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  1. Yokozuna E: Kisenosato Y2w (13-2) Yokozuna W: Kakuryu Y1w (10-5) Yokozuna E2: Harumafuji Y2e (10-5) Yokozuna W2: Hakuho Y1e (2-3-10) Ozeki E: Terunofuji O1w (13-2) Ozeki W: Goeido O1e (1-5-9) Ozeki E2: None Ozeki W2: None Ozeki E3: None Ozeki W3: None Sekiwake E: Takayasu S1w (12-3) Sekiwake W: Kotoshogiku S2e (9-6) Sekiwake E2: Tamawashi S1e (8-7) Sekiwake W2: None Komusubi E: Mitakeumi K1e (9-6) Komusubi W: Yoshikaze M4e (8-7) Komusubi E2: None Komusubi W2: None Maegashira E: Chiyonokuni M6e (9-6) Maegashira W: Endo M5e (8-7)Maegashira E2: Okinoumi M8w (10-5)Maegashira W2: Chiyoshoma M7w (9-6)Maegashira E3: Aoiyama M6w (8-7)Maegashira W3: Daieisho M11e (11-4)Maegashira E4: Tochiozan M10w (10-5)Maegashira W4: Takarafuji M3w (7-8)Maegashira E5: Takanoiwa M2w (6-9)Maegashira W5: Shodai K1w (4-11)Maegashira E6: Takekaze M1e (5-10)Maegashira W6: Ikioi M1w (5-10)Maegashira E7: Hokutofuji M5w (7-8)Maegashira W7: Takakeisho M13e (11-4)Maegashira E8: Shohozan M3e (5-10)Maegashira W8: Sokokurai M2e (4-11)Maegashira E9: Ichinojo M7e (6-9)Maegashira W9: Ura M12w (8-7)Maegashira E10: Kagayaki M9e (7-8)Maegashira W10: Arawashi M4w (3-10-2)Maegashira E11: Tochinoshin M10e (7-8)Maegashira W11: Tokushoryu M15w (8-7)Maegashira E12: Toyohibiki J3w (10-5)Maegashira W12: Ishiura M11w (7-8)Maegashira E13: Onosho J2w (9-6)Maegashira W13: Kotoyuki M9w (5-10)Maegashira E14: Chiyotairyu J1w (8-7)Maegashira W14: Daishomaru M13w (7-8)Maegashira E15: Kaisei M8e (3-7-5)Maegashira W15: Oyanagi J4w (9-6)Maegashira E16: Myogiryu M14e (6-9) Shodai at M5 seems to be more logical but who knows..
  2. Thank you guys , very kind of you
  3. Someone knows what’s wrong with Myogiryu? He seems to be so far away from his best.
  4. From the NSK Website Hakuho Y Kakuryu Harumafuji Y Kisenosato Goeido O Terunofuji Tamawashi S Takayasu Kotoshogiku S Mitakeumi K Shodai Takekaze M1 Ikioi Sokokurai M2 Takanoiwa Shohozan M3 Takarafuji Yoshikaze M4 Arawashi Endo M5 Hokutofuji Chiyonokuni M6 Aoiyama Ichinojo M7 Chiyoshoma Kaisei M8 Okinoumi Kagayaki M9 Kotoyuki Tochinoshin M10 Tochiozan Daieisho M11 Ishiura Sadanoumi M12 Ura Takakeisho M13 Daishomaru Miyogiryu M14 Kyokushuho Chiyoo M15 Tokushoryu Nishikigi M16 Chiyootori J1 Chiyotairyu Gagamaru J2 Onosho Hidenoumi J3 Toyohibiki Chiyomaru J4 Oyanagi Kotoeko J5 Homarefuji Yamaguchi J6 Kyokutaisei Osunaarashi J7 Amakaze Tsurugisho J8 Ryuden Daiamami J9 Azumaryu Satoyama J10 Seiro Kitataiki J11 Kitaharima Asanoyama J12 Aminishiki Asahisho J13 Rikishin Terutsuyoshi J14 Fujiazuma
  5. 1 Susanoo 2 Konosato 3 Terarno 4 Gibuten 5 Kintamayama 6 Chocshoporyu 7 Getayukata 8 Ekigozan
  6. Toyohibiki J1 Hidenoumi Kyokushuho J2 Daieisho Ura J3 Chiyomaru Seiro J4 Azumaryu Kitataiki J5 Onosho Oyanagi J6 Kotoeko Kyokutaisei J7 Aminishiki Tokushoryu J8 Tsurugisho Yamaguchi J9 Amakaze Amuru J10 Ryuden Homarefuji J11 Satoyama Asahisho J12 Rikishin Terutsuyoshi J13 Daiamami (former Sakamoto) Wakanoshima J14 Kizenryu
  7. From the NSK Website Kakuryu Y Harumafuji Hakuho Y Kisenosato O Goeido Terunofuji O Kotoshogiku Tamawashi S Shodai Takayasu K Tochinoshin Takarafuji M1 Mitakeumi Shohozan M2 Arawashi Okinoumi M3 Ikioi Tochiozan M4 Endo Takekaze M5 Yoshikaze Chiyoshoma M6 Kotoyuki Miyogiryu M7 Aoiyama Hokutofuji M8 Chiyonokuni Kaisei M9 Ishiura Takanoiwa M10 Sokokurai Kagayaki M11 Nishigiki Takakeisho (former Sato) M12 Daishomaru Gagamaru M13 Ichinojo Chiyootori M14 Chiyotairyu Chiyoo M15 Sadanoumi Osunaarashi M16
  8. Thanks ,I did not understand what is written above , message deleted.
  9. Chain gang is a carnage with Oyanagi , Amakaze & Takayasu’s losses. 47 players out on Day 1 36 still on the race.
  10. Harumafuji has already taken the throne last basho , in presence of the King.
  11. Wow , congrats Konosato! Impressed you managed to get 72 points , especially this time.
  12. 56 pts Everything wrong between M12w & M15w
  13. Simon , I’m not talking about game rules but « spirit of Sumo » rules , no need to speak English. IMHO , you HAVE to retire when you’re not able to do your Yokozuna duties (in sumo-games that means decent results) Maybe you can bring that topic up again once yourself have reached the Yokozuna rank in that game and use your discontent trying to reach and surpass the guy of whom you think is lacking Sumo Gaming Hinkaku (is there something like virtual hinkaku or online hinkaku?) Just a suggestion to take it easy a bit... I’m not personally in question here. I suppose my opinion is shared by some people here. The immense majority of sumo-games Yokozunae would have already retired by themselves in this case.
  14. Simon , I’m not talking about game rules but « spirit of Sumo » rules , no need to speak English. IMHO , you HAVE to retire when you’re not able to do your Yokozuna duties (in sumo-games that means decent results)
  15. A problem happens in Hoshitori Game for years , hope Doitsuyama-san will read these lines. We already talked about it twice last year. This is about Norizo’s performances in Hoshitori game (and in general all Yokozuna’s performances in all the games) Do you think that he deserve to be Yokozuna anymore? 7 MK in the last 8 bashos. Is there a "Yokozuna for life" status ? The man should have retired by himself a long time ago. He’ll never make it for sure. Maybe a lack of sumo spirit. Consequently, you may force him to retire , don’t you? Thanks for reading