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  1. Kyokufuji

    2019 Kyushu Basho Discussion (spoiler alert)

    Hakuho seemed to realize that he was going to get knocked from the dohyo as Daieisho wound up his charge. Instead, choosing to continue his backward momentum and step out instead of take any risk of injury. Typically, he would circle out here, but he was leaning abnormally far back. Uncharacteristic loss, but I don’t think it’s indicative of anything.
  2. Kyokufuji

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    He can barely lift a glass of water, yet still hasn’t gone to the hospital. If only there was some recent occurrence that could help him realize that “rest and see” isn’t really the best approach when it comes to muscle tears. Maybe you’re right though. Hakuho certainly isn’t incredibly theatrical or anything.
  3. Kyokufuji

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    I completely agree. But it doesn’t seem totally impossible, does it? Especially if a young, popular Japanese rikishi is an option.
  4. Kyokufuji

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    Who is going to approve his participation in the 2020 Olympics? Seems like he gives quite a hoot about being a part of that.
  5. Kyokufuji

    Hakuho Injures Arm Haru Basho 2019

    Will surely be an unpopular opinion, but Hakuho was selling the “injury” too hard for me to believe it’s real. Just hamming it up in light of the reprimand he got after Hatsu.
  6. Kyokufuji

    What other sports do you watch?

    Curling Timber sports Kabaddi (just discovered it a couple weeks ago, and it’s hilarious to see it mentioned here!) Formula 1 (when it’s competitive) Poker Track Cycling Biathlon Robot Wars/Battlebots
  7. Kyokufuji

    Escape rooms

    I’ve done about a dozen in North America and haven’t really liked any of them. Generally they feel very “store bought” or just too obscure. I did two in Amsterdam and one in Paris and they were all excellent. Multi room, with a variety of gimmicks. But the best ones I’ve done have been at Tokyo Mystery Circus in Shinjuku. They have a bunch of different real-life puzzle concepts, but their escape room concept is really cool. You are in a very small room and you have 15 minutes to escape. One is prison cell themed and the other is bathroom themed (weird, I know, but very good!) and two players are in separate “stalls.”
  8. Kyokufuji

    Kesho Mawashi-like trunks in boxing

    This style is broadly called “gladiator,” which covers a huge range of designs, some like actual gladiators and some more like billboards.
  9. Kyokufuji

    Featured Rikishi - Ura

    It’s being reported that this is another ACL tear. He will have surgery.
  10. Kyokufuji

    Akebono gravely ill (activities thread)

    As in he literally cannot remember his time in pro wrestling?
  11. Kyokufuji

    Happy New Year 2019

    Japan typically sees the zodiac for this year as boar. (China sees it as pig.)
  12. Kyokufuji

    Visiting Chiganoura-beya

    Was hoping at least the lower ranks would be putting in some hard pre-basho practice!
  13. Kyokufuji

    Visiting Chiganoura-beya

    I know the timing isn’t great, but I’m going to be in Tokyo from December 30 to January 6, and would love to visit Chiganoura-beya. My understanding is that most (?) stables have some sort of public viewing, but it doesn’t look like they have a schedule on their website. Anyone have any details? Thanks!
  14. Kyokufuji


    Funny coincidence... a few seconds ago, as I was tapping my sumoforum bookmark on my phone, I glanced at my r/sumo bookmark and thought, “I should delete that. Never going to go back there.”
  15. Kyokufuji


    Onosho is the rikishi whose mouth guard we actually see... I suspect there are more, who keep their mouth closed. As a former combat sports athlete, the biggest benefit of a mouth guard is a much lower risk of being knocked out/concussed. Any complaints about comfort typically come from people that have only used cheapo boil and bite mouthpieces, and most of those people have neglected to boil and fit them to their teeth. The nice custom ones come in a variety of thicknesses, and the thin ones are becoming fairly common for strength athletes, as they can also increase explosive power. Seems like there would be a direct correlation to sumo.