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  1. Manekineko

    Natsu 2015 Basho Talk (spoiler alert!)

    Although Gurowake has already answered this in much better way than I ever could, I'll just add that it's my impression that lower-ranked rikishi, especially those that used to be higher up on the banzuke, are "allowed" to get to (or near) double-digit wins before being matched up with really tough oponents (usually san'yaku). Disclaimer: no actual research has gone in the above statement. Like I said, it's my impression, from years of not very analytically watching sumo. Disclaimer2: My sumo watching has been increasingly erratic in this decade, so above impression may very well be dated. Disclaimer3: I'm fond of disclaimers.
  2. Manekineko

    Forum Update Feedback

    Recently I've noticed a lack of word-wrapping in the text-editing box when I write posts/PMs in plain text (BBCode mode). 'Tis annoying, especially in my PM ramblings (I do a lot of quote editing which is sooo much easier in Code Mode). Screen capture to illustrate:
  3. Manekineko

    Oyakata activities

    He hasn't missed much. ;-)
  4. As the original poster, you should be able to change the thread title by editing the first post.
  5. Manekineko

    For Natsu Tochinoshin is from Georgia

    For the curious: "dumb" ("nijem" in Croatian), in the original meaning of one who can't speak (deaf-n-dumb), not one who's stupid. AFAIK, official Croatian name for Georgia is still Gruzija. I wonder when/if we'll change it. Edit and OT: Croatia is one of those countries almost no-one refers to by its original name (since it's such a tongue-breaker: Hrvatska). Exceptions are other Slavic countries and our close neighbours and occasional overlords: Hungary (Horvátország) and Turkey (Hırvatistan). We return the favour by calling Hungary by its own original name (Mađarska, Magyarország).
  6. Manekineko

    Shikona meanings, take 2

    More about this in the Brodi thread.
  7. Manekineko

    Silly-but-fun online games

    I'm proud that I recognised US as US. Even if it was the wrong coast. :-P
  8. Manekineko

    Shikona meanings, take 2

    Jo part is the castle, not escape. ;-) Konishiki is "Small Brocade", kanji of Yasokichi literally mean eight-ten-joy (or eighty-joy, if eighty is legit translation for "yaso" reading of eight-ten kanji combo). In short, "Very Fortunate"? If I'd have to translate Yasokichi as a name, he'd be Felix. ;-) Felix Smallweave. :-D
  9. Manekineko

    Haru 2015 retirees

    Topics now merged.
  10. Manekineko

    Pictures from the Kyokai - 2015 Haru, Day 13

    Wow. Good reason to check out the lower-division box for those who skipped it. (Zabuton flying...)
  11. Manekineko

    Your favourite artists.

    And not to forget comic book artists (I'm only listing some of those whose artwork I'd hang on the walls). Igor Kordej: Brian Bolland: Stan Sakai:
  12. Manekineko

    looking for Music.

    OK go's videos are really worth watching. :-D
  13. Manekineko

    Preparations of the masses-March 2015

    Dohyo sticks nicely to Takayasu's hairy back. :-P
  14. Manekineko

    Dohyo Preparation - 2015 Haru

    The use of (empty) beer bottles during the construction continues to fascinate me. :-)
  15. Manekineko

    Your favourite artists. I'm partial to the other Michelangelo, as well. ;-)
  16. Manekineko

    Some more pictures

    They also conveniently have their shikona plainly displayed on their kesho-mawashi - and written from right to left. :-)
  17. Manekineko

    Sumo Apps

    Here you go.
  18. Manekineko

    Haru 2015 B-day pics

    Wow, moto-Tamakasuga has gotten svelte.
  19. Manekineko

    Grand slam - three steps to Heaven...

    Reminded me of that classic scientific joke: A molecule talks to another: - I think I lost an electron. - Are you sure? - I'm positive!
  20. Manekineko

    39th Fuji TV "Grand Sumo" knockout tournament

    Wikipedia on Frogner Park is only moderately helpful on that point: Most of the statues depict people engaging in various typically human pursuits, such as running, wrestling, dancing, hugging, holding hands and so on. However, Vigeland occasionally included some statues that are more abstract, including one statue, which shows an adult male, fighting off a horde of babies. Apparently the park is full of Vigeland's work. Sounds interesting. Edit: found a full-size photo of the thing (alas, it doesn't show the spooky glee of the babies as well as the previous one):
  21. Manekineko

    39th Fuji TV "Grand Sumo" knockout tournament

    Now I'm curious about this statue... Please identify! Thanks.
  22. Manekineko

    Pictures from the Kyokai - 2015 Hatsu, Day 14

    It's been awhile since I've been on a honbasho, but sekitori don't arrive too terribly early in the morning. For the life of me I can't tell you the right hour (noon? 14 h?) but ask for example Fay, she's a photo-taking veteran and will be able to tell you.
  23. Manekineko

    Kakuryuu getting married

    Please, no name-calling and personal insults. Attack the content of the message, not the one writing it. Thank you.
  24. Manekineko

    Merry Christmas!

    Somebody had to do it. ;-) Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, happy appropriate holidays to those who don't, and happy post-banzuke day to all of us on the Forum. :-D
  25. Manekineko


    Actually, it should be komusubus and ozekus, since plural of -um is usually -a. ;-)