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  1. Akōgyokuseki

    Wakanohana 1, Takanohana 2 Tsuyuharai/Tachimochi

    Will edit later Thanks for point out!
  2. Akōgyokuseki

    Wakanohana 1, Takanohana 2 Tsuyuharai/Tachimochi

    Thanks Akinomaki, I was hoping this thread would catch your eye and I'm grateful for the information you've provided, thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate it. It's an interesting read how he got that, I had a quick look before the database went down.. It would seem that 1955 was a good year for him, gaining promotion to Makuuchi with a Yusho-doten (and a result of 11-4) in the Hatsu Basho of that year. (Two Basho before his top division debut he took the Juryo yusho with a score of 13-2 and at the rank of J7e.) The Haru Basho in 55 saw him pick up his first sansho (Kanto-sho) he finished 11-4, the second Kanto-sho was in the Natsu Basho, again, 11-4. At the Aki tournament he picked up his first Kinboshi, but unfortunately he scored a very ironic make-koshi of 4-11, the reverse of his winning numbers! His losing score didn't effect his rank much as he dropped from M3w to M8w. During these years he wrestled under the Shikona Wakanoumi Shuji. It took another 19 years to win another sansho (Gino-sho) in the November tournament 1959 (at this point the 6 tournament a year system was up and running) he also claimed another Kinboshi and finished the tournament with a Jun-yusho score of 12-3, a very good result that saw his promotion to Komusubi in the new year of 1960. I'd like to know which Yokozuna he took his Kinboshi from in his career and especially in the Nov 59 tournament, but again...the database! Hoping it will be fixed soon so I can check out the link you provided for Wakanoumi II, hopefully the heya name is changed also. Thanks again! Will be back with more soon....
  3. Akōgyokuseki

    Wakanohana 1, Takanohana 2 Tsuyuharai/Tachimochi

    Phew!.. Think I've managed to identify the Rikishi in the above picture, seems to be this guy Wakanoumi Masateru!.... http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=3946 His records show he was active during the years of his stablemate Wakanohana's Yokozuna career (Wakanoumi himself was ranked M6w in the 1958 Haru Basho, which was Waka 1's Yokozuna debut). Wakanoumi spent most of his Makuuchi career as a Maegashira. Although his highest rank was Komusubi, the records show it didn't last long, and he was demoted to Maegashira 3 (west) after two Basho. So it's safe to say for the most part of Wakanohana's Yokozuna tenure he could have chosen Wakanoumi for his swordbearer as it seems he continued to stay amongst the rank and filers until his Intai in 1963. I'm a little unsure about what happened to him after his retirement, as there is practically no info on him on the English side of the web. Plus he looks like the guy in the screenshot I took last night And it seems another Rikishi from Hanakago beya took the Shikona and continued the name so to speak. Wakanoumi Masateru II was active during the 60's and 70's, highest rank was Maegashira 2, looks like his Intai was in 78(?) after that he became an elder and left the association in 1992, not sure what happened to him after that. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=4083 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wakanoumi_Masateru_II
  4. Akōgyokuseki

    Wakanohana 1, Takanohana 2 Tsuyuharai/Tachimochi

    Thanks for the confirmation, much appreciated. It's interesting how special allowances are allowed at the shrine visits, I honestly didn't know that, so thanks again...guess I can't call Takanonami an official one then...(damn) Can confirm Takatōriki absolutely. Also the video provided by Kawabata (thanks again) confirms too. Thanks folks...
  5. Akōgyokuseki

    Watch Old Tournaments?

    This channel has some awesome stuff too...https://youtu.be/YpuFnv8Frm4
  6. Akōgyokuseki

    Wakanohana 1, Takanohana 2 Tsuyuharai/Tachimochi

    Looks like Akinoshima on the right??? Apologies for the poor quality picture...
  7. Akōgyokuseki

    Wakanohana 1, Takanohana 2 Tsuyuharai/Tachimochi

    Can only upload one image, so will do the other another time...
  8. Akōgyokuseki

    Wakanohana 1, Takanohana 2 Tsuyuharai/Tachimochi

    Thanks for that, I'll have a look through it. Think this query will keep me busy for a while
  9. Akōgyokuseki

    Wakanohana 1, Takanohana 2 Tsuyuharai/Tachimochi

    Thanks! Since Taka will probably be the easiest to find out and correlate I've decided to start with Wakanohana Kanji, (which now seems like an impossible task ) Here's some notes I made, -Nishonoseki (Waka 1 original stable) -May 1952 Waka 1 moves to Shibatayama stable, which was renamed Hanakago in September 1953. -He is promoted to Yokozuna in 1958. -Makes his Yokozuna debut in the Haru Basho of that year. -Retired and forms Futagoyama in 1962. Had a quick look at the database and it seems Hanakago produced a tiny handful of Sekitori (Maegashira at leased) during Waka 1's time at the Yokozuna rank. I wonder if I would be safe to assume he could have taken some from Nishonoseki at the time? Since Shibatayama (Hanakago) branched off from there and presumably from the same Ichimon? I'm just thinking aloud here Thanks for your help I have 2 pictures of Wakanohana 1's Dohyo iri, I'll try to upload if I can
  10. Akōgyokuseki

    Wakanohana 1, Takanohana 2 Tsuyuharai/Tachimochi

    Thank you so much for your response, you've provided me with lots of information and I'm very grateful for your answer (I must apologise for the lateness of my reply) Off to research now.....
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can provide me with the names of all, or any, of the Rikishi who served as Takanohana's dew sweeper and sword bearer, likewise for Wakanohana Kanji 1st? Ive been all round the internet and because my japanese is awful (like Joyo grade awful) I'm limited in what i can find and make sense of, so a wee bit of help from the knowledgeable folks here could be the cure for my ignorance! Many thanks in advanced
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    Hi there

    Hello and Welcome to the forum CJ
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    A nice surprise..

    Your welcome Fujisan. Telly's and set top boxes are so technical these days and the last telly we had was a cathode ray so things like hd are way over my head, but that's sounds like you've nailed the root of your problem. I'm not the most technical minded (took me half and hour to 40 minutes just to change my profile picture here)
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    こんにちは from Chicago, IL

    Welcome to the forum!
  15. Akōgyokuseki

    Aki Basho 2018 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Even the audience were stunned, he got no applause I noticed. (Kakuryuuuuuuuu!!!!....)