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  1. Zenjimoto

    UDH Aki Basho 2012

    Ah, oops... hmmm ok. I shall do my best (A sekitori...)
  2. Zenjimoto

    New recruits for Aki 2012

    Pretty sorry-looking bunch so far! ;)
  3. Zenjimoto

    Videos Aki 2012- Days 1-15

    Thank you for that (and the Terao bit!) :-D Great action today!
  4. Zenjimoto

    UDH Aki Basho 2012

    No, actually Rowitoro holds that honor. You're just on the bottom of the Juryo 1s! (Sigh...)
  5. Zenjimoto

    Superbanzuke Aki 2012

    Fabulous work, as always. I said it many times, but can't say it often enough, I am really super happy that the SuperBanzuke is kept alive and well! (I am not worthy...)
  6. Zenjimoto

    Videos Aki 2012- Days 1-15

    Thank you for this! Bonus points for Slippiotoshi :-D
  7. Zenjimoto

    UDH Aki Basho 2012

    Hmmm, since Zenjizakura still shows up on the Aki Banzuke, I guess I'll give it one more shot to save my Yokozuna honor! Gambarimasssssssssssu! (Dohyo-iri...)
  8. Zenjimoto

    Gaming Nostalgia

    I think this game (and Sekitori-Cubicle, Sekitori-Lotto and Inside-Out Hoshitori) should be implemented immediately! (Sigh...)
  9. Zenjimoto

    New Egyptian recruit- Oosunaarashi

    Who is that PUNY kid in front of him at about 1:25 into the video?
  10. Zenjimoto

    New juryo promotions for Aki 2012

    You've got to be kidding. A telegram in 2012! (Laughing...)
  11. Zenjimoto

    UDH Nagoya Basho 2012

    After another dismal performance, it is with great sadness that I announce Yokozuna Zenjizakura's retirement. (Dohyo-iri...) >>>> (Danpatsu-shiki...) I intend to enter the next basho as good old Zenjimoto, with renewed vigor! Please reset my position on the banzuke accordingly as a "rookie" starting over! (In jonokuchi...)
  12. Zenjimoto

    13 years and counting.......

    (Nodding yes...) well done mate
  13. Zenjimoto

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W: Tochinowaka L: Fujiazuma
  14. Zenjimoto

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W Kisenosato L Tochiozan
  15. Zenjimoto

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    Day 4 W: Yoshikaze L: Kakuryu
  16. Zenjimoto

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    Unchi, forgot to pick yesterday!! W Kisenosato L Takarafuji
  17. Zenjimoto

    New game: Turn The Tide (test run)

    W Okinoumi L Gagamaru
  18. Zenjimoto

    Sumogames server updates

    I am rejoicing and crying at the same time!
  19. Sekitori-Toto also uses a drone, although in its current formula probably would not be much of a tribute (picking X on every pick) - if the drone formula could somehow be changed to be more representative of honorable gameplay, I would be all for changing Exidrono to Kofujinokami...
  20. This is off-topic, but Jejima's post brings up another issue that I only saw briefly touched upon, and that is the technical mastership of the sumogames.com games - I didn't see anything more detailed on this anywhere yet, but is it correct that Doitsuyama will be heading up the games now, on a different server? With the banzuke being released soon, can we please perhaps get an update on all that? Thanks very much...
  21. May I add that, in the spirit of "what would Kofuji do?", he would probably have thought it a very good idea (given that he played sumo games with some of the really old guard back in the days before some of you were even born!) and likely have even contributed his own expertise to the endeavor to make it a part of the sumogames.com empire. On that note, I would like to propose another memorial entry to the Hall, namely that of Jonas Lindström (Kashunowaka), whose amazing dedication and skills in coding Sekitori-Oracle and especially Sekitori-Quadrumvirate live on in fond memory well beyond whatever tragic event took him from us (as far as I know, we STILL don't know what happened to him, right?).
  22. FWIW, I am all for a Hall of Fame. I think it would be fun, and if someone wants to take the trouble of organizing and maintaining it, then all the better! (Gyoji...)
  23. Zenjimoto

    Sad, sad news

  24. Zenjimoto

    Kofuji Intai in all games

    Many were the times when the sumo games server ground to a halt for some minor unforeseeable reason, and the entire sumo games world was holding its breath with eyes turned towards Canada/the UAE until Kofuji would descend like this God-like being to "kick the server" and make everything well again, and "life" could resume. I wish there was a real life version of this, where someone would now descend on Kofuji to return the many favors - to kick the cancer, and make everything well again, bringing relief and justice to a wonderful person who has given us all so much joy and passion for an interest we all share and love!
  25. Zenjimoto

    Day 1 Pics - Hatsu 12

    Not to mention, the headless Gyoji!