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  1. Kudos of amusement for your Rank description. (Ura, and up he rises - ear-ly in the morning.)

  2. If it is worth my time to watch, spoilers won't matter.
  3. Preparations of the Y/O- July 2018

    With his promotion to ozeki, I'm looking forward to see how well he holds his new . . . post.
  4. Banzuke for Nagoya 2018

    Well, you weren't alone...
  5. GTB - Nagoyim 2018 Basho - + Results!!

    First attempt, a meager 44 points. Koteko's promotion was less than I'd thought. Onosho, 12-3 from J1w, gets M11. Kotoeko, 11-4 from J2e, gets (only) M14?!? Ryuden's demotion was worse than I'd thought. Chiyomaru, 5-10 from M7, gets M10 (which I got correct - yay me). Ryuden, 3-12 from M7, gets slammed down to M15?!? For the most part, most of my misses were off by only one rank, so there's that consolation.
  6. Wakaichiro from Texas

    West Sandanme 94 for Nagoya.
  7. Maegashira game Natsu Basho 2018

    Hello, @Profomisakari For what it's worth, my comment was intended to be more an inquiry about language than a request for correction. (another Web search) ... wow... spezial, speziell, besondere, bestimmt Were it me, I'd just use "Note" for brevity. 8^)
  8. Maegashira game Natsu Basho 2018

    I was thinking "spez" was short for a German word that implied "special note/comment"? A brief Web search hasn't helped...
  9. Have a go at a Haiku!

    There was a young man from Cork, who got limericksand haikus confused source: Cameron Malcher @Captain_Typo
  10. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Right on. Legal, valid, effective. If someone tries to fool you, pretend to be fooled...
  11. Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Glad I'm not the only one. I think I saw one brief clench of his fingers in Endo's hair (at 16:14 in the slo-mo) before one or two other hand-hair contacts (five seconds earlier). Who knows, other than Endo, how distracting that was (if any)? I think they can. The mind is open - ready, then the body moves to suit the situation. Perhaps Kakuryu sensed a valid threat of losing. Looking at the past two years, when Kotoshogiku had a winning record coming into their match (granted, as an ozeki), he won two out of three. &shikona2=Kotoshogiku Perhaps Kakuryu just wanted (if only subconsciously) to avoid a potential hug & chug on this occasion.
  12. Sumo Game Deadlines

    CiberSumo links are hampered (though not broken) by inclusion of the "index.php" string. Also, the entry form link is dead.
  13. In case others support the idea, I propose a new forum for intai prep and announcements, intai reviews and news, post-retirement activities, "where are they now", and funeral articles about rikishi who retire. To me, the "Off-topic" forum seems a poor fit for such information. The "Featured Rikishi & Heya" forum seems to focus more on active rikishi. How about, unless someone has a better title, "Retired Rikishi" in the Sumo Information Pond? (and, yes, I'd be available to move past relevant threads there to populate it)
  14. Preparations of the masses- May 2018

    One of the separate threads:
  15. Just saw this in my feed. The first half has a focus on sumo.