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  1. Manekineko

    Nishikido situation; split from kyujo thread

    Didn't that guy in that French documentary "quit" for a while and still came back? Can't remember his shikona right now and can't be bothered to search...
  2. Manekineko

    Sekitori Torikumi Natsu Basho 2016

    Ganbare. I hope there was not (much) data loss due to computer death.
  3. Manekineko

    Rikishi with cats

    Cats can smell fear. :-D
  4. Manekineko

    Your computer room?

    My computer "room" is my bed, best place to work (really!) on my laptop while in mostly prone position, kinda like this guy.
  5. Manekineko

    Silly-but-fun online games

    It's a cloudy dreary Friday, so that may be why I was so amused by this: Oriental Flirting Game. Other suggestions welcome. Of course, Hungry Sumo is remembered fondly and played occasionally.. :-D (And is also a much better game than the one above, but I digress.)
  6. Manekineko

    Wintergatan machine

    Funky, but in the end it's just another music box. :-P With melody encoded in legos. :-D
  7. Manekineko

    Day 12 pics Haru 2016

    Any similarity with Asashoryu is... ;-)
  8. Manekineko

    New recruits for Haru 2016

    Reon name thingie reminded me of Yuzuki Reon, Takarazuka singer. It's a shikona of sorts, of course, not her real name... but I like her voice, so you get a link to her singing. :-P
  9. Quantity 'n' quality of educational content available on YouTube doesn't cease to amaze me. Recently I've become hooked on Extra History. There is a Sengoku jidai (warring states, aka Takeda-Oda-Toyotomi-Tokugawa clash) series, hence Japan-Japanese subforum. If there is a sengoku jidai connoisseur here, I'm curious to hear the opinion on factual quality of these videos - production and amusement quality is high indeed. :-)
  10. Manekineko

    Funny videos and photos of rikishi at play

    Heavy metal hair! :-D
  11. Manekineko

    Left handed +1 More.. and Professional deformation is a thing of beauty. Also, professional scientists have wicked sense of humor. Scroll down to Buergenstock Declaration on this page. Prelog rocks! I guess Cahn and Ingold are not that bad either. ;-)
  12. Manekineko

    Do you think dreams have any importance?

    Dreams certainly mean something, but it's only the dreamer who can decypher them - as Asojima says, it's your brain sifting through experiences and worries, trying to sort things into more useful patterns. Rather than debugging, perhaps defragmenting? ;-) Anyway, if you are concerned with your dreams and fail to decypher them by yourself, turn to a trusted professional of choice (which does not exclude various alternative or utterly traditional professions), since their experience with similar problems may aid in finding a solution you find valid. Friends and family are also quite nice alternative to such professionals, since they have experience with you, if not your problems... Kindly minded advisors on the internet, OTOH... are probably less useful. (Being thrown tomatoes at...)
  13. Manekineko

    Rikishi Health Checks pics

    I have "invisible" veins, too. Some of the nurses have trouble finding the vein and have me switch arms. Some just pshaw when I mention it to them (as I always do) and manage just fine. I guess the experience of the nurses counts for much. :-)
  14. Manekineko

    Silly-but-fun online games

    It is a fascinating game, especially once I finally took the effort to read the complete rules (ie. the sentence to the end) and pass to the second level. :-P
  15. Manekineko

    Day 15 pics Hatsu 2016

    Nothing a little photoshop can't fix (not that I'm volunteering).
  16. Manekineko

    An spanish sumo supporter.

    I think you will enjoy Osaka - it's certainly much "warmer" than Tokyo, not only the weather but the whole feeling of the city. And your English is perfectly understandable - I have read much, much worse in texts intended for professional publication. :-P
  17. Manekineko

    R.I.P. Alan Rickman

    I didn't before. Woah. Shitty video quality, but who cares.
  18. Manekineko

    R.I.P. Alan Rickman

    Oh, I'll miss him. (Broken heart...) Having him play Voice of God (Metatron, in Dogma) was really apt casting... I enjoyed his baddies, I was smitten by his Col. Brandon, but I guess this is my favorite of his roles:
  19. Manekineko

    Snow interferes with the torikumi

    I was similarly surprised when couple of years ago some snow in London grounded all the planes. Simply, in cities/countries where snow is rare, when it does appear it causes surprising amount of trouble.
  20. Manekineko

    UK (mostly) actors quiz

    I don't remember if I did this before, I might have. Came upon some young actor photos when I trawled my folders, and was amused all over again recognizing (and not) guys I know from their more established days. Have a go: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: 7: 8: 9: 10: 11: 12: (some are fairly easy, but here because they're cute ;-) )
  21. Manekineko

    UK (mostly) actors quiz

    OK, I guess most of the interested answered already. Hat off to inhashi who got all but the ?s right. Now I'll devolve into nostalgia while I post the answers. :-P 1: I know him as Sallah from Indiana Jones (yay!), most of the rest of the world knows him as Gimli from LoTR, where he's fairly unrecognizable under all the makeup. Lotsa solid UK actors got lotsa solid paychecks for LoTR/Harry Potter films... 2: WTF, he died, too? :'-( Best known to detective story aficionados as Dalziel from Dalziel&Pascoe, but remembered for his role in Kubrick's Clockwork Orange. 3: Alan Rickman. Now you know why I was trawling the folders... 4: Alas, his obit will probably say "best known for his role of Gandalf". His filmography is too huge to even attempt. Some liked him as Richard III set in Nazi-Germany, my favorite of his roles is in Gods and Monsters, film that made me realise that Brandon "The Mummy" Fraser can act. Not that I'm dissing The Mummy, the first film was great fun. 5: Another sign of my love of detective shows, he is Inspector Barnaby, the First of His Name, from Midsomer Murders. 6: Lovely, lovely actor. First film of his that comes to my mind is Terry Gilliam's Brazil. His favorite role for me is as The Master in Doctor Who special The Curse of Fatal Death. You're a Who fan and hadn't watched this late 1990s gem? Go forth and correct the oversight. 7: Wikipedia unhelpfully doesn't have his recent photo, so here. Detective George Gently or Judge Deed from eponymous shows, I knew him as Doyle in 1970s show The Professionals which I watched when wee. My favorite role of his, though, is as Chauvelin in TV series The Scarlet Pimpernel, starring another one of my darlings, Richard E. Grant. 8: Another photo-less article, so here. Inspector Foyle (you can see the pattern) from Foyle's War, but I first noticed him as unfortunate husband in Reckless with always stunning Francesca Annis and then cutie Robson Green. And of course, he played the King in (heh) To play the King, the second of three original House of Cards series. Kevin Spacey has nothing, nothing on Ian Richardson's Francis Urquhart. 9: For me best known and loved as slippery Sir Humphrey Appleby from Yes (Prime)Minister. Wonderful contrast was his role as the fragile king in The Madness of King George. Died in 2001, missed still. 10: Wonderful ham, mostly. Films too numerous to count, I first remembered him from Patriot Games. 11: B'stard from The New Statesman, gone far too soon. Had some fairly dignified and non-slimy roles in his later career, where he came off a handsome gentleman, as hard that is to believe. 12: He had the bad luck to succeed a popular actor as 007. I hated his Bond films because he wasn't Moore... but he is actually a fairly good actor, and I find I relish his villainous roles a lot. He can ham it with the best of them. :-D And I can't miss mentioning his role in Flash Gordon, film that had all the makings of a pulpy disaster and ended up hilariously good. The Queen soundtrack comes as a splendid bonus. And to finish off this tribute to actors and roles I love, my avatar is Tom Hiddleston who will hopefully manage to avoid being referred to as Loki from the Avengers in his obit, decades and decades from now. I liked him a lot as Prince Hal/Henry V in The Hollow Crown, TV series bringing Shakespeare's historical plays to the screen. If you're getting tired of Game of Thrones, have a gander. It'd be a shame to miss a soliloquy by Patrick "Cpt. Picard" Stewart in the first episode...
  22. Manekineko

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    Nice thing about the schism between Catholic and Orthodox Christianity is having two Christmases. Happy Christmas to all those who celebrate it according to the Julian calendar!
  23. Manekineko

    Banzuke Day Pics Hatsu 2016

    Ooo, moto-Akinoshima smiling. Scary. ;-)
  24. Manekineko

    A mystery? Can you solve it?

    Speaking of shortages to come: (the one that would really hurt would be the shortage of cacao/cocoa, for me... chocolate addiction is a thing. :-P )