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  1. 27 minutes ago, Octofuji said:

    With Ichinojo's win half of the top 16 on the current banzuke now have a yusho (including each of the top 6). The remaining eight are:

    Hoshoryu, Abi, Kiribayama, Takanosho, Kotonowaka, Ura, Wakamotoharu, Takayasu.

    Of these I could certainly see the first 5 winning a yusho at least once in their career.

    Finally we can complete the meme. Ichinojo joins the club of rikishi who have won hatsu yusho since Takayasu made Ozeki.


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  2. Damn, I timed my journey home for the worst time and missed the whole finale. Pleased to see Ichi took the yusho. His previous 13-2 and 14-1 JY’s would have won him the cup more often than not, so to have lost out a third time would have been cruel.

    Also, good to see Shodai make 10 wins meaning both surviving Ozeki made double digits. 

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  3. 40 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    Some interesting trivia courtesy of Asahi Ozumo's twitter account: East-side wrestlers lost 9 straight bouts in today's torikumi, stopped only by Meisei who overcame apparently bad hoodoo to mess up Ichinojō. What's the longest streak so far?

    I’m sure this has come up before, because I’m always looking at patterns and streaks like this … can’t remember if there was ever a definitive answer though.

  4. 28 minutes ago, WAKATAKE said:

    Well Meisei just blew this open

    If he beat Terunofuji we could say he blew it open, but beating the challenger Ichinojo probably just hands the yusho to the Yokozuna.

  5. RE: promotions and fairness. Not all promotions and demotions are equal. If a Maegashira gets unfairly dropped a few Maegashira ranks because he was forced out, that’s not that big an injustice. Their salary won’t change. But a Makushita being denied promotion to Juryo, or Juryo to Makuuchi has meaningful consequences. I’d find a way to correctly promote or demote those who actually deserve it, while limiting the impact to but not freezing the ranks of those were unfortunate to be made to go kyujo. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, robnplunder said:

    Not as bad as when MLB players went on strike and the "replacements" filled in the void.   

    Ooh, good idea. Let the forum members step in. Yusho winner gets bragging rights on here for years.

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  7. 32 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    If you think that's bad, wait till the parade of fusen. They've gone through too many matches to try and stagger them so it looks like they'll do it all at one shot.

    If they just have them all line up at once that makes more sense than constant disruption tbh

  8. Just now, Seiyashi said:

    Yeah it was the first done, I think, if you mean first done as in bouts.

    Yeah. If the final bout of the day is to be a fusen, they usually bring it forward one so they can end on an actual fight. Wasn’t sure if they did the same at the beginning or not. Never noticed.

  9. Mitoryu being invited up from Juryo to accept a fusen win as Makuuchi’s opening bout is quality farce.

    (First in the schedule anyway. Was it the first done? I know they don’t like to end on a fusen so will adjust the order. Is that true for starts too?)

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  10. Damn. This is now at the point where I join in with calling it ridiculous. It wasn’t so bad with just half a dozen guys out — we get that from normal kyujo often enough — but it’s reached a point where the banzuke looks like an assassin working through a hit list. What happens next? Only three days to go so I suppose they will continue, but it throws up so many questions. Do rikishi who finish get treated differently in next basho’s banzuke? Does Wakatakakage’s basho get written off and not counted as part of a four-basho Ozeki run since he won’t get the chance to make 10 wins?

    Edit: Ignore me. WTK is still in. Mixed him up with KNW.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Kaninoyama said:

    He's been dominant in his wins and getting stronger as the tourney goes on. Very much part of the yusho race this basho. 

    Kind of strange really, that after their slow starts and fans’ early pessimism, both Ozeki who remain have ended up having half-decent basho in the end. Takakeisho is in the yusho mix and Shodai has cleared kadoban with three days to spare. Double digits for both is now perfectly possible. Wouldn’t have predicted that after day 4 when Taka was 2-2 and Shodai 1-3. Fair play for turning it around.

    They face each other tomorrow though so something has to give.

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  12. There was that basho where Hokutofuji got knocked out during a matta (by Abi?) and still had to do the bout clearly concussed and barely able to stay on his feet. Just one of several examples where an injury was handled farcically of course.

  13. I’d love Nishikigi to win it, tbh. I’ve always had a soft spot for him. Not sure why. I think I just like his unfussiness. Technically sound but not very stylish. Hard to beat because he’s solid at the core and got strong legs, and yet not hard not to beat because he isn’t very mobile. Kind of reminds me of lower division footballers who can do what they do well enough to play the game for a job but no thrills so can’t quite cut it at the higher levels. Nishikigi is also half blind and seems like a bit of a nerd which I find quite endearing.

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  14. 31 minutes ago, sumojoann said:

    The potential problem I see with doing Week 2 in a couple of weeks is that by then, who knows how many other heya might be infected and have to go kyujo.

    Possible but heya can isolate for two weeks which is the usual quarantine period.

  15. It’s getting clearer that Shodai’s slow starts are just an Ozeki flex. “I’m so confident in my abilities, I give myself a handicap.” Dude is keeping himself from getting bored.

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  16. 53 minutes ago, Yamanashi said:

    Here's a crazy thought: if the basho stops, continue it in Tokyo in two months.  Start with the Dewanoumi rikishi and hold the bouts they were scheduled to have when they were pulled; then Naruto, Hanaregoma, ... then start the basho from the next day after they pull the plug.  That might work if they cancel in the next day or two.  Anyway, it isn't crazier than whatever they will come up with (except washing out the Nagoya records).

    Not the craziest idea to have them do week two in a couple of weeks in Tokyo instead. Unprecedented of course, but logistically not complicated. No crowds, just finish the basho. I don’t know what value it would bring other than closure though, so I can’t see it happening. An alternative could be to reach an odd number of days, say 11, and then call it quits. That’s enough for everyone to have a KK or MK.

  17. Waka’s feet definitely weren’t repositioned right. I was saying it to myself at the time as they were so focused on Terunofuji’s right arm. The gyoji did a small adjustment of WMH’s left leg but not far enough. Not sure how much that impacted the result, but I’d agree they didn’t get them as close to the original position as they could have.

    This is taken a second before the gyoji bursts in to stop the bout.


    This is the restart position.


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  18. Not all that unusual for a gyoji to halt a bout to tighten a mawashi, though that’s probably the longest I’ve ever seen for a position reset. Usually it’s just a pause while the rikishi remain in place and then a quick slap on the arse to get the bout back underway.

    Anyway, Teru wins and we have a whole bunch of guys back together all on 6-2. Teru has to be favourite now I guess.

    Shodai wins to go to 4-4 and the escape is looking back on.

  19. 14 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    Au contraire, you could equally say he just made the basho much more exciting. Although Mitakeumi and the Dewanoumi outbreak might change that in a hurry. 

    Depends. We could end up with a repeat of last basho easily enough, with an underwhelming Terunofuji still having enough to take the yusho because nobody else is good enough. Ichinojo surging ahead would be something a bit different.

    Edit: Though I concede we do now have the possibility of Shodai escaping kadoban for a bit of narrative to follow.