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  1. Oortael

    Metasumo 2020

    Well, @Kaiomitsuki, France just won the (junior) Eurovision song contest, and the Bears are not out of the playoff race. If I were you, I'd start checking back my sumogames ID. Just sayin'
  2. Oortael

    Minimum Kachi-Koshi forever

    Indeed they tend to promote KK at a higher pace than they demote MK. You can find many exemples all around the banzuke. The only exceptions are near Sanyaku and the very top of Makushita. Also weirdly, it seems less true between Aki/November that it was before ... In Jonokuchi, they pretty much just rank the rikishi MK from Jonokuchi the previous basho by decreasing number of wins, with the new demoted from Jonidan spread in between. So if you score 3-4 from Jonokuchi, whether you were ranked at the top or the bottom of the division, you gonna be ranked at the top of Jonokuchi next basho. And of course, Hattorizakura at the bottom.
  3. Oortael

    Bench Sumo news

    Big thanks for the banzuke, and tip of the cap to Kaiomitsuki for his work. I received both good and bad luck on this banzuke as I go up 3 ranks with a 8-7, but also Joaoiyama managed to reach Makunouchi from the same J4 8-7. I gotta work harder on this ! Congrats to all, and see you for 2021 !
  4. Oortael

    SalaryCap Sumo Kyushu 2020

    I'm fine with the rules. Putting more weight the yusho/sansho gives a little twist that makes this game a bit more different that Hoshitori (where the bonus is far less). That just gives you an incentive to play with the rules. I'm more skeptical about Oracle (where you score decent points for forecasting a 10-5 for a rikishi who actually goes 5-10). But that dead horse has been beaten a ton I guess.
  5. Oortael

    Rikishi Status - 2020 November Basho

    List of absent rikishi via official site : (blue means the rikishi was kyujo during previous Aki basho) Rank Rikishi Ms 54 e Hikarugenji Sd 15 w Tomisakae Sd 16 w Mifuneyama Sd 23 e Hitachigo Sd 35 w Tomokaze Sd 36 w Sadanohikari Sd 38 e Inoue Sd 47 e Kiritsubasa Sd 57 w Kenshin Sd 86 e Fukushima (ex-Gokushindo) Sd 96 w Kakutaiki Sd 97 e Hatooka Sd 99 w Hitenryu Jd 11 e Ryutsukasa Jd 12 e Tanji Jd 15 w Shori Jd 21 e Kotootomo Jd 46 e Gagamaru Jd 68 e Sasazaki Jd 69 w Wakaryusei Jd 86 e Takano Jd 88 e Chikureisen Jd 93 w Wakaonehara Jd I02 w Andozakura Jd I09 e Kirinoryu Jk 15 e Yaotsufuji Jk 20 w Teraosho Jk 26 e Ryuseiyama (ex-Dewaazuma) Jk 28 w Tsuyasato
  6. Oortael

    21 November 20, The Results

    1. A2. B3. B4. B5. A6. A7. A8. A9. A10. A11. A12. X13. A14. A15. A16. B17. A18. A19. B20. A21. B
  7. Oortael

    Banzuke Surfing November 2020 (15th Wave)

    Ms9w Kitanowaka
  8. Oortael

    Banzuke Surfing November 2020 (16th Wave)

    Sd22e Hayatefuji
  9. Oortael

    Outside my window, is a truck..

    Windows/doors selling brand in France/Belgium. Because nothing says more unbreakable window than a sumo wrestler ... Brand says it's been chosen to represent the main qualities of their products "strenght, balance, robustness, stamina". Already far too much research for this ...
  10. Oortael

    Aki'20 Gaming Banter

    Regarding Juryo game, a few players, including myself, have Ishiura in their lineup as their weak Maegashira pick. The rule says he should score 0 points because he was kyujo. Now that he's back in, how does it work : - is he still an ineligible pick, thus scoring 0 all basho even if he gets a regular lose ? - does he become a regular pick from day 8 forward, thus scoring points for each regular lose, but still scores 0 before ? - how about if he re-injures himself before the end of the basho ?
  11. Oortael

    Heya Watch Aki Basho 2020

    Naruto-beya boys swept the day Thursday going 8-0. Even their non-prospects (Oshozan, Yamane) won. If things go right tomorrow, they could have SEVEN guys at 3-0 entering the weekend ... out of 13 active rikishi ! Please root for Kawamura, half-Turkish Hagiwara, and Osuzuki.
  12. Oortael

    Videos (all days) - Aki 2020

    Shishi actually looks far better this basho than last (from an rather untrained eye), where he had trouble beating guys who will likely never reach high-makushita. Compared to July, he seems stronger, has better taichi-ai and a better idea of what he's trying to do when he grabs his opponent. Maybe the weird summer played a part, and now more training helped. Also worth noting, he is 23 fighting mostly 16 to 20yo. In terms of sumo, he should be light-years better than Torakio, who himself had no trouble getting out of Jonidan.
  13. Oortael

    Videos (all days) - Aki 2020

    This is an awesome idea ! Looking foreward to seeing your recaps, for sure ! If you have room/time to add a few names, I'd like to suggest (in order of interest) : - Bolivian prospect Kirameki - former MIddle School Yokozuna Yoshii who reached Makushita at 16yo earlier this year - veteran Hungarian Masutoo who is still holding his ground in mid Makushita at 34yo and coming back from knee injury - and maybe, but really as a "had nothing else to do of my free time", maybe 200kg Hakuho-protegee Toma coming from a 0-7 in July. You've already put a interesting list of names. So any addition is just a bonus. Thanks for your work for the comunity. Cheers.
  14. Oortael

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2020 (15th Wave)

    Ms13w Ichiyamamoto
  15. Oortael

    Banzuke Surfing Aki 2020 (16th Wave)

    Jd14w Hokuseiho