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  1. Jabbamaru

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Tochi-Ichi yutsu; yay!
  2. Jabbamaru

    Rikishi Status Natsu 2018 - Day 15 no update

    Every rikishi should be careful against This 1/5 ton Ichinojo, If you put to much power on the bout you have a big chance to get injury S*...that weight is dangerous even to Ichi himself...
  3. Jabbamaru

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    F*! There is no sumo fan like the Brazilian sumo fan... 4 in the f* mourning. Saturday. And here i am watching Nishikigi Vs Sadanoumi...F*! Vão acabar me internando...
  4. Jabbamaru

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Is Ishiura a forum's member? Seems like the litle man readed this topic... Wow...i dont wanna be in Chiyotaryu's skin tomorrow. The Hak will print a tegata in his cheek! What a Shame...Tochi is being brilliant This basho but that hand...
  5. Jabbamaru

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Im not a henka hater like many of you fellas but i just love to see Giku reading one finally! Nice day, some Very entertaining bouts!
  6. Jabbamaru

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    What was that! F* we heard here in São Paulo too.
  7. Jabbamaru

    Basho Talk Natsu 2018 (SPOILERS)

    Yaaaay Ozumo time! Ichi is looking like the michelan mascot... I loved that hak-tamas bout! "I dare you to grab my mawashi b*" Rooting for Toshi get 12 and put kiokai in trouble.
  8. Jabbamaru

    Preparations of the Y/O- May 2018

    Sure Kise is lame now, but lose to Giku isnt new for him.
  9. Jabbamaru

    Banzuke for Natsu 2018

    Sawanofuji; gambateeeeeeee!
  10. Jabbamaru

    Trivia bits

    silly doubt...some rikishi's uses their surname instead a shikona. Shodai, Endo, Ozeki Takayasu...But they are all japanese. If a mongol or other gaijin wants to use his surname...its posible?
  11. Jabbamaru

    Pre-match/bout routines of certain sumo wrestlers

    I love those rituals. I always play sumo with my nephews and this is the best part, kids Love It. That heavy exhale that Hakuho does before the fight actually it's mongol for "im gonna pump ya madhafacking azz, madhafacka". Kublai Khan used to do that "tchoow" in the end of Every speach.
  12. Jabbamaru

    Women mount dohyo during emergency at jungyo

    Women should be free to mount whatever they want to mount. I'm totally pro-mounting.
  13. Jabbamaru

    Haru jungyo 2018

    "Looks delicious. Now; bring me 700 hundred more"
  14. Jabbamaru

    Hakuho’s father just passed away.

    Rip Mr. Mönkhbat. Six nadaam. And the gyoat (greatest yokozuna of all times) came from his balls. Well done sir, well done.
  15. Jabbamaru

    Hi sumo friends

    Salve my dears! This is Burajirotono here! You guys remembers me? (Bad english...lame jokes...) My laptop finally dies(per istam sanctum unctionem...) And i Lost my password...so i made another profile because Haru is comming and i just need tô talk about sumo with my dears sumo nerds friends! Kind regards!
  16. Jabbamaru

    Banzuke for Haru 2018

    enho should put 40kgs on before join juryo
  17. Jabbamaru

    Natsu jungyo 2018

    Ura, is that you man?