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  1. Shinrei

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    Two tweaks offered: School starts up today / School begins today
  2. Shinrei

    First shot at a banzuke algorithm

    Is there a summary online, in English, of what's known about the process?
  3. Shinrei

    Font change?

    OS also, perhaps. I see the font changes in Vivaldi on Windows and only some attempts at the ones in the post from Naganoyama in Firefox on Android.
  4. Shinrei

    Haru 2019 training pics overview

    ^ Kid-handled, mayor-approved? *snerk*
  5. Shinrei

    Progress of the Princes, 2019

    (to be updated after each honbasho in 2019) HATSU (Jan): Hoshoryu, 5-2 from Ms 21; Naya, 4-3 from Ms 60. Both now have 1 KK. HARU (Mar): Hoshoryu, 4-3 from Ms 7; Naya, 6-1 from Ms 51. Both now have 2 KK. NATSU (Mar): Hoshoryu, 4-3 from Ms 4; Naya, 6-1 from Ms 22. Both now have 3 KK. NAGOYA (July): Hoshoryu, 3-4 from Ms 2; Naya, 3-4 from Ms 6. Both still have 3 KK. AKI (Sep): Hoshoryu, 4-3 from Ms 5; Naya, 4-3 from Ms 10. Both now have 4 KK.
  6. Shinrei

    Hatsu 2019 Sansho

    Though he won vs Hakuho and Tamawashi, he lost vs both remaining Ozeki - and gave little resistance to Goeido in that bout. I also wonder if, and how much, their perception of Takakeisho's maturity and hinkaku factor in.
  7. Shinrei

    Hatsu 2019 Sansho

    With 10-5, I think the door will stay closed because it won't matter who those losses are against. 11-4, with no more than two of those losses against opponents of higher rank and I think then the door will open.
  8. Shinrei

    Accumulated wins as an in-basho performance metric

    If you're open to input on this... I have a few ideas that may be worthy of your consideration. Include current record difference as well. Rikishi A (with a record of 1-7) could/should get more credit for defeating Rikishi B (7-1) than Rik-C (3-4) defeating Rik-D (4-3). Scale and limit the accumulated wins/losses to a range of about ± floor(current day/2). Limit the historic record to 3 matches within the past year with decreasing importance (such as 3 bits for the previous, 2 bits for the one before that, 1 bits for the last). Math aside, if a rikishi is hurt/injured/shaken/etc from a bout and doesn't withdraw, that could decrease their chance of victory in their next bout Comments?
  9. Shinrei

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Mental and emotional, too. Performance jitters/anxiety, not wanting to disappoint, self-doubt - especially from almost-wins and "missed" calls, and in this particular honbasho, fellow wrestlers leaving in a wheelchair or retiring . . . every day for 15 days for the pros. For the rest, an uneven 7* matches over the same period with 0-3 days before their next match.
  10. Saw this in the Knappily app... The dying art of Sumo wrestling
  11. Shinrei

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    I could be mistaken. What's your take on it?
  12. Shinrei

    Hatsu Basho 2019 Discussion [SPOILERS]

    Maths. (0-5-10+N) > (0-0-15-N), where N is native/nihonjin.
  13. Shinrei

    More music........

    Found this recently. Some psych-up music for the Mongolian rikishi perhaps? Only two videos for now; each worth at least one view/listen.
  14. Shinrei

    Progress of the Princes, 2019

    Fewer than 48 hours remain until this poll is closed...
  15. Shinrei

    GTB January 2019 Hanukka edition and results!

    Two things that help me cope with my dismal GTB result this time are, first: Second, sixteen of my guesses were off by only one rank -- and half of those were off by just one slot (such as 2w instead of 3e). Since the stat matrix isn't up yet, was anyone else "optimistic" about Mitakeumi by placing him at S1w?