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  1. Kotononami

    Rikishi Status Haru 2015 - Day 5 withdraws (ns)

    WJ11 Sotairyu is back from tomorrow.
  2. Kotononami

    Rikishi Status Haru 2015 - Day 5 withdraws (ns)

    Day 8 Late withdrawal : M12w Kotoyuki M8w Tokitenku gets the free win
  3. Kotononami

    UDH Haru Basho 2015

    Hi Pandaazuma ;-) Okinoumi is out of the Basho.... with 0 win 5 players choose this Rikishi with the 6 pts slot.... 36 with the 5 pts slot... Okinoumi is on the 3 pts slot in my picks So It's seems that I will not really take advantage of my Kakuryu' pick ;-) You have Kakuryu AND Okinoumi. 9 free points every day. But that's the game... ;-)
  4. Kotononami

    Haru 2015 Superbanzuke

    I'm so happy by this surprising achievement (from M9 to Komusubi). Finally after 10 years as a gamer... I'll try to do my best to honour this new rank. As always ,thanks a lot for the great work Rando.
  5. Kotononami

    Haru 2015 Games Talk

    46 DonĀ“t understand why Sadanoumi is M2e while Myogiru is Komusubi. Same with Kitataiki M10w while Gagamaru is only M15w etc...
  6. Kotononami

    Kotomitsuki danpatsu-shiki

    The story is finally ending on a good note. Really happy for him.
  7. Kotononami

    Towanoyama intai

    Sad news , I followed him every basho all these years , hoping he could be back in Juryo. I wish him the best for his future life.
  8. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    This is not fixed yet. Someone knows who's running Juryo Game? I'll send him a PM
  9. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Juryo Game : Yoshiazuma's win on day 9 has not been counted.
  10. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Juryo Game Day 2 is missing :-)
  11. Kotononami

    The Sumo Game

  12. Kotononami

    Hatsu 2015 Games Talk

    And the winner is... (Applauding...)
  13. Kotononami

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2016

    Harumafuji Y Hakuho Kakuryu Y Kisenosato O Myogiryu O Kotoshogiku
  14. Kotononami

    GTB-100th basho!

  15. Kotononami

    Fantasy Metasumo 2015

    Let's try 1/ Pandaazuma 2/ Flohru 3/ Konosato 4/ Andonishiki 5/ Gibuten 6/ Sebunshu 7/ Toonoryu 8/ Maguroyama
  16. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    I think gernobono mixed you up with Kotomitsuki. You mean Kaiomitsuki. Hope one day Kotomitsuki will play bench with us :-)
  17. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    there is one for you i got 11 points and winners on b1 and b5 Thanks . Didn't know you were Rowitoro? I got perfect GBL 7 after a disastrous first week. This was the worst day to be here Gern' Edit : Nice victory from Austria vs Russia yesterday!
  18. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    No bench results today?
  19. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Juryo Game : Azumaryu is counted 1 point every day as weakest maegashira. But he was kyujo before the basho. ;-)
  20. Kotononami

    Aki 2014 Basho Comments

    And what about Terunofuji? He's the biggest hope imho
  21. Kotononami

    Aki (September) 2014 GTB Trailer- and results!

    One cheater lost , very good news. You should have stopped all the games a long time ago...
  22. Kotononami

    Bench World Cup 2014

    I think it's OK now , sorry for being late
  23. Kotononami

    Juryo Game Natsu 2014

    Thank you very much for your work Itachi-zeki (Applauding...)
  24. Kotononami

    Juryo Game Natsu 2014

    Thanks for the work Itachi. Just one thing : the player named kotomitsuki@noo is myself. Don't know what happened but maybe I entered my email instead of my shikona.
  25. Kotononami

    Error in Juryo Game Result

    Same here : Thank you for entering for Juryo Game. Your entry is: Your Juryo picks are Azumaryu, Sadanofuji, Tenkaiho, Fujiazuma, Tosayutaka, Ichinojo, Kotoyuki, Daikiho Your yusho pick is Kotoyuki Your lower maegashira pick is Arawashi Your Ex-Juryo pick is Tochinoshin Your Juryo Hope pick is Kawabata Your entry was processed at 10 Mai, 2014 11:45:38 JST