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  1. Kotomiyama

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    6-1 for Tomokaze at Ms37. I hope he keeps on winning and returns to Makuuchi. I can't get enough of comebacks.
  2. Kotomiyama

    Hakuho retires

    We knew that this day was going to come and yet I don't think we are ready for it.
  3. Kotomiyama

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    It is a nice idea indeed. I would love a prize for the best kimarite of the tournament.
  4. Kotomiyama

    Aki Basho 2021 - Discussion Thread (Spoilers!)

    Tomokaze won today and has promotion to Makushita within range. I would love to see him back in Makuuchi...
  5. Kotomiyama

    Sumo and the Olympics

    I thought the same after Barcelona 92, but I reckon Beijing 08 was a wonder to watch.
  6. Kotomiyama

    How far will Terunofuji go?

    This poll was the secret behind Terunofuji's epic comeback. He saw how little did we trust him and he did his best to prove us wrong.
  7. Kotomiyama

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    I enjoyed the bout and I am enjoying he discussion. As pointed before, I am experiencing conflicting opinions on Hakuho's performance today but that does not worry me. It only reminds me of why I've been following this fascinating sport/cultural phenomenon for such a long time.
  8. Kotomiyama

    Asanoyama caught violating COVID restrictions

    I was expecting intai, but maybe the punishment is much worse. I do not think his case is the same as Terunofuji (or Ryuden, Tochinoshin, Tomokaze and so much many more). An injury is an accident and you can wrap your mind around and prevail. Asanoyama did not have an accident, he made no mistake: he broke the rules on purpose while being am Ozeki. Does he have the mental strength to overcome his sin?. We will see...
  9. Kotomiyama

    John Gunning taking a 3 year social media break

    I can relate to John: I quit Facebook and Twitter 5 years ago, when my twins were about to be born. After a couple of months I realised how much my mental health had improved. I do not plan to go back and I encourage others to do the same. For the record: I do not consider a forum "social media" for two reasons. First it's a niche, we come here to talk about sumo. Second, it's not focused on fast opinions (which in my opinion are the bane of social media). I hope John's decision is for a good reason and wish him all the best.
  10. Kotomiyama

    Natsu basho 2021

    I was hoping for a three-way play-off, but Endo is Endo after all. Great win by Terunofuji, I am happy that the infamous hairpull will become an anecdote instead of and excuse for arguing. On a side note: I am surprised of how little did I miss Hakuho.
  11. Kotomiyama

    Natsu basho 2021

    Ura opening the Makuuchi highlights is already one of the moments of the tournament. The boy still has a lot to say in Sumo!
  12. Kotomiyama

    How far will Terunofuji go?

    Another six out! This poll is a testimony to how unlikely is Terunofuji's comeback.
  13. Kotomiyama

    March basho 2021

    A lot to say about the basho, but the man of the moment is Terunofuji. We saw him rise to Ozeki, we witnessed his fall due to injuries that usually end careers and yet we kept hearing that he wanted to come back. He plummeted down the banzuke until the day he decided it was enough. I didn't think he would make to Makuuchi (there is a post about that) and he proved me wrong. Noone has ever made this comeback and I feel that Ozeki might be a mere step in Terunofuji's career. I am already looking forward to May.
  14. Kotomiyama

    March basho 2021

    It's terrible to watch Takayasu crumbling like this. A stark reminder of the sheer mental strength needed to win a tournament.
  15. Kotomiyama

    March basho 2021

    The Uchigake that Hoshoryu pulled today was just beautiful. He is more dangerous when it seems that he is cornered without scape.