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  1. Mitakeumi (6-8) gets his makekoshi losing to Takakeisho (7-7), a day after Shodai got his makekoshi losing to Mitakeumi. Takakeisho gets one last chance to avoid kadoban tomorrow. I for one would find a July with three kadoban Ozeki pretty intriguing viewing!

  2. 56 minutes ago, Akinomaki said:

    The basho poster - quite boring IMO - looks like the design commission has new members as well


    Not just boring, but bad with it. All those hands cut off and the random anonymous shoulders at the bottom left. Terrible cropping.

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  3. 13 minutes ago, Leo C said:

    Tobizaru got robbed, a shame, I always enjoy a nice ashitori victory. I still laugh when remembering Terutsuyoshi and what'shisname that one time.

    Would have more likely been called a simple oshidashi or, at a push (pun intended), a watashikomi for the hook-and-tug on Shodai’s left thigh before the shove.

  4. 1 hour ago, Kaninoyama said:

    On the NHK broadcast the commentator speculated that the mono-ii wasn't looking at who touched out of the ring first, but rather, Tobizaru's toes appeared turned over about the same time Shodai's thigh touched down. From that perspective, it did appear to be a dead heat meriting a torinaoshi. 

    We’ve seen feet go that direction a thousand times and it never be a point of contention. The whole ‘top of the foot’ thing rarely seems to actually matter. It smacks of looking for a reason to give Shodai a second chance.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, robnplunder said:

    I thought Shodai lost the first match. But, the guy is living on a borrowed time.  He will go Kadoban.

    His thigh was down about an hour before Tobizaru. It didn't even look contentious to me. Figured they'd do a quick video check and confirm it. As much as I like Shodai, he doesn't deserve the KK. He should already be MK after two free wins.

    And now Mitakeumi joins him on 5-7 and the cusp of a makekoshi. Could we have all three Ozeki kadoban in July?

  6. Shodai continues to find whole new ways to look like an impostor. Is the real one on a beach somewhere and a body-double standing in for him? MK for him and kadoban next basho (I'm going ahead and calling the mono-ii against him).


    WTF?!!! Torinaoshi?!!! Shodai lost that by a mile. Second time he's benefited from some highly dubious officiating this basho.

    And of course he wins the rematch he should never have been allowed, saving himself from MK for another day. What a joke.

  7. Tochinoshin secures back-to-back kachikoshi for the first time since Sept and Nov 2018 when he was still Ozeki. 

    Takanosho is the first to double-digits and remains in the sole lead for the yusho. 10-2.

    Sadanoumi keeps himself in the hunt at 9-3, but Kiribayama drops to 8-4. The chasing pack loses two members (Ichiyamamoto lost to Takanosho). Ura and Terunofuji to come.

  8. 13 minutes ago, just_some_guy said:

    Another instance of Tochinoshin's mawashi being loose and ending up in his armpits. One wonders if this is a deliberate tactic to keep his opponents from getting good leverage on him.

    It’s pretty common for rikishi to adjust the tightness of their mawashi as a tactic, so probably.

  9. 7 minutes ago, Amamaniac said:

    I was anticipating both results (weird wishful thinking on my part, tbh).  

    Takanosho is riding a wave of good sumo this tournament.  He's got a very decent chance of winning the yusho.  The big question is whether he will be able to hold on mentally, and not let the prospect of imminent glory screw with his concentration.

    As for the Terunofuji v. Abi match, my first reaction was: there is a Yokozuna showing a pusher-thruster who has more pushing power.  Yokozuna have to be proficient at both yotsuzumo and oshizumo.  Terunofuji just showed that his oshizumo is pretty lethal when he wants it to be!

    He has a little margin for error. He can afford to drop one of his remaining four and still tie for a playoff with whichever of the chasers wins out til Sunday (all would end 12-3). If the five on 8-3 all lose one, Takanosho can be 50/50 and tie for an 11-4 playoff. It’s that sort of basho where this doesn’t seem so outlandish.

  10. Great stuff from Wakatakakage and Mitakeumi. WTK walks himself back off the bales knowing he had a belt grip worth defending and then used it to eke out the win. 6-5 and the double digits remain on track. Mita drops to 5-6.

    Edit: I tell a lie. He'd actually surrendered the original belt grip when pushed back, but got another.

    RE: his Ozeki run. Though the best WTK can hope for now is 10-5, he has beaten all three of the Ozeki in a row which pads out those numbers a bit (their own bad performances notwithstanding).

  11. 6 minutes ago, robnplunder said:

    I don't see that happening.   I think despite losing 3 already, Terunofuji is in another class by himself.  He will beat an overrated (IMO) Abi today.  

    He's obviously the favourite but Abi will have noticed his vulnerability to rapid thrusts earlier in the basho and be aiming to upset his balance from the tachiai. If he can avoid overextending, which he is prone to do, he can upset Teru.