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  1. Sutārokku


    I have no knowledge of Japanese vocabulary, does Gumi & Ichimon means the same (clan, group) or is there some sort of distinction between their use?
  2. Sutārokku

    Retirees after Aki 2019

    Musashigawa Oyakata posted this picture in in the beya’s istagram account around an hour ago; Musashikuni intai and is going back to Hawaii
  3. Sutārokku

    Takanohana resigns

    Here’s the link of the John Gunning Interview with Akebono when he mentions he was told he will never be chairman.
  4. Sutārokku

    Games Bugs

    I thought I was the only one! I thought Nagoya was tough but Aki was ruthless! I got my kk on day 15; in my personal case, calling Juryo bouts seems to be a problem of late, the bulk of my loses coming from that division. It’s too unestable and it’s tricky to figure out a pattern even in on obvious cases.
  5. Sutārokku

    Rikishi Status Aki 2018 - Day 15 Late Withdraws

    Sekitoto is working now
  6. Sutārokku

    Games Bugs

    Sekitoto is still down! Worst timing ever! I guess I’ll have to send that e-mail; I’m 7-7 and can’t risk it.
  7. Sutārokku

    Natsu jungyo 2018

    That 36 minutes digest has become my favorite Natsu Jungyo by far!
  8. Sutārokku

    Natsu jungyo 2018

    Another jungyo noob here, thanks for the post and links everybody!
  9. Sutārokku


    What about Ikioi? He has two consecutive kachi-koshi fighting basically with one leg! 11-4 as Maegashira 14 on March and 8-7 as Maegashira 5 on May (he could barely walk after day 6).
  10. This has probably been answered a thousand times but I’m unable to find YouTube channel with Juryo coverage. Can somebody share some links or tag me on a post with them? Thanks in advance.
  11. Sutārokku

    Day 1 pics Haru 2018

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing.
  12. Sutārokku

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Kakuryu won by using that dreaded push down of his, a move that cost him 3 of his loses last basho; Endo got his kimboshi last basho against him anticipating this move; this time Kakuryu used twice consecutively and it worked but I would be really careful about keep using it so often during this basho if I was him.
  13. Sutārokku

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    How sick is Terunofuji this basho? I knew about the diabetes last basho, is that still the issue?
  14. Sutārokku

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Kotoyuki has made rolling out of the ring an art at this point.
  15. Sutārokku

    Basho Talk Haru 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Kakuryu’s right hand grip looked really strong and pain-free today. Chiyotairyu never knew what hit him.