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  1. Shinrei

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I could be mistaken. What's your take on it?
  2. Shinrei

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Maths. (0-5-10+N) > (0-0-15-N), where N is native/nihonjin.
  3. Shinrei

    More music........

    Found this recently. Some psych-up music for the Mongolian rikishi perhaps? Only two videos for now; each worth at least one view/listen.
  4. Shinrei

    Progress of the Princes, 2019

    Fewer than 48 hours remain until this poll is closed...
  5. Shinrei

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition and results!

    Two things that help me cope with my dismal GTB result this time are, first: Second, sixteen of my guesses were off by only one rank -- and half of those were off by just one slot (such as 2w instead of 3e). Since the stat matrix isn't up yet, was anyone else "optimistic" about Mitakeumi by placing him at S1w?
  6. Shinrei

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition and results!

    At this writing, it appears the page loads OK.
  7. Shinrei

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition and results!

    @Asashosakari :: If you're interested, here's another idea for the running total of slots filled for the predicted banzuke. =COUNTUNIQUE(I4:I29)+COUNTUNIQUE(K4:K29) & "/42"
  8. Shinrei

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Error 4 0 4 Your haiku could not be found Try again later (inspired by a similar post from Tumblr user iventuredfromminecraftia)
  9. Shinrei

    Question Concerning Rank Healthy Goeido is about as good quality-wise to injured Tochinoshin.  Ozeki-level, deserving, comparison with Goeido, and progression. Details later today. ~~~ What is "Ozeki-level"? Let's say an average of 9 wins per honbasho. Given that, no, Tochinoshin after his three honbasho as an ozeki, isn't there. How about for Goeido? Over his first three honbasho as an ozeki, his win totals were 8, 5, 8. After ten honbasho, never winning more than 9, he got a 12-3 result. Excluding two early withdrawals, over 24 honbasho, his average is 8.3 wins per honbasho. Enough to maintain the rank. Not "ozeki-level" as defined here. So, Goeido detractors have a point in that. So, @RPedro44: what does it take to be deserving of the East side? How about head-to-head? So far, G 16-10 T. Over the past twelve, they're level at 6-6, though favoring G more recently. With good fortune, and continued gambarizing, T may be able to do better than G has done. We'll see.
  10. Shinrei

    Progress of the Princes, 2019

    At Kyushu 2018, Hoshoryu, age 19, had a 6-1 record from Ms 49 and Naya, age 18, had a 4-3 record from Sd 11. How will they fare during 2019?
  11. Shinrei

    Takakeisho in 2019 - the Young 'un

    Well enough to stay in sanyaku the whole year and be an ozeki starting in 2020. Yes, for this, 22 is considered young.
  12. Shinrei

    Hakuho in 2019 - Hak Attack Part 15

    Zero, zip, zilch, nada
  13. 1) This distant observer says Nope (a honbasho does not require a yokozuna to feel complete to me). I might have a different opinion if I was there in person frequently. 2) I don't know how the latter (yokozuna candidate's performance begin quantitatively compared to those of past yokozuna) could be done. At any given rank below ozeki, those rikishi are, ostensibly, the best at-that-time based on the records from previous honbasho. However, consider future yokozuna. Many years could pass for before one is as superlative as Hakuho. Yet, those future rikishi will still be yokozuna and, one can hope, fill that role well. 3) Neither. I think the path to yokozuna is designed to be just difficult enough with elements of both prowess (wins) and carriage (hinkaku). 4) Tradition. 5) I would first consult with those who are much deeper into sumo!