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  1. Sue

    Nagoya 2024 discussion (results)

    "One of the biggest in Asia" is overselling it -- there are 314 sports venues in Asia with capacities of 30,000 or more, including Narendra Modi Stadium at 132,000, or roughly 11 times the size of IG Arena, so calling either place "one of the biggest" isn't really accurate.
  2. That's surprising -- most rikishi don't look like they're from a nation that's on a diet.
  3. Sue

    Promotion/Demotion Discussion

    It seems that the answer is no, at least not in time for the banzuke.
  4. Sue

    Retirements after Natsu 2024

    Not retiring is Myogiryu (or, at least, not retiring before the banzuke is made), so Kiryuko is out of luck, it seems.
  5. Sue

    Promotion/Demotion Discussion

    ...and it frequently does, when the rikishi has made the decision during (or before) the tournament, and has the papers all ready to go, to hand in immediately after the end of senshuraku. The first post in the "retirements after Natsu 2024" thread will have the answer.
  6. I'm sure he'll be a big wheel in the NSK.
  7. Sue

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    "Stellar 11-4 yusho" is exactly the sort of condition that's conducive to a makujiri yusho. I'll won't write off Takerufuji until several someones actually beat him. (Likewise, but less so, for Onosato.) "Favourite" is overselling it, but I fancy his chances more than I fancied Tokushoryu's. ...and I've just jinxed him, haven't I?
  8. Well, the Jawas on Tattooine keep shouting his name all the time, so there must be something there.
  9. Sue

    Yokoshin/YDC new members and top

    Did the YDC meet after Hatsu? I haven't seen any coverage, if so.
  10. Aoiyama has a differential of -15 at makujiri... and there are only 14 ranks in Juryo. Is he in any danger of landing all the way down at Ms1?
  11. Sue

    Sekitori Torikumi Hatsu Basho 2024

    Too many 7-6's won on day 14, and too many 6-7's lost.
  12. Sue

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    Being a Cleveland sports fan is like that. I'm a Pittsburgh sports fan, but I managed to pick up the Guardians as my main baseball rooting interest because A) I went to university there, and B) my grandfather was the team doctor the last time they won the World Series. In 1948.
  13. Sue

    Ridiculous Predictions Aki 2023

    Russian forces withdraw from Ukraine after Shishi beats Rōga again.
  14. Sue

    Newer Ozeki Kotonowaka?

    Being hailed as the "next Ozeki" didn't work out so well for Shodai, though he eventually got there. I wouldn't curse Kotonowaka with the moniker.
  15. We even came with an inch of a Hokutofuji yusho. And a Nishikigi one.