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  1. Chiyononeko

    Request username change?

    How does one request a username change? My current username is distinctly un-Japanese. I have a new username in mind, but know not who to contact.
  2. With the loss of Miselet's videos, is there any realistic option to watch, record, or download the Natsu Basho? I am greatly saddened that Miselet's devotion to Sumo has again been met with rejection. While I like NHK's Grand Sumo Highlights, US sumo devotees long for fuller coverage. Trying to get coverage here is confounded by the fact that we do not live in Japan, and difficulty in reading kanji, preventing one from finding feeds, whether or not one has a VPN. This whole thing is disappointing, if not upsetting.
  3. Chiyononeko

    Miselet Plus YouTube Videos Removed

    I speak for the silent majority in thanking Miselet Sumo for posting and reposting the sumo honbasho. I have been watching Makuuchi and Juryo daily, and look forward to watching the lower divisions later. Thank you very, very much!
  4. Chiyononeko

    Kyushu Basho Viewing Options

    Greetings Sumo Fans, There is a lot of information on the forum about viewing the Kyushu Basho on Sumo Forum. Some current, much historical. I would like to start a new topic, asking our knowledgeable forum members about how to watch the upcoming basho outside of Japan (both live and delayed). Examples include: How to configure a VPN to watch NHK and Abema How to watch the full Makunouchi division broadcast on NHK "Channel 2" in English. (Ironic, since NHK World shows the highly abbreviated "Grand Sumo Highlights" and not the full two-hour English version.)
  5. Chiyononeko

    Miselet Plus YouTube Videos Removed

    This is great news! Honbasho footage is the essence of sumo. My personal preference is Abema. I like the subtle background music and English transliteration of shikona. Does Abema broadcast all divisions? If so, that may be the solution. Thank you for your devotion to sumo, Miselet. Sumo fans, worldwide, are most grateful.
  6. On October 22, all archived Ozumo videos posted by Miselet Plus were suddenly blocked. Trying to access them, the following message is displayed: [This video] is no longer available due to copyright claim by A-PAB. The corpus of videos posted by MP included all divisions from all honbasho for several years back and is a great loss. I spent about a month per basho watching Juryo, then Makuuchi, then Sandanme as time permitted, as I live 13 time zones behind Japan. Does anyone know what happened or where to find (or subscribe) to this content?