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  1. 1 hour ago, Amamaniac said:

    Like many an Ura fan, I was happy to see him win the playoff bout today.  But, what wasn't quite as reassuring as that win was the look on his face as he squatted ringside waiting for his yusho certificate.  He looked to be seriously uncomfortable, if not in considerable pain.  Unlike Terunofuji, Ura's knees appear to be far from better.  I hope that he can follow Terunofuji's example and shoot back up the banzuke, but I'm not holding my breath!

    Cross fingers. I need rikishi like him. Especially in this period… (Sigh...)

  2. Well, I've seen the final bout at least 10 times. Amazing.

    Sometimes you can live a fable in the life and this is the case.
    I think these things are good for Sumo (and for every sport). It brings the sport closer to the people and to the youngsters.
    You can have a chance, even if you are not a winner. 

    Tokushoryu has an uncommon sense of humor also. Well done lad.

    Today Ura won the Jonidan. Great day. HAHAHA (Applauding...)

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  3. Mita showed his best sumo exactly when it counts: in the last two bouts overwhelming Endo and Taka. Winner attitude. 
    Taka was wise to jump two tournaments and fight almost at his best here, even knowing he was putting his Ozeki rank in danger.

    However… I hope that the big bosses will come healthy and strong in November. I do hope….


  4. 8 hours ago, bettega said:

    Yes, they are

    Yes, they are also for me. 

    I’m not an expert, so I read every time your topic to understand better the situation. I really appreciate your sumo knowledge.

    Asashosakari, don’t underestimate your job. See you.

  5. Well... I watched right now the day 13th and, when I saw that Monoii was called, I has been rather confident about the victory of Tochinoshin...  In any case, that's it.

    I sense that we're living one of those "sport drama" where a mix of demerits, errors and bad luck stop the hero just one millimeter from the glory. I hope not in the end.

    If Tochi really deserves the Ozeki rank, Tomorrow (and/or Sunday) will be the moment to show it to all.

    And tomorrow Asanoyama has a true chance…

  6. 11 minutes ago, robnplunder said:

    It is going to be tough.   I am reluctantly predicting Tamawashi's win.  He is on a 4 match win streak and really looked good in doing, starting with beating Kak.  He'd been in yusho contention had he not started out poorly.

    Agreed. My only concern about Asanoyama is agaist the sanyaku (or just ex-sanyaku) guys. We'll see tomorrw. Sumo is unpredictable (Laughing...)

  7. Today is one of that days that remember me that Sumo is truly unpredictable.

    About the new generation, I've always preferred Asanoyama since the first moment I've seen him. More than Takakeisho or Onosho. Tomorrow he'll take Tamawashi.
    I think It's a test. If he wins, he'll have a true chance.

  8. 3 hours ago, Eikokurai said:

    Forgive me for acting like I’m on the terraces at a football match, but I bloody loved that Tochinoshin win. The man is back. If he’d been pushed to the bales like that in the last two basho, he’d have given in and accepted the loss, but that was proper grit. He wants his rank back bad. 

    Yes. Tamawashi had him twice, but he literally refused to lose. Tochinoshin looks in really good shape. Tomorrow Hokutofuji will be a good test for his tournament.

    About Takakeisho, watching the replay, it seems that the knee didn't whitstand in the last movement. I hope it's not serious…


  9. 8 hours ago, ALAKTORN said:

    I don’t like this. I thought Hakuhō would be smart enough to get all necessary treatment ASAP and rest as much as needed, especially after the Kisenosato fiasco. What is he doing?

    I’m relieved the injury doesn’t seem to be career-ending like Kisenosato’s, but he needs to get treated and take off the whole year if needed.

    This side of Sumo really puzzles me. 

    A fast diagnosis prevents more serious consequences and/or speed up the recover. I do can't  understand especially for athlets of this level.

  10. I saw Hakuho more worried for the injury than happy for the victory itself.

    Anyway, he is old and fading, but he is so smart and mentally flexible. Every bout a different strategy. If plan A fails, there is always a plan B, C and, in case, also a plan D. 
    Still a step ahead all. Incredible.

    I hope to see fully recovered Tochinoshin and Ikioi. It is sad to watch them in these conditions.

    Finally, congratulation to the new Ozeki Takakeisho! It was just a matter of time... (And this topic will be 4/5 pages shorter in May... :-) ).


  11. 7 hours ago, Morty said:

    I know the Hak-Mitakeumi match was just a standard win for Hak but it reminded me (again) what a privilege it is to watch Hakuho do sumo. The little adjustments he makes to get the best grip and the best position, at the same time as managing to loosen the grip of his opponent, and then capitalise as soon as he gets the advantage, is just sublime. It is easy to take it for granted and just see it as another Hakuho match, but every now and again I catch myself remembering exactly how good he is and marvel at the technique he uses. Probably only a year or two of it left - make the most of it people. It will be generations before we see his like again.

    You wrote what I've thought several times 
    He is in that particular category of sportsman that are more than a "mere champion". I consider him like Roger Federer or Valentino Rossi.

    Once he will be retired, I won't watch sumo with the "same eyes".

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  12. 1 hour ago, wys said:

    I would also like to add my two cents here on Takakeisho's ozeki run. As much as I love the guy, I agree with the decision not to promote him. As I mentioned yesterday in my post, he has not performed that well against higher ranked opponents. If we just look at his record against Mitakeumi, Goeido, and Takayasu in the last 3 bashos, he has only won one in nine bouts! I think he needs another basho to give the decision-makers more confidence that he is ozeki material and that he is competitive, or least has the potential to be competitive, against rikishi across the rankings. 


    In my modest opinion, is not a matter of numbers, but a matter of "how". 

    If he does a little final step, he will be in for sure very soon. 

    Btw, I liked a lot Yago this time… :-)

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  13. 1 hour ago, Midoriyama said:

    One has to think how Tamawashi reacts facing a chance of a lifetime to get his maiden yusho at 34. Surely some nerves would be in play. 

    I hope he can manage as Tochi last year.

    At my eyes Hakuho looks really tired. Probably, after surgery, he was not able to train properly for a long run. I think.

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  14. 12 minutes ago, Bumpkin said:

    No chance. Ura is committed to a career in Ozumo. He will endeavor to make a comeback. 

    I do hope you're right.

    Just over a year ago Harumafuji for one reason. Now Ura is in big danger for another one. My two favorites... :-(

    OK. Now I can watch the bouts in the peace of mind (Laughing...)

    Good luck Ura.

  15. 19 minutes ago, Akōgyokuseki said:

    This is worse than last year's Nagoya! So many great rikishi injured:-(...how I really feel for Chiyonokuni, every time it goes well for him, he usually ends up with a devastating injury....and poor Ura...the last thing he needed was this. I'm keeping my eyes glued to the forum today...need to know if all these lads are alright:-(

    I'm with you.

    Very sad situation. And it makes me think a lot...

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