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  1. Jane

    Takakeisho fan club

    Sign me up.
  2. I hope I can figure out how to access the English version on Spectrum (my new directv won’t start until June 1...I didn’t want to risk a switch so close to the basho.) Does Anyone else watch the broadcasts on Spectrum?
  3. Jane

    TV Japan no longer on Dish Network

    I switched from Dish to Spectrum when the Tv Japan channel migrated there. Spectrum is/was Time Warner. Customer service is so bad that now, after 1 month, I am switching to DirecTV, which also carries TV Japan with full sumo coverage and costs about $100 a month less.
  4. Thanks, but Specialweek2 had the correct answer -- tsunami anniversary shows preempted the first hour. I dvr the sumo so I don't have to wake up in the middle of the night. After day 1, I have gotten the usual 2 hours of sumo like -- er -- clockwork.
  5. Thank you for the explanation. That was no doubt the reason.
  6. I buy Nhk channel on Dish. I usually get 2-plus hours -the complete top category of 14 rikishi — for each day of the six annual bashos. Today I got just one hour. Anyone know why?