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  1. Manekineko

    Day 15 pics Kyushu 2014

    Looks like KaihoU. :-D If you need a comparison (photo by Fay, of course)
  2. Manekineko

    Videos -Kyushu 2014- Day 1-15

    A big thank you to Kintamayama - your videos helped me get through a sumo-viewing slump, when my interest in sumo waned, it was your humor that kept me watching. B-)
  3. Manekineko

    Slippery slope -Kyushu dohyo talk

    To quote myself from a private conversation: I wonder if non-Tokyo basho really are more skid-prone than in-Tokyo ones. Someone should perform a double blind, statistically sound investigation. Any volunteers? ;-)
  4. Manekineko

    Silly-but-fun online games

    I beat it with Andrija Mohorovičić. Obscure nations and sciences FTW! (no offense meant to seismologists, of course) And Jane Ahonen. Let's add obscure sports to the list. ;-) And Brian Bolland. This is getting ridiculous, and my break is coming to an end so I'll stop here.
  5. Manekineko

    A beautiful ballad for today

    These lyrics always make me tear up. Edit: two ballads in the similar vein, although not necessarily the same war. (for me forever linked with Dr. Strangelove :-P ) I love the progression of this one. One of my all-time favorites, so have a German-language version, too (worth it just to hear Marlene sing): And one "local" - hopefully amateur performance and not-Englishness of lyrics won't be a barrier. (Oh my sea, why don't you take me I have a darling who doesn't speak with me. I have a dark-eyed darling, he drowned in the depths of sea.) Sniffle.
  6. Manekineko

    Your Latest Music Discoveries

    I think that the problem was whether the link you're pasting is http: or https: - one is automatically embedded, the other not. I forgot which was which and currently have no time to experiment...
  7. Manekineko

    Kotooshu Intai

    Wow, the snipping just goes on and on and on... at least a hour and a half, eh? (Had it rolling in the background while working.)
  8. Manekineko

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    I know this sounds like hindsight, but ever since Ichinojo's photos started showing up on the forum, I thought he was built like a classical sumotori. Dumpy, solid, massive, nothing pretty on him. Wouldn't be out of the place in a woodblock print. It keeps surprising me that he's Mongolian and not Japanese... :-P
  9. Manekineko

    Happy Birthday Asashosakari

    It's never too late for a belated happy birthday wishes. :-P All the best!
  10. Manekineko

    Musashimaru starts own heya!

    That comes to a bit over 70 EUR/year. About 6 EUR/month. Hm...
  11. Manekineko

    Wajima seriously ill

    Alas, looking well is no guarantee. Lots of cancer patients who were operated and treated for a serious cancer go into a remission for a couple of years before metastases kick in. Hoping it won't be the case here...
  12. Manekineko

    Forum Update Feedback

    I've noticed this a couple of times already in this particular thread (and nowhere else, so far): although I click on the get-me-to-the-newest-unread-post star next to the title, I still get directed to the first post in the thread. Not that it's much of a hardship, but it's curious. And you know cats and curiosity... ;-)
  13. Manekineko

    Pic Pickin' - Intai

    Many thanks, Asojima - your posts were always one of the highlights of the basho!
  14. Manekineko

    Happy Birthday, Manekineko!

    Thanks again to all, and I wish you a pleasant summer - recliners or not.
  15. Manekineko

    Happy Birthday, Manekineko!

    Thank you! Actually that photo (minus the recliner) is pretty representative of the way my birthdays go. I'm a lucky girl. :-)
  16. Manekineko

    looking for Music.

    The whole link. Maybe the problem is that you have https links instead of http? Let me see... Edit: obviously not. Hmm... let me ask Exil. Edit2: Or actually yes, I didn't properly edit the link first time.
  17. Manekineko

    looking for Music.

    If by that you mean how do you get the videos to show as embedded in the post, simply paste the link as is in the post. You don't need to format it in any way, the Forum software does it automatically...
  18. Manekineko

    looking for Music.

    Seing (and listening to) Irie inspired me to post some songs from my favorite Croatian punk band, Hladno pivo (Cold Beer). The problem with punk is that it's only fun when you understand the text, so sorry about that... but videos are mostly self-explaining. The title is "croatization" of M*therF*ckers" :-P Sung completely in Croatian version of Pig Latin. :-D Football anthem for the WC in Japan. (Punk rocker...) Punk cover of a sonet to poet's dead love by Matoš. :-O
  19. Manekineko

    "your real japanese name generator!"

    First problem - I input my name in the normal Given - Surname order, and the result is in Japanese (Surname - Given) order. That wouldn't be a problem if the software reversed the input, but it doesn't, so my (hypothetical) sister would have the same name (Manami) but different surname (Nakamura ws Fujimoto). Secondly, I suppose the translation stuff only really works for English/US names. Thirdly, all the names so far sound suspiciously nice and flattering... ;-) Edit: additional testing resulted in same given name for me and two(!) of my aunts, although our names are not that similar at all. Also both my surname and my mother's maiden surname give "Nakashima"...
  20. Manekineko

    Happy Birthday Jakusotsu

    If you ever drop by Croatia, I'll treat you to one, they are quite good.
  21. Manekineko

    The Yobidashi

    I like how Rikinojo (the teacher) was too lazy to take of his shoes so had to sit clumsily while drumming.
  22. Manekineko

    Happy Birthday Jakusotsu

    Happy birthday! Have a cake:
  23. And this is such a private tragedy, if it happened at any other time it probably wouldn't even be publicized. Sigh.
  24. Manekineko

    Hakuho promotes Hakuho-rice (pics)

    Mud tegata. :-D
  25. Manekineko

    personal shikona change

    I think only Exil (supermod) can change it. I'll draw his attention to your post.