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  1. Manekineko

    Latest kabu-babu changes

    Futagoyama was Takanohana's heya when he was active, AFAIK yes, he inherited it from his father, and since he was granted the ichidai-toshiyori name of Takanohana, the heya changed the name to fit the new oyakata. Man, that was long ago.
  2. Manekineko

    Hakuhou injured.

    Nope, there actually is a rule, although I won't try and dig out the mention of it. We're never mean when it comes to arcane sumo trivia. ps. OK, I lied. I did try and dig it out:
  3. Manekineko

    元Asashoryu activities

    Loving the hats.
  4. Manekineko


    'cause it's all Greek: skopein ( σκοπείν ) = to look (at) In English just "scope" can mean other things as well, for example. Scope in the meaning you list is pro'lly just an abbreviation of telescope. Cinema is an abbreviation of cinemascope, "looking at movement" or sth like that (all my Greek comes from scientific terminology).
  5. Manekineko

    Happy birthday, Asashosakari!

    It's never too late to be too late! Happy birthday!
  6. Manekineko

    Happy Birthday, Manekineko!

    A very, very belated thanks to you all. I'm vacationing per usual, and it was too hot (and busy) for much internet. Have a lovely summer, everyone!
  7. Manekineko

    Intai notice

    A true sign of middle age - less time/interest in once all-consuming hobbies. Hopefully you'll keep enjoying sumo for a long time.
  8. Manekineko

    Former rikishi activities

    recognized star of sumo (suma = sum [of money] in various Slavic languages :-D) The Judah part is also probably wrong, but my Czech is... meh.
  9. Manekineko

    Happy Birthday Jakusotsu!

    Happy birthday!
  10. Manekineko

    Children's Day in Japan 2017

    Oh, my, Harumafuji hasn't changed his stern face at all. He did not appreciate that hair band at all.
  11. Manekineko

    Happy Birthday, Randomitsuki!

    Happy birthday!
  12. Manekineko

    Some more pictures

    Well, I've stumbled on few more pictures you might find interesting, showing rikishi in the way most of us isn't used to seeing them. All pictures are from Sumo magazine, kindly scanned and sent to me by Hahanoyama-zeki. On with the show! This one is for Onnagumo-zeki, and any other Forum members who have an especially soft spot for K'waka. The picture was taken during winter 1999/2000 Okinawa jungyo. That's K'waka's son in his lap, his wife on his right. Careful observes may notice Hayateumi on the top right, dozing beside his akeni (luggage). I hope you recognise this dashing young fellow. Yes, Asashoryu, in Mongolian-sumo dress I believe. And couple Mongolians more. This picture was taken in 1992. I have no idea who the one on the right is, but the other two are Kyokutenho and Kyokushuzan, as shindeshi (newly entered pro sumo). More shindeshi! Can you recognise these three valiant Makushita-tsukedashi (ex university yokozuna enter sumo at higher rank than usual)? Did you know Hamanoshima loves fishing? Here he is, with a fine catch, and his hair down... looking incredibly handsome, if I might add... (Happy...) And in the end, Akinoshima, *smiling*! I apologise for exposing you tothis repulsive spectacle... (Sarcasm...) I might grace this thread with more pictures unless begged to stop. Be warned! :D
  13. Manekineko

    Tamaasuka danpatsu-shiki

    Aww, that was precious. And a first? I don't remember seeing that before...
  14. Manekineko

    Hatsu 2017 - Promo and Days 1-15

    Kintamayama may have made a wrong business decision by having proper translations of the interviews on the Premium channel and the spoofs available to everyone.
  15. Manekineko

    New yokozuna Kisenosato pics overview

    Wow the picture flood. I don't remember seeing such shot-by-shot coverage of the dohyo-iri before, you can practically make a movie out of them. Well, I guess it's no wonder.
  16. Manekineko

    Quote of the Day-Hatsu 2017

    He sounds just like my students... It also reminded me of this quote by Leopold Ružička: Enthusiasm for a course of study cannot be a substitute for talent, intelligence cannot be a substitute for knowledge, and good will cannot be a substitute for success. Tough guy, our Leopold.
  17. Manekineko

    New kesho mawashi (pics)

    Aw, Tezuka's Phoenix (Hi no tori). Recommend read, for those at all interested in manga.
  18. Manekineko

    Geezers in ski-jumping

    I accidentally watched some ski-jumping after several years and was immensely cheered upon seeing Jane Ahonen still jumping. And Noriaki Kasai. Oh my. Slovenians have a new excellent jumper, not even 18 yet. I bet he won't still be jumping when he's 40... I guess I'll have to come back to watching ski-jumping in 2039 and see if I was right.
  19. Manekineko

    Kyushu 2016 - Videos- Days 1-15

    Who knew it was a thing.
  20. Manekineko

    Sumo Art

    Now I wanna stone Kitanoumi on my shelf. Sniff.
  21. Manekineko

    Musings about language (split from Kasugayama scandal)

    It's probably Bišćan, with the diacritics. š = sh, ć = soft ch, vowels pronounced as they would be in Japanese, German, or other normal languages. There are a couple of footballers (ie. soccer players) with that surname - it's not uncommon, but it's not terribly common, either. Google also found a car dealership and a construction company with that name. Samobor is now almost a suburb of Zagreb, the capital (where I live), so of course I've been. It's a quaint li'l town. It's locally famous for kremšnite, Or cremeschnitte, I guess. We're not related - my family's from the coast and only came to Zagreb in my parents' generation.
  22. Manekineko

    Musings about language (split from Kasugayama scandal)

    Pro'lly not, except in that way that about 6% of world population are descendants of Genghis Khan. [Googled it - 0,5 % of male world population. Not bad.] There are lots of grandmas from Croatia, early to mid 20th century was a high time of emigrations from these parts of the world. Our rugby team was started by importing all those retired Maori rugby players with Croatian grandmas. Anyway, that makes you Croatian sansei. Come and visit the old country sometime.
  23. Manekineko

    Musings about language (split from Kasugayama scandal)

    Not going anywhere where you don't know the language would be quite limiting, wouldn't it? Although some knowledge helps, with some basic English and a lot of hand-talking you will usually get by. And there's google translate now, too. But now I think about it, I indeed only went to countries whose languages I sort-of knew. Hmm. Anyway, for better or worse, English is the lingua franca of today's world, and I see no reason for native English speakers to be embarrassed about profiting from the fact. Learning a second, a third etc language also helps you to better understand the grammar of your native one. Didn't grasp some things in Croatian until I started to learn Japanese.
  24. Manekineko

    Trivia bits

    The geek in me is unaccountably happy that the authors consider 2000 to still be in 20th century.