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  1. Just now, robnplunder said:

    He probably needs two more 10+ win basho to get to Ozeki regardless of what he does in this basho.

    If he finishes with 13+ this time, one more 11-win basho should do it. He got 9-6 from M1 last time out. That's a solid foundation, especially if he manages to nick the yusho here (a big if).

  2. Have we just seen the last ever bout between Tochinoshin and Kaisei after 27 meetings? Felt like it. The former is on the cusp of staying in Makuuchi, while the latter is heading for a slide further down into Juryo. Neither can have much time left on the dohyo. Once both retire, only Aoiyama will remain of the non-Mongolian foreign sekitori and he surely won't be that far behind. I recently noted that its 15 years this month since I first watched a full sumo basho and went along in person to see it live. I took a look at the banzuke for that tournament and there were no fewer than five Europeans* in Makuuchi: Bulgarian Kotooshu at Ozeki, the Georgian Kokkai, Russians Roho and Hakurozan, and Estonian Baruto (who went kyujo in the end). Those were very different times. There are a few guys in the lower divisions now who could yet break through, but it feels like we're nearing the end of an era.


    *Georgia is culturally European, being Orthodox Christian, but geographically in Asia.

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  3. Nishikigi moves to 6-3. I'm willing him over the line. Guy hasn't had a Makuuchi kachikoshi since November 2018!

    On the topic of guys who can't KK in the top division, Kagayaki (4-5) just lost to a great sukuinage by Kotoeko with his back to the bails.

  4. 8 hours ago, Benevolance said:

    Poor Aoiyama. But I dare you to find a rikishi vs Hakuho not named Harumafuji or Kisenosato that would be considered fair odds during Hak's reign. I remember very heated* discussions on the forums as to whether Kise was 'good' or 'bad' based on the fact that he won about 1 in 3 or 4 times vs Hakuho, and he had the second best record against the daiyokozuna

    Everyone sucked against Hakuho, and there are guys who lost more times to him, but usually with at least one actual win. I think Aoiyama has the worst record from the highest number of bouts, if that makes sense. He was pure cannon fodder. Every time he faced Hakuho you could see in his face he was going through the motions knowing his job was to flop on the ground as quickly as possible.

  5. Kotonowaka marches on with ease. Strange to remember he's actually fighting from a higher rank than Takayasu as I think him winning the yusho would be the bigger upset.

    Wakatakakage stays in the chasing pack with a win over Ura, who has the mirror record of 1-7.

  6. Takayasu stays perfect after what I feel was his longest bout this basho. That's one thing to note actually - he's been winning relatively quickly this tournament, whereas he usually has marathons. This should fare him well next week.

    Edit: Day 4 against Kotonowaka went on 53 seconds, but otherwise all others have been under 20 seconds, which is quick for Takayasu.

  7. 13 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    The above makes me wonder who is the worst rikishi in makuuchi in terms of H2H against everyone else. Mathematically it should always be an elevator rikishi, but I'm not surprised if the answer surprises me (depending on whether you average percentages or absolutes as well, because of things like the Kotoshogiku-Hakuho H2H).

    Do you mean one rikishi's record against everyone? i.e. the rikishi with the most losing records against other rikishi?

    You mentioning Giku and Hakuho reminds me of Aoiyama's record against the GOAT: 0 actual wins, 23 losses, one fusen win


    Repeating that matchup was almost match-fixing by the schedulers. Total waste of time. Aoiyama just turned up to lose and I don't ever remember him getting close to an upset. He knew his role.

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  8. 53 minutes ago, Thorbjarn said:

    This will probably be another 13-2 Yusho. 

    I can easily see it being a 12-3 given only one guy remains perfect with 8 days still to go. 


    1 hour ago, Seiyashi said:

    Funnily enough it didn't look like otoshi to me either, but a review of the replay does show Daieisho getting airborne and slammed, indeed. It's definitely a lot more subtle than Ama-Goeido, that's for sure.

    The airborne was clear to me which is why I first thought okuritsuridashi. It was the fact Daieisho landed on his butt and not his feet that made it an -otoshi.

  9. Just now, Katooshu said:

    With how freely people throw around ozeki hype, I'm surprised Wakatakagake hasn't gotten more of it.

    He’s been under the radar I think because other plot lines were unfolding that got more attention. He’s also risen steadily with 8-7s and 9-6s most of the last year, with his closest thing to a breakout basho being his 10-5 at M2 at last Haru.

  10. 7 minutes ago, Eikokurai said:

    Looked like Wakatakakage used a rare okuritsuridashi there, no?

    Edit: Okuritsuriotoshi. Just as rare! Only the fourth ever in Makuuchi and first since 2007.

    Incidentally, Wakatakakage moves to 6-1 in his Sekiwake debut. Having got 9-6 from M1 last time, he’s in danger of going on an accidental Ozeki run if he’s not careful.

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