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  1. Mogami

    Ozeki twice

    Wow. good to know. Thanks :)
  2. Mogami

    Ozeki twice

    Hey guys. I wonder, if it ever happend, that a Rikkishi made it to Ozeki twice. And not just demoted to Sekiwake and then got back with a 10-5 or bette, like the famous Tochiazuma did twice. But someone who managed to get the 33 (or so) wins "Again" ?
  3. Mogami

    Drunken driving rikishi?

    Thanks for the clarification :)
  4. Mogami

    Drunken driving rikishi?

    drunk driving aside, what I do realy wonder about this "Rikishi must not drive a car" (law?) is, if that is actualy inforced by law, or if its something you get "only" punishment from your stablemaster or so for...
  5. Mogami

    Greetings from Germany

    Thanks for the warm welcome guys.
  6. Hi everybody. I'm a long time Sumo Fan from germany. I started watching Sumo back in the late 90s on Eurosport. Had a several years brake when Eurosport stopped the sumo broadcast and then (recently) found out about NHK World and got back to Sumo again. I came to this forum because I fancied to join some discussions about my favourites and get some more backround information and pictures.