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  1. 4 hours ago, Jakusotsu said:

    I've been watching the replay again and again, and I still have no clue what prompted Takayasu to collapse like he did. Smashing his head at an opponents chest (who is already retreating) has been part of his daily routine for years.

    Perhaps I need another camera angle than abema's.

    Injuries/the body doesn’t work like that though, especially as you age. I’ve pulled muscles in my back just shifting in my seat. Something catches and … that’s it. Just because Takayasu is used to butting heads doesn’t mean the next headbutt won’t be an issue. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Akinomaki said:

    I don't think they want to have 2 yokozuna-ozeki and no proper one

    They're not going to deny an undeniable record like a 14-1 or 15-0. It's only a bit grey if it's 13-2 or less, imo. But let's also see how Takayasu, Wakatakakage and Hoshoryu do next basho as well. The Kyokai can use its discretion to promote TY after 11-4 > 12-3, even though it includes hiramaku records. WTK has less of a case with 11-4 > 8-7, but he has a yusho and if he gets a second with a good record it could be enough to justify the nod. Hoshoryu makes the weakest case of all as this is his first double-digit KK at Sekiwake, so technically only the start of an Ozeki run, but if he somehow managed a zensho, that's a reasonable excuse to promote. If Takakeisho ends 13-2Y, and one of the other three can become Ozeki, it's easier for the Kyokai to give TK the rope I feel.

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  3. Just now, rhyen said:

    He wasn’t concussed. If he was concussed he wouldn’t be crying and there wouldn’t be tearmarks. 

    I simply described what happened at the tachiai. That said, he was clearly physically affected beyond disappointment. He could easily have been crying because he knew was in no shape to fight a second bout if the chance had come.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Katooshu said:

    That was a hell of a tachiai from Hokutofuji....jeez

    I will LOL though if Shodai regains ozeki in January, it seems like a very Shodai thing to do (Laughing...)

    Not content with simply escaping kadoban every second basho, bored Shodai set himself a new challenge: to escape Ozekiwake every third basho.

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  5. 12 minutes ago, Kaninoyama said:

    Disastrous basho for Terutsuyoshi. 0-15. Would have been better off going kyujo from the beginning and healing his wounds. 

    Better a 0-15 that gets you permanently remembered in the history books that a soon-to-be-forgotten 1-14!

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  6. 2 hours ago, Kishinoyama said:

    Where is the outrage at the kachiages that Takayasu has been doing! It seemed such an important topic in matches in the not so distant past. 

    I am just kidding. In sumo the rikishi should be prepared for anything that may be thrown at them. If Abi hasn't been paying attention then he is in for another potential forearm blast tomorrow. 

    Abi’s tachiai style makes it harder for Takayasu to land an elbow. Abi’s hands are up quick, and his arms are long, so he’s usually good at keeping guys away from his face.

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  7. 3 hours ago, Gurowake said:

    For the year, the rikishi who held it for the most days was Shodai, with 14 days, with 9 overall defenses, which was the most, and his 5 defeats was also the most.  The second most days held was by Wakatakakage, with 6 defenses and 10 days overall, whose 4 defeats was also second highest, but his defenses were not second highest.  The rikishi with the most defenses in a row, the second highest number of defenses, and the highest percentage of defenses, was Takanosho with 8 defenses and 1 defeat in his only time holding the shield for a 88.888...% defense rate.  The second longest holding period was 7 days (6 defenses) by Tobizaru. 

    For the worst defenders, Endo and Tamawashi each held it twice with no defenses.  Hokutofuji and Hoshoryu each had 1 defense and held it on two occasions.

    Despite being Sanyaku or M1 the entire year, Daieisho never held the shield.  Other non-holders with heavy joi presence were Ura (5 joi basho) and Meisei (4 joi basho).

    I'll post my entire summary tomorrow after it's complete, but the things I've already mentioned are not going to be changed by the last day's results. 

    Nice summary. Thanks for keeping track.

  8. 1 hour ago, Seiyashi said:

    He's hit 33/3 twice before albeit with a bummer basho somewhere in that run, so being able to do it once again with all DD KKs puts him on par with Barutō (who had 5 DD in a row but only ever that streak of 33/3), Tochiazuma, and a bunch of other reasonably strong ōzeki. Really no doubt that he's holding up the top end of the banzuke in Terunofuji's absence, especially when his two erstwhile colleagues have failed so spectacularly. 

    I only see one 33/45 since his Ozeki promotion and that included a 8-win kyujo tournament (followed by a 12+13). He had a 32/45 beginning with his Ozekiwake basho though.

  9. So, Hoshoryu and Oho both fade and fall out of yusho contention entirely. Takayasu surely has to make it over the line now …

    Worth pointing out that Takakeisho has managed 10+ wins three basho in a row now, almost unnoticed due to other circumstances. That’s a very solid Ozeki record even accounting for the weaker competition. It’s his most consistent run of three since he got the rank. A win tomorrow will make it 33/45, same as Ozeki promotion level.

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  10. 56 minutes ago, Reonito said:

    Two san'yaku basho is a minimum, I think. The M4 one only counts in the sense that it might lower the score he'd need in March. Not to mention that he'll likely only be komusubi next time, and you have to be sekiwake.

    As with all things in sumo, these are only guidelines. The Kyokai has tremendous discretion. If we get to a situation with only one Ozeki and a Yokozuna, and Takayasu gives them an excuse to say yes, I can see them promoting him. He’s proven himself at this level for years, only losing his Ozeki rank previously because he was injured at the time. The banzuke needs two Ozeki and Takakeisho isn’t a guarantee.

  11. Exciting finale ahead of us then. Oho handled Hoshoryu much more easily than I think many of us anticipated. Sets up a great weekend.

    Could Takayasu return to Ozeki soon? 11-4 last basho at M4 followed by a minimum of 10-5 this time at M1, if he implodes. With Mitakeumi out and Shodai probably Ozekiwake in January, that could work in Takayasu’s favour if he puts up similar numbers in the new year. With a yusho in there, no doubt for me.

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  12. 1 minute ago, Eikokurai said:

    Were those tears in Mitakeumi’s eyes or was it just the lighting playing tricks? He can’t afford another loss now …

    And Shodai wore his disappointment on his face too. Anguished expression as soon as he realized he was beat and then sat looking very annoyed with himself after the bout. 4-5 for him.