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  1. Kamitsuumi

    Letter from okamisan to retired Masutoo

    Note that in Japanese, it's ambiguous whether Masutoo is addressed as second-person or third-person.
  2. Kamitsuumi

    Everybody is moving- now-Futagoyama

    To clarify, the quote about the number of floors is "I thought about a three-floor building, but in order for injured rikishi to not have to climb up to the second floor, I decided to make all the necessities available on the first floor as well." There are two sleeping halls, one on the first floor and one on the second.
  3. Kamitsuumi

    Retired after March 2021

    The okami-san's letter states that Masutōō intends to work at a food-related company in Tokyo.
  4. Kamitsuumi

    Kakuryu to Retire

    You are probably missing Tokitenku in your count. He was Magaki oyakata briefly before passing away.
  5. Kamitsuumi

    Shinjo and Maezumo

    On the English Wikipedia it seems like many rikishi (e.g. Kitanofuji) who were shinjo also have a preceding maezumo basho. However in my understanding shinjo is someone who are elevated to jonokuchi during their maezumo basho, and consequently there should generally be only one maezumo or shinjo basho total per rikishi. Is this a correct assumption?
  6. Kamitsuumi

    Gagamaru retired

    Apparently Pino ice cream and natto.
  7. Kamitsuumi

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2021

    Ah it's the weird post-merger period when there were separate banzuke for the same rikishi in Osaka and Tokyo For an organization that loves its precedents, the kyokai sure sets a lot of precedents.
  8. Kamitsuumi

    Kakuryu to Retire

    https://www.zakzak.co.jp/smp/spo/news/210325/spn2103250007-s1.html The old Izutsu beya building was razed to the ground, but a construction notice for a multi dwelling unit with an attached sumo beya appeared at the end of last year, to be owned by Sakahoko's widow. Construction will start in April and last 12 months. It seems like Kakuryu is on a fast track to rebuild Izutsu beya. The author speculated that Toyonoshima will grab one of the 70 year olds' kabu this coming May from outside his ichimon, and return the Izutsu kabu so that Kakuryu can open his heya.
  9. Kamitsuumi

    Kakuryu to Retire

    As the rikishikai kaicho is determined by seniority, I think it's going to be Takakeisho for being the longest serving current ozeki (as Hakuho has already resigned from the position in the past).
  10. Kamitsuumi

    Yoshikaze situation

    The wife was arrested under suspicion of physical abuse of their daughter. Apparently there was video evidence.
  11. Kamitsuumi

    March basho 2021

    Right but none of the bigwigs asked him to retire right away.
  12. Kamitsuumi

    March basho 2021

    We've been through this same discussion on intai announcements, when Hakuhō decided on TV early last year that he'll retire by the end of the year.
  13. Kamitsuumi

    March basho 2021

    No ozeki has served as attendant, for example Takayasu was Kisenosato's attendant right after Kise was promoted, and stopped later that same year when he was promoted to ozeki. I would assume that it's the same for former ozeki, at least since I haven't seen anything to the contrary.
  14. Probably shouldn't have made that his legal name then.
  15. Kamitsuumi

    Azumazeki beya folding?

    Asanowaka just barely missed the current branch-out requirements (60 basho in makuuchi, 25 in sanyaku, or ozeki) at 52 makuuchi basho. This would have been his best shot at his own stable.