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  1. 9 hours ago, since_94 said:

    Today was stagger on your way back up onto the dohyo day, with Tsurugisho and Takakeisho leading the way by example. 

    Meanwhile, Tokushoryu in sole possession of the lead in Juryo after day 10. I am so 100% down for a Tokushoryu yusho to stand alongside his unexpected Makuuchi triumph a while back and I know I’m not alone in this.

    He already has a Juryo yusho to his name, tbf.

  2. On 15/05/2022 at 06:53, Reonito said:

    vs the ghost of Kisenosato (who handed out a remarkable 18 kinboshi in 35 bouts after his injury)

    Forced to retire not by injury but by the Kyokai for costing them too much

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  3. Shodai drops to 3-7 and within one of kadoban. Takaeisho loses to go to 5-5; Mitakeumi goes up to 5-5 with a win.  The last time we had three Ozeki with 5+ losses by day 10 was July 1971 as far as I can tell.


    Wakatakakage keeps his Ozeki run alive by beating Shodai, though he will need to be perfect until Sunday to hit 10 wins.

  4. 23 minutes ago, Kyokufuji said:

    In the middle of the Takarafuji vs. Chiyoshoma match the gyoji said something that sounded like “sunde” or “tsunde” (soon-day), after which the audience seemed to giggle.

    Any help with translation/context here would be great!

    Just reminding himself of the day of the week: Sunday.

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  5. Just now, Kaioshoryu said:

    Probably will be a 11-4 with a playoff. Says a lot about the current state of sumo doesn't it? Even though it's quite enjoyable with Makuuchi being totally unpredictable, in terms of the quality of the actual wrestling it doesn't look that good.

    Yet last basho was one of the best in years both for drama and quality.

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  6. Decent win for Tochinoshin today, getting himself out of trouble to throw Kotoeko.

    Slightly strange end to Takarafuji-Okinoumi, finishing almost in slow motion. Okinoumi seemed to have resigned himself to being walked back out only to realize Taka was falling slowly and he had time and space to slip his grasp for the win. Taka 0-7 and facing the nakabi makekoshi tomorrow.

    Fair play to Kotoshoho for pulling the win out there. Wakamotoharu had him on the bales and rocking.

  7. 6 hours ago, Tsuchinoninjin said:

    Aoiyama sole leader!!!

    First bout dropped today, to Sadanoumi, who joins him on 6-1 at the top.

    Epic tussle between Oho and Yutakayama earlier. Neither one yielded to the flurry of slaps and then once they were both knackered, they settled into a long chest-to-chester.