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  1. Hatsu 2017 Masters Results

    Really great to still see all this going. Thank you so much, Randomitsuki!
  2. Zenjimoto kosho

    Will all the esteemed sumo game bosses please grant Zenjimoto KOSHO status for this basho? I managed to enter Bench and Sumo Game, but am out of luck for the others... thank you kindly! (Bow...)
  3. Kyokutenho of ski-jumping

    I'll be hugely disappointed if Sara doesn't win gold in Sochi. The Japanese team with Yuki Ito et al. should also take the team gold, especially with the Austrians weakened by our best lady jumper out with injury.
  4. Hatsu 2014 Superbanzuke

    (Sakke...) Can't say this often enough, but many thanks as always for keeping this alive!! (Sign of approval...)
  5. Kyokutenho of ski-jumping

    Another strong podium by Kasai today. I guess he'll take aim at a couple Olympic medals next...
  6. Fantasy Metasumo 2014

    Oh good, nobody picked me this year - maybe I can finally retire! (Happy goodbyes...)
  7. Kyokutenho of ski-jumping

    Remarkable victory, for sure. Did I hear rumors that Takanobu Okabe is also planning to make a comeback?
  8. Sumo Games World Championship Finals 2013

    Well done, sumo gamers! Thank you, Randomitsuki! (Applauding...)​
  9. Games Bugs

    Looks like the emailed Sekitoto picks for Day 9 haven't yet been entered. Same with Seki-Quad, also. At least mine hasn't been... (Help me...)
  10. SCS - Salary Cap Sumo - Aki 2013 - The Results

    WOW... very nice!! And very unexpected... (Yusho winner...)
  11. Sekitori-Toto Question

    Daily Tie-Breakers: In the likely event that patrons are tied, ranging across the median line with the same points score for that day, the patrons with the least "X" picks for that day will be given the preference. So be aware, a high number of "X" picks may actually cost you a win! On difficult prediction days, it may actually be possible to win your match using ONLY "X" picks - but again, be reminded, many "X"-picks may come back to hurt you later. :) Should there still be a tie-breaker needed to determine who is above and below the line, the higher overall "risk factor" (see below) decides. If there are STILL ties, the LOWER RANKED patron(s) will be given preference.
  12. Natsu 2013 videos- Day 1-15

    (Bow...) thank you
  13. Natsu Superbanzuke!

    (Sign of approval...)
  14. ! Salary Cup 2013 - Game Revival !

    I'm in! (Punk rocker...)​
  15. Games Bugs

    I also miss this feature TREMENDOUSLY, and have "complained" about it in the past!!! (Ranting...) But so far, to no avail... (Tears forming...)