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  1. Zenjimoto

    Salarycap Sumo : no news ?

    Doesn't look good. I miss this game, and hope it comes back...
  2. Zenjimoto

    Miyabiyama- "I won't retire!"

    What a disgrace. He should have already done it a few days ago, when it was clear he wasn't anywhere near sekitori level, but certainly after going 0-8. Can't believe he actually showed up on day 9. At this point he's just embarrassing himself. I sure hope he doesn't do a equally embarrassing free-fall through Juryo if he indeed decides to carry on this travesty next basho...
  3. Zenjimoto

    What colour is your Mawashi?

    Very dark anthrazite with a metallic sheen!
  4. Zenjimoto

    Hatsu Superbanzuke 2013

    As always, a hearty thanks for keeping the SB and all its offspring alive. It warms my heart every time!
  5. Zenjimoto

    Games Bugs

    Correct, it wasn't, and I also miss it very much *whimper*
  6. Zenjimoto

    Games Bugs

    Fabulous! Thank you!! :-)
  7. Zenjimoto

    Games Bugs

    You mean you can actually change your placeholders? (In jonokuchi...)
  8. Zenjimoto

    Games Bugs

    Me, three. I usually wouldn't care much, except that I have Homasho on the slate, whom for obvious reasons I would like to replace (with Takekaze, for the record). I'll stay tuned for now, hopefully won't have to play with an automatic kyujo-fusenpai on the bench...
  9. Zenjimoto

    Miyabiyama- "I won't retire!"

    Well, in fairness, Miyabiyama always has been "a disgrace to the Ozeki rank", so this would be a fitting end to his career (what, dropping to Makushita?). Not sure what he's trying to prove at this point - if he goes MK again at M16, he won't stay in Juryo long, either - and he was 33-57 in 2012. Doesn't look good at all. That said, I do hope he KK's and sticks around in Makuuchi. He's one of only 4 rikishi left who were in Makuuchi when I first started following sumo Aki 2001...
  10. Zenjimoto

    sumogames.com offline?

    Really fantastic work from Doitsuyama, Golynohana, and all the others who have helped out in transferring the games to the new server, and getting things up and running again. Thank you so much! On my personal wish list, even more than the Sekitoto results page, would be the listing of the daily bouts on the Bench Sumo entry page, which was immensely helpful in making picks... (Kimura Zatoichi...)
  11. Zenjimoto

    Favorite Japanese foods

    PICTURES, people!! :D
  12. Zenjimoto


  13. Zenjimoto

    Please delete at will

    Zenjimoto >>> Zoom in Jet! (Flying a plane...)
  14. Zenjimoto

    Please delete at will

    Since I saw "Barfi", it's Priyanka Chopra. Go see! B-)
  15. Zenjimoto

    Happy Birthday Fujisan!

    (Holiday feeling...) Rock on!
  16. Zenjimoto

    Aki Masters Delay

    (Sign of approval...)
  17. Zenjimoto

    Kashunowaka's Birthday...

    ... is today. Whatever it is that happened to him, I wanted to take a moment to remember him today, and to appreciate the many contributions he made while he was with us - he is still sorely missed. :-(
  18. Zenjimoto

    Sekitori-Quad/Toto/Oracle special announcements Kyushu 2012

    Amazing feat! (Bow...)
  19. Zenjimoto

    Bits of stuff from today

    I predict Hakuho will win the Senshuraku bout to save his honor, but the kettei-sen will go to Harumafuji to leave no doubts about his promotion. (Yusho winner...) (Dohyo-iri...)
  20. Zenjimoto

    Kokkai intai

    He's done well for himself, given that he has his own custom smiley in this forum! Slowly but surely more and more of them are going away: No longer with us: (KaioU...) (Mickey...) (Toki...) (Iwakiyama...) (Roho...) (Buyuzan...) (Kokkai...) (Futeno...) Still here: (Osh...) (Bart...) (Sakke...) Perhaps it's time for introducing some new ones? (In jonokuchi...) Btw, any of the Europeans candidates to stay in the Kyokai after retirement? Doesn't seem like any of them are...?
  21. Zenjimoto

    Videos Aki 2012- Days 1-15

    (Nodding yes...)
  22. Zenjimoto

    Daikihou and the salt

    Is this video clip online anywhere? I'd love to see it (Enjoyable TV program...)
  23. Zenjimoto

    Daikihou and the salt

    Maybe it's time for a "bloopers" thread? (Laughing...)