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  1. Juryo Game : Ishiura & Abi are still on the list of the lower maegashira. 6 players have already pick them. I suppose they don’t get 15 points for their picks?

    Sekitori Oracle : Intai Kizakiumi is still on the picking list and not counted as 0-15

  2. It works now.

    i couldn’t make my entry in time so I try here just before the matches.

    rikishi to win :Kaisei

    rikishi to lose : Wakatakakage 


  3. 2 hours ago, Jejima said:

    So, why did I get the green  mawashi? I skipped some of the big games, such as SG, Sekitoto and tipspiel, went 0-15 in SekiQ and Odd. Not one of my best bashos in my opinion.

    Because you won a Yusho in Oracle, you had a jun yusho in Paper Oyakata , 4th place in Salarycap , 5th place in Hoshitori & UDH , 6th in Juryo Game etc...

    Nice results and enough to be the best player of the basho.

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  4. Congrats Jezz (Applauding...)

    Just a question about the gino-sho , you said  « going strong on daily games » but I was absent in SG , Bench , Toto , S4 , DST and out of Chain gang on day 1

    Anyway , thanks once again for the work Rando! :-)

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