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  1. 1 hour ago, Gaijingai said:

    My wife Gaijingal got a positive test result three hours ago, so the doc said that our son and I both have it, too. She’s the one feeling sick. Soksnshuzan and I are asymptomatic. Good grief- the mighty Gaijingai stuck at the heya for the next 10 days! :-(

    Good luck to you all(Bow...)

  2. I was in countryside brazil all january with very low internetsignal...So i totally missed the basho. when i turned back to São Paulo i was looking to find the bouts on intetnet without spoilers and it was hard.. Luckily we ozumo fans can allways count with the good old Mister Kintamayama. Thanks a bunch sir. you are the s*!!!


    Ps* omg, daieishou???!!! Really? 

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