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  1. 4 hours ago, Benihana said:

    Nice Harumafuji-NON-henka by Hoshoryu. Although some crybabies beg to differ.


    A HNH requires an initial shoulder hit before moving rapidly to the side. Harumafuji mastered pulling out of the tachiai while his opponent was still coming forward, making it appear henka-like but was still a legit tachiai. Quick hit and then use the speed to move left or right before the aite has recovered balance. Hoshoryu went straight to the side. Normal henka. Not that it matters, because HNH isn't a real thing anyway. It's just a henka with a bit of foreward movement as the rikishi goes sideways, which is arguably easier to pull off than disguising the intent to do a pure sidestep.

  2. Difficult second album for Wakatakakage. No Ozeki promotion unless he wins out. Cheap win by Hoshoryu with the henka. Why's he doing that on day 5 against a rikishi his own size? Lame.

    Brother Wakamotoharu for the yusho this time though? That'd be fun.

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  3. Ah ... Wakatakakage's Ozeki promotion this time around is looking very unlikely. 2-2 after four days leaves him with little margin of error. He can perhaps afford one more loss, two if the Kyokai are feeling very generous. I think the best he can probably hope for now though is to hit 10 and count this as the middle basho in a run.

  4. 9 minutes ago, Hankegami said:

    I'm the only one to not be impressed by the second day straight where Kotonowaka won basically thanks to the shimpan? Yesterday they didn't call a mono-ii despite the outcome was not clear at all. Today they reversed the gyoji's decision. Personally, I would have called for a torinaoshi in both cases. I was particularly unimpressed by noticing that today's head shimpan was Sadogatake-oyakata, Kotonowaka's stable master not to mention his own father. I understand there are a few "son of" in sumo, but I would have expected a shimpan to excuse himself from judging his own son, nephew or whatever.

    Yesterday some justified the non-monoii by suggesting the oyakata wanted to be hard on Shodai. But Mitakeumi? Don't get me wrong, I am not questioning the skills of Kotonowaka, but I am troubled by noticing he was totally favored for two days in a row.

    Looked like a clear defeat to Mitakeumi to me, to be honest. Mita was airborne and in no control of his own fate. No issue for me counting him as dead body.

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  5. Kotoshoho and Nishikigi leaving nothing in the ring today! Great tussle. 

    Terutsuyoshi and Tochinoshin also delivering plenty of entertainment. Tochi tried the trademark tsuridashi but Teru defended well.

    Wakamotoharu snatching victory at the death there with some fine balance and strength on the bales. Some good bouts today.

    Wakatakakage gets a good win over Endo. Needed that. Can't afford too many slip ups this week.

    Shodai, Shodai, Shodai ... yet another basho opened with a streak of losses. I would say good win for Daieisho, but ...

  6. Ah, sumo returns. I need this: I’ve been stuck in lockdown for five weeks (and working from home for another four before that, going out once a week for groceries, so effectively nine weeks inside). Though I couldn’t catch today’s action live, I shall be sure to have it on screen Mon-Fri while working (one of the few perks). It will help with routine, as Haru did for me in March.

    Anyway, some intriguing results today. Takakeisho looked powerless in his loss, as did Terunofuji obviously. Daieisho has a great record against him now. Doesn’t bode too well for the too guys lasting 15 days, but Ozeki-chasing Wakatakakage could benefit from a weakened sanyaku corps. Good start from him, and his brother. Both Waka beat a Fuji by yorikiri.

  7. 16 hours ago, Jejima said:

    My 6 year old Peter (AKA Baku) is trying to compile an ABC list of sumo rikishi.


    He is stuck on finding rikishi beginning with the following letters:-  L, P, Q, V, X and Z.

    Are there any? If not, any thoughts on suitable 'cheats' to fill the gaps? 

    Nice idea but the names are Japanese which doesn’t use all 26 letters. ‘L’ doesn’t exist at all, for example, which is why it’s so notoriously hard for Japanese speakers to pronounce.

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  8. 17 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

    Can't be half as bad as the Chinese commentator on the sumo live stream at qq.com with the permanent coughing back then. B-)

    Thank god for VPNs and the decent streams this gives me access to.