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  1. 56 minutes ago, Rocks said:

    This is like Waka is Croatia  and Taka the Netherlands at the World Cup only the winner gets it based on the record after 15 matches. Both will face Germany, Italy and Brazil in the last few matches. Croatia  has tougher teams like France and Spain early when their back isn't to the wall yet and one sucks. The Netherlands get some minnows in it's first half who are middling but has to face the traditional powers all in a row with their backs to the wall or trying to avoid an embarrassment in the second. Croatia gets the Netherlands and a minnow who is doing well.  Croatia wins in a playoff. No doubt Croatia deserves the Cup and Fifa would rank them higher based on the last win and the ranks of the reams they faced. But I doubt anybody would say the Netherlands had it much easier than Croatia or choked.

    Off topic, but the World Cup, and all FIFA/UEFA/etc tournaments are organized in such a way that the highest-ranked teams are kept apart as long as possible so that the best teams get as far as possible, which is better for TV ratings and the quality of matches. Nobody wants the top-four ranked sides ending up drawn in a group together and four rubbish teams together, so that two good teams are eliminated in round one and two bad teams progress. Thus it's always the case that teams get easier schedules in the early rounds and harder schedules later, whoever they are. The media likes to talk of 'Groups of Death', and there is usually one that has strong teams outside of the top 8, but ultimately it's all based on rankings at the time of the draw, so no team gets a schedule that on paper is that much harder or easier than another. 

  2. 32 minutes ago, Kaninoyama said:

    If he wins just one of his last three bouts, he wins the yusho.

    Good point. The loss against Shodai yesterday wasn’t terminal because it was still in Takayasu’s own hands, but yes, he could have wrapped it up with a day to spare and turned up today and chilled. Instead he lost and then failed to take two more opportunities to seize the title.

    Great scriptwriting, btw, to have Shodai be the guy who handed Takayasu the chance to redeem himself in the playoff. As far as a tightly woven narratives go, this basho’s ending has been one of the best in years.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Rocks said:

    I doubt it. At 32 and 2 years past his prime he's gotta figure I'm lucky just to have been there at the end. I think any depression he feels over his career came 2 years ago. 

    He's never been lucky so he can't be surprised he wasn't here.  He fought 7 sanyaku in his last 6 days. Age and injury caught up with him. 

    I'm not saying he'll be right back in the yusho race next basho but I doubt he'll do really poorly unless he gets injured badly. 

    And next basho he’ll be right back up top fighting the joi schedule so it won’t get any easier.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Rocks said:

    What's the number for Wakatakakage's Ozeki promotion for next basho?  11 or 12?

    Numerically, he’s had 9-6 and 12-3 now, so he’s on 21/30. 12 for a promotion by the numbers, but I’m sure we’ll have plenty of arguments about that in coming days and weeks!

  5. To my mind, Wakatakakage deserved that for that superb escape on the bails. What athleticism to withstand the attack, move to the side and turn the tables. A fantastic bit of skill and as worthy a championship-deciding move as I've ever seen. That didn't disappoint.

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  6. Kotonowaka’s second kanto-sho in succession and third overall in just nine Makuuchi appearances. Quite the record.

    Also Wakatakakage’s third gino-sho in 12 basho.

  7. If Hoshoryu  and Abi win tomorrow, we have only one vacant komusubi slot. Even if Abi loses, he'll drop one rank leaving only a Sekiwake slot open. Will Kotonowaka pip Ichinojo to it? 11-3 at M6 compared to 9-5 at M2. It could end up 12-3 and 9-6, which would give KNW the edge (three wins more overcomes that rank differential), but could also be 11-4 and 10-5, which is much closer.

  8. I'm actually glad Shodai won that one. Takayasu still has the yusho in his hands, so hasn't been too harmed by the loss, while Shodai clears kadoban with a day to spare, and I like Shodai enough that I wanted him to make it to 8. 

    Not to mention, more drama on senshuraku!

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