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  1. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Sorry for asking but I don't understand why in Hoshitori, Takayasu is counted as a KK rikishi for some players and not for others.
  2. Kotononami

    Sekitori Sweepstake - July 2024

    I'm in.
  3. Kotononami

    Kyujo Updates - 2024 Natsu

    Hakuoho is back tomorrow
  4. Kotononami

    Natsu 24 - Games talk

    Several players of info-sumo team celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2024.
  5. Kotononami

    Sekitori Sweepstake - May 2024

    In please!
  6. Kotononami

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2024

    I'm in
  7. Kotononami

    Lower division celebs results

    Daishomaru , ex Makuuchi is 6-1 and kachikoshi at Makushita 20e. Started at Makushita Tsukedashi 15 in March 2014, has one Makushita yusho.
  8. Kotononami

    Sekitori Sweepstake - January 2024

    Count me in.
  9. Kotononami

    GTB Kyushu 2023 - RESULTS!! 194 entries

    I wouldn't have bet a cent on an extra Komusubi slot but who knows?
  10. Kotononami

    Sekitori Sweepstake - November 2023

    Yes, please! Kotononami
  11. Kotononami

    Lower division celebs results

    Ex Makuuchi Daishomaru is 1-0 at Ms35
  12. Kotononami

    Sekitori Sweepstake - September 2023

    I already had Oshoma last basho
  13. Kotononami

    Games Talk - Nagoya 2023

    Many reactions after my initial post. First of all , I have no problems with the Doitsuyama rule , it's part of the game , it's part of the fun. I was just a little bit sad at the moment because I was in good position to try to get the Yusho. It rarely happened in this game , only one Yush├┤ 15 years ago in my memory. But a few minutes later it was over. As a veteran player , I know since many years that winning or losing is largely part of luck. Some days you have , some others you don't. It helps to keep a good dose of humility. For my part I always tried to play seriously without taking myself seriously. Sometimes it works , most of the time it doesn't work. The most important is to still have some fun after all these years. We owe it to the people who run the games for so many years. A big thanks to all of them once again.
  14. Kotononami

    Games Talk - Nagoya 2023

    The toughest way to lose Bout 44 - Kotononami (M14W) 10 [8-4] Makiotoshi Kaito (M1W) 10 [9-3] Kaito wins by virtue of being the higher ranked rikishi. Kotononami (M14W) 10 (Submitted by Kotononami at 20 Jul, 2023 03:26 AM JST) 4 Hokuseiho [-] 3 Asanoyama [+] 3 Kirishima [+] 2 Hakuoho [+] 2 Gonoyama [+] Bench: Daieisho [-] Kotonowaka [+] Endo [-] Takayasu [-] Terunofuji [-] - vs - Kaito (M1W) 10 (Submitted by Kaito at 20 Jul, 2023 05:26 AM JST) 4 Hoshoryu [-] 3 Gonoyama [+] 3 Hakuoho [+] 2 Asanoyama [+] 2 Kirishima [+] Bench: Endo [-] Kotonowaka [+] Kotoshoho [-] Takayasu [-] Terunofuji [-]
  15. Kotononami

    Sekitori Sweepstake - July 2023

    I'm in.
  16. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Sorry , I didn't know this part of the rules. I was sure my 10 bonus points for Takayasu was a mistake.
  17. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    In the same game , 20 points should be deducted from players who picked Takayasu , KK/MK (bonus/malus points)
  18. Kotononami

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Kotomitsuki : 22 times , longest run 11
  19. Kotononami

    Sekitori Sweepstake - May 2023

    I'm in. Kotononami
  20. Kotononami

    Sekitori Torikumi Haru Basho 2023

    Winless J4e Chiyomaru up in Makuuchi... If someone understand the sense of this choice , please tell me. Kinbozan (M14e) 4-2 1-0 Chiyomaru (J4e) 0-6
  21. Kotononami

    Sekitori Sweepstake - March 2023

    Count me in.
  22. Kotononami

    Rikishi Status - 2023 Hatsu

    Hoshoryu is back tomorrow.
  23. Kotononami

    Bench World Cup 2022

    I remember the France-Bulgaria match in Paris in 1993 , national tragedy. The Bulgaria team was great at that time with Stoichkov , Kostadinov , Balakov , Letchkov and others... Kotononami
  24. Kotononami

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Ok I'll stop it. Don't you want to stop it yourself? Does it really make sense? Your shikona is already written on the top left... Thanks for the congrats! I was talking about MY legendary matches. I didn't have the chance to watch live the Italy-Ger match in 1970 as I was not born yet. Maybe you was?