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  1. Kotononami

    Games Talk Hatsu 2019

    Thanks a lot , I’ll try like that.
  2. Kotononami

    Games Talk Hatsu 2019

    Yes , I remember , Hakkeyoi.net was great for this kind of search.
  3. Kotononami

    Games Talk Hatsu 2019

    Question about the Query form on sumodb. How do you manage to compare two banzuke slots? For example , I want to compare in banzuke history a M1e with 6 wins and a M3e with 7 wins. Is it possible to do it in the same query or the only way is to do two different queries?
  4. Kotononami

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    With a lot of luck in tiebreakers. I’m picking so badly since two years. Anyway this was my only goal this time so happy to reach it.
  5. Kotononami

    Mukade Beya (Formerly STI) Sumo Gaming Banter Thread

    I told myself that if I was demoted to Juryo after 12 years in Makuuchi , I would stop everything. So if I manage to get this 8th win , I’ll continue a little bit.
  6. Kotononami

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition and results!

    sumodb entry form is down at the moment.
  7. Kotononami

    Time to say goodbye

    You will be missed champion. Great job all these years. I suppose the lack of time is the reason of your decision . Anyway happy to see that Buyuzan was here for your dampatsushiki. Underestimated rikishi! Jean-Pierre Mader should have been here but he was on stage au Stade de France the same day...
  8. Kotononami

    GTB 9-shoe 2018- Invitation to play and results

    Sadly I completely forgot to play this time. A sign of my progressive disinterest for the games in the recent years. I’m sure other veteran players feel the same sometimes.
  9. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    & Salarycap?
  10. Kotononami

    GTB- Aki (nomaki) Basho 2018- Results!

    WE thank you for managing this game for so many years.
  11. Kotononami

    Weigh-ins for Natsu 2018

    Ichinojo is now only 60 kilos away from Konishiki ’s heaviest weight
  12. Kotononami

    Banzuke for Natsu 2018

    Nishikigi stays , Onosho down... incredible.
  13. Kotononami

    This May sound familiar- GTB

    Onosho & Kotoeko in , Myogiryu out
  14. Kotononami

    Sumo Game Deadlines

    The basho starts next sunday. Thanx for activating the countdown.
  15. Kotononami

    Games Bugs

    TTT entry form is OK now. The standings page still have run time errors