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  1. TokyoBelle

    Kotonowaka Intai

    I'm pretty sure Sadogatake would have been allowed to finish the basho as oyakata, as Taiho was in May. If it was announced in any official way that Kotonowaka would retire after today, he wouldn't have been allowed to fight today. Dale We live in Japan and hear the NHK English broadcast througout the sumo and it WAS announced before the start of yesterday action that he was retiring and his wife and son were there to watch his last bout. The "official" announcement came after the bout, but everyone knew in advance. The announcer said if Kotonowaka didn't take the name of the oyakata by today (Saturday here in Japan), his fellow wrestlers at Sadogatake would be ineligible to continue this basho, as the oyakata turned 65 today. I am not reporting this as fact, simply regurgitating what the NHK said yesterday. (Nodding yes...)
  2. TokyoBelle

    Kotonowaka Intai

    NHK announcer said today that Kotonowaka was retiring whether he won or lost, because tomorrow is his oyakata's (who is his father-in-law, as well) 65th birthday, so he has to fill in as oyakata and he has to change his name (become the official oyakata) before the matches start tomorrow. I agree, Shunketsu was already make-koshi, and since he knew beforehand (announcement came earlier today) that Kotonowaka was retiring, he should have given him a real match. Jerk. What a way to go. BTW - it was very cool watching Kotooshu push out the Yokozuna! I sat through all the replays and the Kotooshu interview...couldn't drag myself from the TV! What a big day in Fukuoka. (Weeping...)
  3. TokyoBelle

    Asashouryuu gets poked in the eye

    "Out of the arena" means out of the area where spectators sit...when he rounded the corner and handed the envelopes to his helper the camera was on him for quite some time - I have put my tape on pause and his eye looked OK to me. Remember they have 5 judges for just this reason - everyone "sees" things differently. (Punk rocker...) Have you made it out to the Kokugikan any days this basho? Where in Tokyo are you? I'm near Omotesando.
  4. TokyoBelle


    Thanks again for all the welcome remarks. Fujisan, I notice you're from the NE - my husband is from Durham City. I'm swinging by London in July... Whitney, and you're Texan? I'm Virginian, thus the "Belle" after the "Tokyo"... Can't wait until the husband gets home - I can find out what was happening when the TV cut away from live action for the replay! BTW - my friend lives in Chiyotaikai's building! I love this city! Come over and visit! I'll show you around... ;-)
  5. TokyoBelle

    Introduction and beya question

    Hi - lots of my friends here in Tokyo have been to the beyas nearby. I think there are several that are friendly to visitors and as long as you ring in advance to let them know you are coming, it is fine (need a Japanese speaker for this - your hotel concierge can arrange it). You must go early in the morning to catch the practice and someone outside will tell you proper etiquette whilst watching (no noise, don't point your feet toward the dohyo, etc.). Ryogoku has a map of the area and it lists several within a few blocks walk. Let me know via a message if I can help in any way.
  6. TokyoBelle

    Asashouryuu gets poked in the eye

    I'll agree to disagree-I drew a different conclusion. Same end though-Asa on top! I'll go rewind and watch again...and again! My husband was there today, when he gets home, I'll ask what it looked like live.
  7. TokyoBelle

    One helluva' of basho

    I snapped a great ringside photo of Kyokushuzan giving "the eye" to Hokutoriki on Day 11. Very cocky and insolent look his face - terrific! ;-)
  8. TokyoBelle

    Asashouryuu gets poked in the eye

    Asa had stopped rubbing his eye by the time he walked out of the arena and it looked OK. No sign of redness or a cut. Did you notice Asa giving Hakuho another 2 handed shove (even after Hakuho was well off the dohyo and into the crowd)?
  9. TokyoBelle


    To answer the question above - yes, I have been to all 3 Tokyo basho since arriving in August. Wednesday was my first ringside seat, though. Took some effort to get the tickets, but well worth it. I wanted to sit as close as possible at least once to get a real feel for the force involved and boy, did I ever. My husband is going back today (Day 13) with work, but I can't go... :-S Thanks for the warm welcome messages!
  10. TokyoBelle


    Hello - I am new to this site and happy to find it! I moved to Tokyo with my family last fall and having been a sumo fan for years (but with limited access) am excited to be so close to the action. My husband and I both enjoy the sport and want to learn as much as possible about the traditions and the individual rikishi (personalities, etc.). Thanks - I look forward to learning from all of you!
  11. TokyoBelle

    Asa's Arm & Hammer - a first?

    Hello - I'm new to the forum. I was sitting in the takari-seki seats yesterday and the noise from Kotooshu's face sounded as if something popped - possibly a broken nose? Definitely a different level of force than any other bout yesterday!