube Videos Removed

    Greetings to all sumo fans! Shortly about our channels at Youtube. As we announced we created the channel "MISELET Sumo" and it was working until recent period. On the fifth day of Haru Basho 2019, some of our videos were blocked due to a complaint from Abema TV, which was very strange, as the blocked videos were from both channels - the Abema TV and NHK. If you are interested I can provide screenshots of notifications about the removal of those videos. We haven't received any warning and on the seventh day the channel “MISELET Sumo” has been blocked. Yesterday, also without warning, was blocked another our channel "Aki Basho 2018”. At this channel were uploaded all videos of the September Basho 2018, which were blocked in October 2018 and because of that the channel “MISELET Plus” was also blocked. We have no time and desire to argue with them and seek justice. Feeling as if we are dealing with a capricious child who has great credentials and he does not knows what he wants and what is doing. So we want to ask you for advice on how we should proceed. We want our archive records of all (lower) divisions be available for all, we have no commercial interest, we can even provide them (for free) to anyone who will be able to put them for public viewing. And videos of every next Basho will be submitted promptly while we are able to record them. Or maybe anyone will advise how it is possible to make these records available for sumo fans. We, in our turn, keep looking for ways out of this situation and hope to resolve the problem by Natsu 2019 to let sumo fans to enjoy the tournament. Sincerely, MISELET

    Miselet Plus YouTube Videos Removed

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all sumo fans! I just want to inform you that I started to restore my archive on channel MISELET Sumo. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl21R2SHvvjYqvsuuXxeNAg

    Miselet Plus YouTube Videos Removed

    I am honored to hear such words from you !

    Miselet Plus YouTube Videos Removed

    Greetings from Georgia! Let me express my big respect to all sumo fans! I saw the new topic opened at your forum concerning my activity and I want to tell you in a few words about our channel MISELETJ My wife and I have been watching sumo for a long time. In the beginning it was broadcasted on Euro sport channel. Later we began regular searches for Live Stream in the Internet. We knew that there were many others who loved sumo as much as we do. So we decided to open a YouTube channel to make sumo available to everyone. The MISELET channel was opened in 2016 and we posted full versions of sumo tournaments for all divisions. We were motivated by our love for sumo and a desire to popularize this beautiful sport. Believe me we have no financial interest, as we have not activated monetization option! Channel MISELET was multidisciplinary. In addition to sumo there were videos of other types of sports. But we received warnings for several RUGBY videos on violation of copyrights and as a result the channel was blocked out. Then we decided to open the channel MISELET Plus, where the main accent was on sumo. Everything went well. But in early October, after the end of Aki 2018, when all the videos were already published, we received the first warning from YouTube on the complaint of "A-PAB". The company claimed copyright for "Aki 2018, Makuuchi - Day 9". And on October 18, we received two warnings at the same time – Makuuchi - Days 13 and 14 and the channel MISELET Plus was blocked. We wrote a letter to "A-PAB" to withdraw the complaint as we do not pursue commercial purposes and we have no financial interest, but there was no answer and probably will not be. Finally, few words about our plans. We will continue streaming sumo tournaments and will definitely open the channel MISELET Sumo! We will upload both, old and new videos as long as we have strength and capabilities!!! P.S. Our goal is to show the full version of the tournament to those who can't see it in LIVE. Time will show how it will turn out. With respect, MISELET