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  1. Zenjimoto

    Rikishi's mensurations

    Are there pictures on these pages? Cause I am not seeing any (my stupid browser again? At least I now figured out how to see kanji!) :) Cheers Zenjimoto
  2. Zenjimoto

    Invitation to play Sekitori-Toto

    Now that the torikumi is out, Sekitori-Toto is officially open to receive your picks, y'all! :) http://www.anasuya.com/toto And time is running out to enter Sekitori-Oracle... http://www.anasuya.com/oracle - now with rules in Japanese, thanks to Amanogawa :) Cheers Zenjimoto
  3. Zenjimoto

    Invitation to play Sekitori-Toto

    Dear sumo gamers! Now that the sumogames.com server has come back to life thanks to Kofuji's fabulous overseas rescue efforts, it is my pleasure to once again invite you to play Sekitori-Toto as well! http://www.anasuya.com/toto or http://sekitoto.sumogames.com will get you there. Sekitori-Toto is a daily game that has you selecting winners for every Makuuchi and Juryo bout during the Aki Basho 2002!
  4. Zenjimoto

    Banzuke Topics page now up

    A quick question: in the Banzuke Topics, they keep referring to the Makushita division as the "fourth" division... am I missing something here? Do they count the divisions from the bottom up? Cheers Zenjimoto
  5. Zenjimoto

    Happy Birthday!

    To Leonishiki: Feliz cumpleanos!!! and sorry if I misspelled that :) To Chiyozakura: Alles gute!!!! Und wieso wissen denn die schnoesel im deutschen forum nix davon??? To Kotoseiya: that cake looks harmful!!! :D Cheers! Zenjimoto
  6. Zenjimoto

    To ALL Lady-Cyber-Rikishi :)

    There seems to be a widespread misconception that the Ladies' Masters is in some way supposed to single out women sumo gamers, or separate them from the men, and for that reason, the response has been less than good... Just on the contrary, the Ladies' Masters was conceived more as a "female bonding experience" than anything else, a fun litte side contest that would pitch femme against femme (not a separate contest, mind you, but a parallel competition that uses all the regular sumo games out there that these ladies already participate in! ) - I thought it would be fun to have a Ladies' "league" sorta thing, to boost competition and interest in sumo games in general amongst ladies, perhaps create a few nice friendly rivalries or even gaming companionships, in the otherwise male-dominated sumo gaming world... There is no "separate ranking" or plan for exclusion of ladies from any of the other games or rankings, no way!
  7. Zenjimoto

    To ALL Lady-Cyber-Rikishi :)

    This one is to all the ladies out there (those of you who play sumo games with a passion) :) Seeing that we will be into the third edition of the SB MASTERS this coming Aki 2002 Basho, I suddenly had the idea of conducting a parallel
  8. Zenjimoto

    sumogames.com problems

    Well, Sekitori-Toto would have to take the basho off if Kofuji does not miraculously return. The game's gotten too big to run manually on a daily basis, especially without the broad volunteer support base Bench Sumo enjoys (mind you, there are now more ranked participants in Sekitoto than in all but one other game... unbelievable growth...) I have pretty much resigned myself to seeing Sekitoto take a basho off... one of the reasons I decided to implement Sekitori-Oracle already this basho... so be sure to play that, y'all! :) http://www.anasuya.com/oracle Still hoping for a last-minute rescue, though... Cheers Zenjimoto
  9. Dear sumo gaming affictionados! While the sumogames.com server is still down, it may be the perfect time to try out a new game! :) This one is called SEKITORI-ORACLE.
  10. Zenjimoto

    To ALL Lady-Cyber-Rikishi :)

    Just a quick update, the Ladies' Masters now has six confirmed entrants, hailing from six different nations and four different continents! (Japan, Sweden, UK, Germany, Australia and the USA). So far, so good, and thanks to all who want to play! ... now, if we can only get at least 4 more, for starters! :) Cheers Zenjimoto
  11. Zenjimoto

    What is the best TV-series ever?

    Here are some of my favorites: Comedy (70% of my TV time is probably spent on Comedy Central! ) Whose Line Is It Anyway? Battlebots Daily Show with Jon Stewart Married... with Children (Al Bundy) Mr. Bean Iron Chef The Thin Blue Line MadTV Son of the Beach there is also a new show called Trigger Happy TV that seems pretty interesting... Sports SUMO! Olympics Formula 1 - no longer, too boring!!! CART & IRL PGA Tour Golf (& European Tour) Snooker World's Strongest Man Toons Cowboy Bebop (rules! ) Some Links Space Ghost Coast To Coast South Park Powerpuff Girls Simpsons Ren & Stimpy Tom & Jerry Other The Operation (TLC) and other DSC, TLC and THC shows and many things on the Travel Channel... Cheers! Zenjimoto
  12. Zenjimoto

    What's the best ever Manga-serie ?

    I don't really read Manga, but watch the occasional Anime, and am usually quite fascinated with many of them. By far the best I have seen is: Cowboy Bebop! It is "a genre by itself" as its creators claim.
  13. Zenjimoto

    A possible shikona change?

    I for one hope he does NOT change it.
  14. Zenjimoto

    To ALL Lady-Cyber-Rikishi :)

    Update: until now, I have 4 definite participants and one that will play if needed to make it a "real" field (the five ladies are from five different countries, four different continents, which is great!).... so there is still a chance there might be the 10 ladies that would make a good field for starters. Come on, ladies - I KNOW you are out there :) Oh well, I'm not going to try and twist arms here :D On the topic of best-looking rikishi, we once had an informal poll in the German Sumoforum, and "Mr. Sumo" was Takanowaka! Second was Kotonowaka, Third Dejima and Takanohana. Also up there: Tosanoumi, Tokitsuumi, Hamanishiki, Kotonishiki, Musoyama. Voted "ugliest" were Toki and Musashimaru :) Of course, this poll also included some of the male members of the forum, so it is not necessarily exactly what the ladies might think :) Cheers! Zenjimoto
  15. Zenjimoto

    Aki Basho 2002 Banzuke

    As probably most of you, I am a bit taken aback by Asashoryu's positioning, as I am of the humble opinion that kadoban Ozeki should be ranked last, whether or not they are kosho. Oh well... did ANYBODY get this right in GTB? :) Cheers! Zenjimoto
  16. Zenjimoto

    To ALL Lady-Cyber-Rikishi :)

    Great idea?
  17. Zenjimoto

    Sumo do, sumo don't !

    OK, I got the movie I bought on eBay a couple days ago from Singapore, and I just watched it... It is a DARLING movie. I think this is a MUST for every sumo fan to watch, not just for the great casting and story, but also because it gives a bit of a rare insight into college wrestling (at least to me that is rare, cause I bascially have seen nothing of it so far!) There are too many fabulous moments in this one to mention them. In short, it was great, and I will surely watch it many more times. Incidentally, the chap who I bought the movie from in Singapore seems to have more of them up for sale on eBay (just search for Sumo - the seller is Manchouko, or something like that) - they are actually 2 VCDs (so the quality is not DVD-like, but I found it more than pleasing), they will play on NTSC and PAL as far as I know. Don't get excited at the low bidding price, cause the shipping charge is $15, but I got it for $15.50 (incl. shipping), or something like that, and it was well worth it! It took perhaps a week or so to get to me from Singapore, not bad! The english subtitles are well done and easy to read and follow. So hurry over to eBay and get your hands on one! It sure was a great "filler" in the time between bashos, and it probably will be again! :) Cheers! Zenjimoto
  18. Zenjimoto

    NEW Aki 2002 SUPER BANZUKE is out!

    Thanks, J.-F.! :) But I said it before and I will say it again... without Hoshifransu's idea, there would be NO SUPER BANZUKE at all... so I refuse to take too much credit for myself :D Cheers! Zenjimoto
  19. Zenjimoto

    NEW Aki 2002 SUPER BANZUKE is out!

    Dear sumo gamers! The 2002 Aki SUPER BANZUKE has just been released! Check it out yourself at http://www.anasuya.com/sb - also featuring the Aki 2002 SB MASTERS invitees (including two rookies!). Cheers Zenjimoto (the cyber-rikishi formerly known as Makususuchi) -- ---------------------------------------------------- 'ZENJIMOTO Kenichiro' - Sekitori-Toto Kyokai Rijicho Co-Rijicho of the 'SUPER BANZUKE' and the SB MASTERS Play Sekitori-Toto at
  20. Zenjimoto

    NEW Aki 2002 SUPER BANZUKE is out!

    And congrats to Jomojo, who is one of the players who broke into the SUPER BANZUKE for the first time, thanks to good performance in the Juryo Game! :) Cheers! Zenjimoto
  21. Zenjimoto

    Training news updates

    OK, here's a controversial question for you all... is there any, I mean ANY, chance at all that in order to give Ozumo a shot in the arm (which a truimphant return of Takanohana certainly would) or to give Takanohana yet more time without forcing his retirement, the outcome of the next basho might be, how should I say, less than 100% determined by free and open competition? Just wondering what you all think about that, cause I have many times thought about whether there could either be a "last hurrah" basho for Taka (one which he miraculously wins, and then announces his final retirement), or perhaps one where he just manages the 12 wins he is "supposed to" in order to stay in Ozumo and have a chance to further heal and prepare for Kyushu... Any chance of such scenario? Cheers Zenjimoto
  22. Zenjimoto

    Sumo Flash Games

    Hmm, I don't know how your all's luck went, but for some reason, I seem to have defeated "Terao" just the second time we met :) Pure luck??? Cheers! Zenjimoto
  23. Zenjimoto

    Who'll be the next Yokozuna ?

    As with everything in Ozumo, the question is who will be injury-free and who is not a choker :) Personally, I do not think Kaio will ever make it, cause both these categories work against him in profound ways. Having said that, he always does well when nobody expects, so he'll probably win the Yusho in Aki 2002 ;) But then, everybody will expect him to do well next time, and he won't - it's been the story of his career... Kotomitsuki is about as far away from Yokozuna as Takanonami right now, so he's off my immediate list. Musoyama will never be a candidate, IMHO. Wakanosato will never be a candidate, IMHO. Asashoryu has yet to win his first Yusho, but that could be soon. And once he smells blood, watch out. I am convinced that he will be a Yokozuna in the future. Perhaps even next year! Tochiazuma has a good chance I think, if his current injury does not haunt him for too long. But all Chiyotaikai has to do, is win the next basho. As strong as he looked, and with his new-found mental focus, I think he has a good shot at it. Tochiazuma will be sitting out, Kaio might be still tender, and if he can beat Asashoryu (which he knows he can) and Musashimaru (who may or may not be 100%), then... perhaps!! Takanohana, you say? So hard to tell, but I somehow doubt that he will have much to do with the Yusho on his comeback. I have been known to be totally wrong. But I voted for Chiyotaikai :) Cheers! Zenjimoto