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  1. Kotononami

    Norizo Cup 2021.9

    Hi Susanoo-san , will entry form be available in the next hours/days? Thanks
  2. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Hoshitori scoring results are from last basho. Will updates be possible this basho?
  3. Kotononami

    Natsu basho 2021

    Someone knows what’s wrong with Daishomaru & Nishikigi? Both were makuuchi regular not so long ago. They seem totally out of shape and very far from their best level.
  4. Kotononami

    Videos (all days) - Hatsu 2021

    I’d like to watch Sd4w Masunoyama’s bouts , thanks!
  5. Kotononami

    Makunouchi yushos in 2021

    Y-O Asanoyama 2 S-K Terunofuji 1 S-K Takayasu 1 M Hokutofuji 1 M Mitakeumi 1
  6. Kotononami

    Chiyonoyama vs. Rikidozan Aki 1947

    I can’t answer your question but I have one. Where (How) did you find this one?
  7. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Juryo Game : Kyujo rikishi Abi & Ishiura scored 1 point for 12 players who picked them in the weakest maegashira list.
  8. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Juryo Game : Ishiura & Abi are still on the list of the lower maegashira. 6 players have already pick them. I suppose they don’t get 15 points for their picks? Sekitori Oracle : Intai Kizakiumi is still on the picking list and not counted as 0-15
  9. Kotononami

    GTB Aki 2020- 121 entries - and RESULTS!!

    Just in time.
  10. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    It works now. i couldn’t make my entry in time so I try here just before the matches. rikishi to win :Kaisei rikishi to lose : Wakatakakage thanks
  11. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Turn the tide entry page doesn’t work, runtime error.
  12. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Sekitori-toto entry page is not working
  13. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    Hi , my pick for chain gang : M17e Terunofuji Thanks
  14. Kotononami

    Videos Natsu Basho... 2003

    Génial ces vidéos , merci de partager Alex! Thanx for sharing , amazing videos!
  15. Kotononami

    Whenever, Wherever Basho 202*

    Takakeisho demoted to Sekiwake Asanoyama KK