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  1. Uinseann

    TORCHBEARER 2019: invitation, rules, and your picks

    Hello all, First time player, I'll go with Wakatakakage and Ms8e
  2. Uinseann

    Kunroku Ōzeki

    While I don't have anything relevant to add to the subject, as an outsider with little experience in the sport, I must say this is a terrific read. It is really interesting to see you all go into such lengths while I, as a casual watcher, did not even guessed there could be a problem. I never thought of the image of certain ranks nor the performances they should provide to be "worthy" of it. But debate is part of any passion and I'll continue reading!
  3. Uinseann

    Regarding Non-Japanese Sumo

    But they wouldn't get involved with awarding medals/sponsoring to tournament held around the world ? So, basically it's like Gurowake said, what is outside of Japan should not be regarded as professionnal ?
  4. Uinseann

    Regarding Non-Japanese Sumo

    Ah ! Well, that's exactly what I wanted to know. People kept telling me the Western European Sumo was really good (since, you know, they are said to be professionnals here) and showed me a video of a rikishi grabbing another one in a sort of supplex move. I really wondered how that could be considered Sumo since it's really just wrestling with mawashi-like around the waist. Thank you for the answer, that clarifies everything =)
  5. Uinseann

    Regarding Non-Japanese Sumo

    I see the thread was moved, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. It seems I'm unable to do a simple search (or edit) :p I'll then investigate further as I now know where to look, thanks.
  6. Hello all ! First of all, I want to say I tried doing a search in the forum but obviously, typing "Sumo", all around the "World", and non-"japanese" yield way to many answers. Doing a google search is also hazardous since, many sources, many differents opinions. At first glance, it is not what I'm looking for ! So sorry if there's a topic for that, feel free to direct me there and close this one. I've heard of "professionnals" Sumo club around the world (like that one in France that opened recently). I discovered through my mother that in Germany, Sumo seems not only popular but do also yield champions. Now I can only take her words for it as I do not speak that much German but here are some links and my question will come next. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandra_Köppen This is Sandra Köppen wikipedia page, as you can see, it says she won a Gold medal in "Sumo wrestling" at the 2005 World Games. Now I do not know anything about that World Games but Japan participate. https://www.augsburger-allgemeine.de/sport/Diese-17-jaehrige-Deutsche-will-Sumo-Weltmeisterin-werden-id35079432.html This article is about Jasmin Thienemann a young Sumo wrestler in Germany and I saw on differents articles that she also won medals. There was another female wrestler but I can't find the information anymore. And lastly, https://www.bz-berlin.de/berlin/berlins-einziger-sumo-ringer-findet-keinen-gegner This is about Florian Ebert, a german baker who also won medals in differents tournament. Now the tricky part is the point of the article, he can not find any partner (sponsors I guess) to practice and go further. As I understood it, they all want to one day participate in Japanese Sumo. My question is : What is the stance of the Japan Sumo Association regarding the practice of Sumo outside what I assume is the only recognized and "professionnal" sport ? I once asked about Western European wrestlers and people told me there weren't any, which contradicts all those medals given. We all know how difficult it is to even watch Japanese Sumo online and it leads people into thinking that Japan don't want to export it. That's obviously untrue as the International Olympic Committee recognize the sport, Japan do participate in Sumo at the World Games and Sumo happens to be covered (or was at least) on differents TV network around the world. Not to mention the professionnals wrestlers from various nationalities. Also, Hakuho training Mongolians really looks as "cheap" as the French and German training regarding the infrastructure and absence of the traditionnal surrounding. Now, take note that I am absolutely not familiar with the ins and out, I watch the bashos but I've yet to learn almost everything. Take also note that I'm not trying to be contemptuous when putting quotation marks around professionnal, nor am I trying to offend peoples or countries when saying training look cheap (for a lack of correct word); I'm simply wondering what is officially regarded as, you could say, "True professionnal Sumo". I thank you for your time into reading and I if you do, answering and hope I'm not causing too much trouble :)
  7. Uinseann

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I don't want to start a flame war, really, but to me, Aoiyama is very pleasant to look at. So, dear gentleman, I disagree with you.
  8. Uinseann

    Nagoya Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    You think so ? I found them fine but I preferred what I saw in makushita.
  9. Uinseann

    Hello from France !

    Hello all and thank you for this website ! As many, I've been following sumo basho through differents channel on Youtube, I've been directed here when asked about a hub of discussion in a live. I hope I'm not intruding and I'm looking forward to learn as much as possible about this sport ! Have a nice day !