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    Aminishiki injured/ Intai

    40 years old veteran Aminishiki injured his right knee on day 2 during his loss to shin juryo Ryuko. The severity of the injury is yet unknown but it didn't look good and at this age it's very likely to be a career ending one. He went to the hospital after his bout to have his injured knee examined and assess the damage. "From what I felt, it's probably the meniscus" said Aminishiki before leaving for the hospital. Terrible news. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/201907080000494.html
  2. Asanoyama won the first Yusho of the Reiwa era and became the third young japanese talent of his generation to win a yusho. My goal with this thread is to look at the career of the best rikishi from this generation and update the thread to follow their progress. Can those young japanese rikishi break through and reach the highest ranks ? YUSHO WINNERS These guys are the head of the spear, three of them already managed to win a yusho. Takakeisho Mitsunobu (22) - Chiganoura beya Highest rank : Ozeki 1 Yusho, 2 Jun Yusho , 8 special prizes (3 Gino-sho, 3 Shukun-sho , 2 Kanto-sho) 3 kinboshi 175 cm 169 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi Takakeisho is the second of his generation to win a yusho and the first to become Ozeki. While his first tournament at the rank was cut short because of a knee injury he is arguably the most promissing talent of this generation as for now. Winning so many prizes, a Yusho and reaching the second highest rank in sumo at just 22 is not common. Can Takakeisho go any higher ? Strengths: Great oshi attack, good power, good balance, great mental strength. Weaknesses: Small size and short arms, lacks skills on the belt. Mitakeumi Hisashi (26) - Dewanoumi-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 1 Yusho, 7 Special prizes (2 Gino-sho, 4 Shukun-sho ,1 Kanto-sho) 2 kinboshi 180 cm, 175 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi Mitakeumi is the first rikishi of this generation to win a yusho, he is been in sanyaku for 15 consecutive basho as for now. He's been a the top for the major part of his makuuchi career, a testament to how good and regular he's been but it also shows he lacks the extra something needed to make the next step. Always favourite to become the next ozeki he's never been on a serious run yet, can he reach that next level ? Strengths : Great all-around sumo, started as an oshi guy but can do good yotsu-zumo as well. Weaknesses: lacks the extra something needed to get double digit wins. Asanoyama Hideki (25)- Takasago-beya Highest Rank: M1E 1 Yusho 4 special prizes ( 1 Shukun-Sho, 3 Kanto-sho) 187 cm 177 kg Favourite style : Migi yotsu-yori Asanoyama is the third of the generation to win a yusho and it took him just 11 tournaments to do so. Asanoyama had double digits wins a couple of times in the past but also had inconsistent results which explained why he has not reached sanyaku yet.The changes he made to his regime and lifestyle seem to have paid off, he has the talent can he exploit it and become consistent ? Strengths: good size and power, strong yotsu attack, can use oshi attacks as well Weaknesses: inconsistent, yet to show what he can do at a high rank. Interesting prospects These guys are yet to win a yusho but have shown they have a great potential Abi Masatora (25)- Shikoroyama beya Highest rank: Komusubi 2 kanto-sho 2 kinboshi 187 cm 150 kg favourite style : Tsuki/oshi Despite using an unconventional and one dimensional style, Abi has shown he belongs to the top of Makuuchi. He knows his weaknesses and strengths and is making the best out his unusual body type. Is it enough to reach the next level though ? Strengths: speed, lively attack, great footwork at the hedge Weaknesses: mostly an oshi guy so no skill on the belt, lacks power compared to some other oshi specialists. Hokutofuji Daiki (26) Hakkaku-Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 1 Jun-Yusho 1 Gino-sho 5 kinboshi 184cm 163 kg favourite style : Oshi Injuries delayed his rise but Hokutofuji eventually fought his way back to the top of the banzuke, recently made his sanyaku debut. His 5 kinboshi show that he can beat the top dogs but he is still limited and lacks the consistency to make it to the next level. Can he finds a way to do it ? Strengths : Good size, great fighting spirit, good nodowa attack Weaknesses: Predictable, lacks belt skills, not consistent enough. Onosho Fumiya (22) Oonomatsu- Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 3 Kanto-sho 1 kinboshi 177cm 160 kg Style : Tsuki oshi Onosho has been rather disapointing lately but let's not forget he is just 23, had been slowed down by injuries, and what his rival Takakeisho has done is not common at all. Onosho is young, he'll probably bounce back and go back to the top. But just how high can he go ? Strengths: explosive tachi ai, good oshi attack, can use a bit of yotsu weaknesses: goes head first without looking, balance could be better, young and not consistent Shodai Noya (27) Tokitsukaze-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2 Kanto-sho 1 Kinboshi 184 cm, 165 kg Style : Migi Yotsu yori Shodai is one of the oldest rikishi of his generation and we can often forget that he once was the "next-ozeki", even though he didn't return to sanyaku once since his demotion from the ranks, he's been able to stay close to the top. Shodai is way too good for middle-lower makuuchi but gets murdered by the top dogs. Can he actually become the next ozeki one day ? Strengths : good size, decent at the hedge, good when he can actually gets the belt. Weaknesses: No charisma, no mental strength, terrible tachi ai Daieisho Hayato (25) Oitekaze-beya Highest rank M2E 181 cm 160 Kg Style : Oshi-tsuki Daieisho is not the first name you think of first when you list the prospects of this generation, for some he may not be a name you even list. He never won any prize or fancy awards, but he's been around for a bit now, made his way to the top and has been performing well lately. Can he actually start winning fancy prizes and reach sanyaku ? Strengths: Speed, good footwork and oshi-attack Weaknesses: no belt skill, lacks power and charisma Intriguing prospects these rikishi seem to have potential but are yet to confirm it at the highest ranks of the banzuke. Meisei Chikara (23) Tatsunami beya Highest rank M4E 180 kg 150 kg Style: Hidari yotsu-yori Meisei is yet to win any prize but at just 23 he's been steadily improving and climbing up the ranks, his first double digit basho came at his highest ever rank which is a testament to his progress. Can he continue to improve and show good sumo at the highest ranks ? Strengths: All around sumo, his size and weight allow him to have both power and speed. Weeknesses: Too eager and sometimes charges head on without looking, yet to show what he is worth at the top of the banzuke. Tomokaze Yuta (24 ) Oguruma beya Highest rank M7W 183 cm 180 kg Style : Tsuki oshi Tomokaze has climbed his way to the top division at the speed of light and started his career with a wonderful KK streak. Can he continue to win for the rest of his career ? Strengths: Great power, great body, good oshi and is being taught a few tricks by veterans Takekaze and Yoshikaze. Weaknesses: Has a tendency to go backward a lot for someone with his size and power. Takagenji Satoshi (22) Chiganoura Beya Highest rank M10W 191cm 172kg Style Tsuki-Oshi With his size, talent and power and such a young age and Takanohana's influence gone, Takagenji has everything to succeed in Makuuchi, can he emulate his stablemate Takakeisho ? Strengths: Literally every tools he needs to be a force in makuuchi Incredible size and body, is starting to add skills on the belt, good balance. Weaknesses : Still a bit raw, suffered form the downsides of Takanohana's influence. Enho Akira (24) Miyagino beya Highest rank M14 W 168 cm 99 kg Style : Acrobatic ninja ( hidari yotsu, shitatenage...) Hakuho's young protegé made it all the way to the top division despite his small size and light weight and has showned he could hold his own against makuuchi rikishi during his first basho in the top division, can he continue to use his small size an advantage in the long term ? Strengths: Incredible technique, speed, inconventional style that the bigger guys hate Weaknesses: Has to fight guys twice his size which can be exhausting and dangerous (already got injured and we all have ura in mind) his small size is going to hold him back regardless of how well he exploits it. Terutsuyoshi Shoki (24 ) Isegahama Highest rank M14E 169 cm 116 kg Style : acrobatic ninja ( migi-maemitsu/nage ) Terutsuyoshi, like Enho is one of those smaller technicians that are making their way up to the top division. He has a bit more exprerience than Enho in the top division so far but is yet to win more than 6 despite getting some quality wins when his plan is working. Can he have a better career than Ishiura ? Strengths: Quick, powerful for his size, can use every technique and tricks in the book flawlessly. Weaknesses : same as Enho's his small size is going to hold in back and his acrobatic style puts him in danger to get injured every bout. Disappointing prospects These rikishi had some hope placed on them but failed to deliver so far. Yutakayama Ryota (25) Tokitsukaze Beya Highest rank M2E 1 Jun Yusho, 1 Kanto-sho 185 cm 175 kg Style: Tsuki oshi Yutakayama actually reached the jo-i ranks twice, finished second once and won a kanto-sho which is not bad on paper but he's been terrible at least twice as much as he's been good... His bow his so terrible that wish he would win more so we don't have to see it that often. Can he actually put his act together ? Strengths : Big body, actually decent when his legs are moving and he is going forward. Weaknesses: still very raw, no belt skills, poor balance, sometimes just slaps with his arms but no leg movement at all. Very emotional. Yago Takanori (24 ) Oguruma beya Highest rank M10w 187cm 178 kg style : Hidari yotsu-yori Yago made his makuuchi only recently but despite a good first basho he hit the wall pretty fast, at least he made it to makuuchi unlike his "rival" Mitoryu and I think he'll manage to stick around. Can he do better than just sticking around ? Strengths: Big body, power, looks good when he gets the belt. Weaknesses : Still very very raw, poor balance, slow, is pulling a lot for someone his size. Kagayaki Taishi (24 )Takadagawa Highest rank M4w 193 cm 170 kg Style: Tsuki oshi Kagayaki is only 24 but has been in the top division for a bit already, despite that he's always been MR.Average, he's not shown many improvements and actually turned into MR.Mediocre lately. He's looked completely lost and clueless lately. Can he find his style and turn things around ? Strengths: Big body, average at everything Weaknesses: Poor balance, no signs of improvements, seems to be clueless on what's his own style of sumo
  3. Not sure if it has been reported before but Asanoyama's punishment will be decided later according to PR chief Shibatayama. The compliance committee is still investigating. Source : Nikkan https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202105270000820.html?cx_testId=66&cx_testVariant=cx_1&cx_artPos=1#cxrecs_s
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    Sumo’s newest Ozeki — Shodai Naoya

    next yokozuna jokes ?
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    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Well deserved Yusho for Shodai who has been incredible this basho, so so so happy to see him win finally and he may get promoted to ozeki on top of that ! Congratulations to Tobizaru as well, he fought with all his heart every single day.
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    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    To all people wondering about the Hoshoryu decision, Nishikido got confused because he couldn't remember/wasn't so sure about the names of the two guys fighting... When he actually remembered them, he didn't mention the dead body rule, he simply said that the monoi was called to determine if Shimanoumi's leg was out first but concluded Hoshoryu was out first and that the gyoji got it right. Probably was the dead body rule (even though Hoshoryu is trying something imho) but when the guy in charge can't even remember the names of the guys fighting you cannot be sure that was the actual conclusion and not something he just made up because he had to say something and wanted to go back to sleep quickly.
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    Kizakiumi intai

    Sorry for being such a pain in the neck... Ok I'm out, I'm giving myself a 40% salary cut as well for this one
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    Kizakiumi intai

    Well it's true that 首's meaning is quite broad, but headaches would be something like 頭痛 don't you think ? That's why I'm thinking it's neck pains
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    Kizakiumi intai

    Yes exactly , I've been quite busy with life but I'll try to come back gradually and hopefully I'll find the time to translate a few things like I used to !
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    Kizakiumi intai

    The article from nikkan says 首の痛み pain in the neck area rather than headaches though https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202008270000413.html
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    Kizakiumi intai

    aha you beat me to it I was about to press the submit reply button when your post came in, sasuga desu
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    Shikihide beya troubles

    To answer Kintamayama's newsletter, here's an article from the NHK's website covering the incident but you've probably seen this one already https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20200805/k10012552111000.html?utm_int=news_contents_news-main_006
  13. My goal with this thread is to follow the career of the young mogolian hopes in the same way I did in my previous topic on the young japanese talents. Mongolian rikishi's domination of sumo started in the early 2000 with the rise of the great but turbulent Asashoryu. When he retired in 2010 after winning his 25th tournament, Hakuho had already won 12 and continued the domination. Since then he became the greatest and most dominant yokozuna in history winning 30 more for a total 42 tournaments (so far). Fellow mongolian yokozuna Harumafuji (9 yusho) and Kakuryu (5 yusho) were the only ones able to snatch a few yusho away from him. With young talent Terunofuji winning a yusho and reaching the rank of Ozeki the domination became complete and set to last even longer. Things slowly started to change though. In 2016 Ozeki Kotoshogiku became the first japanese to win a yusho in over ten years and others followed. Shortly after that Kisenosato won back to back tournaments and became the first japanese yokozuna since . Kotoshogiku lost his rank and Kisenosato retired but the mongolian ranks suffered heavy blows as well. Harumafuji retired and their best hope for the future Terunofuji completely fell down the ranks. Hakuho is now 34 and gets injured more often, same goes 33 years old Kakuryu. 36 years old Tamawashi is on the form of his life but he is not the future. Can the young guys follow the footsteps of the yokozuna before them. Makuuchi talents Ichinojo Takashi (26) Minato beya Highest rank : Sekiwake 2 jun-yusho 3 special prizes ( 2 shukun-sho 1 Kanto-sho) 7 kinboshi 193 cm 227 kg Style : Migi-yotsu yori (and the infamous leaning machine). Ichinojo stormed in Makuuchi in 2014 and reached Sekiwake in just two basho, after a few tournaments at the top he fell down the ranks and the stagnation began. Lately his career was somewhat revived though, he managed to come back to sanyaku, almost won a yusho and his staying close to the top. With Terunofuji's quick decline and fall from the ranks Ichinojo became the best young mogolian rikishi in Makuuchi and yet is still very inconsistent. At 26 years old can he turn things around ? Strengths: power and techique on a 227 kg body and pretty agile when is back is ok. Weaknesses: Back problems that slow him down a lot, doesn't show at all some days, gives up too quickly sometimes, can be very slow and passive. Daishoho Kiyohiro (24) Oitekaze beya Highest rank M16E 183 cm 180 kg Style : Migi yotsu-yori Daishoho is the only other young mogolian in the top division so far, he is still pretty new to makuuchi but has shown some good things in his first few tournaments. He has the advantage to have a japanese education which is mentioned a lot and therefore speaks fluent japanes which makes him more popular than the average foreign rikishi. Can he become one of the faces of his generation ? Strengths : Powerful, all around sumo, raised in Japan for the most part Weaknesses : still quite clumsy and raw. Juryo rikishi Juryo is filled with mongolian rikishi but a lot of them are past their prime and stayed in juryo most of their career ( Azumaryu, Seiro, Kyokushuho...) but a few young guys are climbing the ranks. Mitoryu Takayuki (25) Nishikido-beya Highest rank J9 188 cm 200 kg Style Migi-yotsu yori Mitoryu started sumo at Ms15TD which allowed him to make his way to juryo quickly, he's been worse than mediocre since (never ranked higher than J9) and has not shown any signs of progress at all. He doesn't seem capable to ever reach makuuchi at the moment, I don't consider him as a prospect but he made the list because he is young and mongolian. Strengths : No idea, his weight I guess ? Weaknesses : Slow, clumsy, very raw. Kiribayama Tetsuo (23) Michinoku beya Highest rank J11 184 cm 129 kg Style Hidari-yotsu nage Kiribayama is fairly new to juryo but managed to get a KK in his first two tournaments. He is just 23 and is by far the best mongolian hope in juryo at the moment. Can he make his way to the top division ? Strengths : very good technician Weaknesses : could probably add a few kilos and a bit more power Not sure on whether to include Chiyoshoma, he is already 27 and just average anyway ... Extra Hoshoryu Tomokatsu (20) Tatsunami beya 186 cm 115 kg Asashoryu's nephew just missed juryo promotion this time but is very close now and will have a shot next tournament. He is quite new to sumo but you can see he has the potential to be great. I think he can be the best of for the future of mongolian sumo. Strengths : from the little I've seen he is very crafty and technically gifted Weaknesses: Still quite light and lacks experience.
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    The new mongolian generation

    POST JULY 2020 UPDATE And we are back... I've been quite lazy updating this topic (the last post was post Hatsu...) but this time the changes were too important not to update this page, the best mongolian hope is continuing his formidable come back taking the yusho for his first basho back in makuuchi. Makuuchi Terunofuji Haruo (28) Isegahama Highest rank: Ozeki 2 yusho, 4 jun-yusho, 2 shukun-sho, 1gino sho, 3 kanto sho. 192 cm 180 kg migi yotsu-yori M17e 13-2 YGS Terunofuji is back ! First basho back in Makuuchi after falling all the way down to jonidan and he took the yusho and two special prizes, I'm not sure you can dream of a better come back. He looked healthy and strong wich was good to see and despite being ranked at the lowest rank he actually face many of the top guys still around and in the race. He'll be ranked much higher next time so it should be quite interesting. The big question mark with him is not talent or strength but health, can he continue this incredible come back and get promoted to Ozeki again ? Can he go even further this time and become Yokozuna ? Only time will tell. Kiribayama Tetsuo (24) Michinoku beya Highest rank M3W 1 Kanto-sho 185 cm 135 kg Style Hidari-yotsu nage M3w 6-9 Not too many people are talking about him yet and he finished with a mk this time, but I tought Kiribayama was much better that what his record tells at his highest rank ever, I enjoy his sumo very much and he has a lot of potential I believe. Juryo rikishi Ichinojo Takashi (26) Minato beya Highest rank : Sekiwake 2 jun-yusho 3 special prizes ( 2 shukun-sho 1 Kanto-sho) 8 kinboshi 192 cm 201 kg Style : Migi-yotsu yori, lean machine J5 9-6 9-6 in juryo is not a great result for Ichinojo and he probably won't be promoted to makuuchi unless he benefits from some banzuke luck but after losing so much weight and after having so many troubles with his back, it's nice to see the big man slowly getting better. Hoshoryu Tomokatsu (20) Tatsunami beya Highest rank juryo 6 186 cm 127kg migi yotsu yori nage J6 10-5 D Strong basho at his highest rank ever for Hoshoryu who even had the chance to take the yusho but lost to his heyamate Meisei. Probably no Makuchi next time though unless he benefits from banzuke luck too but it's getting close. Daishoho Kiyohiro (25) Oitekaze beya Highest rank M9W 185 cm 180 cm Style : Migi yotsu-yori Another very poor basho from Daishoho down in low juryo only 6 wins and looking worse and worse, Mitoryu improved a bit while he is getting so bad, I think it's fair to say he is the worst prospect of the two now. Mitoryu Takayuki (25) Nishikido-beya Highest rank J9 188 cm 195 kg Style: Being 195 kg and kinda hard to move. Ranked at the bottom of juryo Mitoryu produced his best performance so far and even had a chance to take the yusho, let's see if he can finally start to improve
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    The young generation (japanese rikishi only)

    POST JULY BASHO 2020 Sumo is back and so am I after being away from the forum for a while. Well I say sumo is back the basho is already over and I thought it was a good one ! Tokyo not Nagoya, only limited crowd but still more enjoyable to watch than with no crowd at all. The young japanese generation did quite well this time as well but it was former mongolian Ozeki Terunofuji who took away the stoplight taking the yusho from M17 on his come back basho ! I won't be lazy this time and edit version of this post for the mongolian generation. YUSHO WINNERS Asanoyama Hideki (26) - Takasago-beya Highest Rank: Ozeki 1 Yusho, 2 Jun-Yusho, 6 special prizes ( 2 Shukun-Sho, 1 Gino-sho 3 Kanto-sho) 1 kinboshi 188 cm 172 kg (-5) Favourite style : Migi yotsu-yori Ow 12-3 J Excellent first basho as an Ozeki for Asanoyama who almost looked like a yokozuna for the first 9 days, yet despite clinching his second jun-yusho in the end, it's a dissapointing basho for him too. With Kakuryu out and Hakuho pulling out injured despite a good start, he had an excellent chance to get the yusho but back to back losses to Terunofuji and his heyamate Terunotsuyoshi cost him big time. He still needs to learn but excellent sumo from him overall, if he keeps improving like that, yokozuna is only a matter of time. Takakeisho Mitsunobu (23) - Chiganoura beya Highest rank : Ozeki 1 Yusho, 3 Jun Yusho , 8 special prizes (3 Gino-sho, 3 Shukun-sho , 2 Kanto-sho) 3 kinboshi 175 cm 169 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi Oe 8-4--3 Another Kadoban basho for Takakeisho who saved his ranked rather easily yet again, he didn't looked good while doing so however, pulling and going backwards a lot. Despite getting extra time off to heal his knee bothered him quite a lot again which can explain the poor performance and even caused him to go kyujo as soon as his rank was saved. Getting 8 wins at this rank quite easily despite not being healthy and with bad sumo shows that much talent he has but that recurring knee injury at just 23 is a major concern for the progress of his career. Mitakeumi Hisashi (27) - Dewanoumi-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2 Yusho, 8 Special prizes (2 Gino-sho, 5 Shukun-sho ,1 Kanto-sho) 2 kinboshi 180 cm, 175 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi Sw 11-4 S Excellent basho for Mitakeumi who returned at sekiwake, double digits 11 wins including one against yokozuna Hakuho and one against rival Asanoyama which earned him his 6th Shukun-sho. Mitakeumi was technically in the race until the end but as often dropped bouts he should have won and lost to Terunofuji on Senshuraku giving him the yusho. Even though he didn't look dominant every bout he won he was solid and composed aroud the edge which is very important too, 11 wins (one is a fusen though) is a nice start for an ozeki run, hopefully he can finally pull through. Interesting prospects Shodai Naoya (28) Tokitsukaze-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2Jun-yusho 5 Kanto-sho 1 Kinboshi Sw 11-4 K 183 cm 165 kg (-6) Style : Migi Yotsu yori Shodai continued his journey as the next ozeki a changed man this basho with a second straight KK as a Sekiwake, 11 wins this time (1 is a fusen) - a nice score to start a run (!) and secured his 5th career Kanto sho as well. He looked dominant at times but also showed great technique and will when pushed to the edge which allowed him to win bouts he typically would have lost in the past. He was technically in the race yet again until quite late and was one of the two men able to beat yusho winner Terunofuji. More of the same next basho please ! Daieisho Hayato (26) Oitekaze-beya Highest rank Komusubi, 2 Shukun-Sho 2 kinboshi Ke 11-4 S 182 cm 164 Kg (-1) Style : Oshi-tsuki Very solid performance yet again from Endo's heyamate, 11 wins as a komusubi (including two fusen) and second shukun-sho for a win against Hakuho. I'm not a banzuke pro at all so I'm not too sure if Daiesho will get an extra sekiwake spot next basho, or stay komusubi while Endo gets an extra komusubi spot. Intriguing prospects Takanosho Nobuaki (25) Chiganoura Highest rank M2E 1 Jun-yusho 1 Kanto sho 183 cm 162 kg (-1) Oshi M2e 8-7 Solid basho and KK for onigiri man at his highest rank, I enjoyed watching him. Hokutofuji Daiki (28) Hakkaku-Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 1 Jun-Yusho 2 Gino-sho 7 kinboshi 183cm 157 kg (-5) favourite style : Oshi M5w 9-6 Good basho from Hokutofuji but he has the talent to do better, he will be back in the jo-i zone next basho. Terutsuyoshi Shoki (25) Isegahama Highest rank M7e 1Jun yusho 1 Kanto-Sho 169 cm 120 kg (+4) Style : acrobatic ninja ( migi-maemitsu/nage ) At his highest rank, with a small body and a knee apparently not in good shape, Terutsuyoshi produced excellent sumo. He finished with 8 wins including an very cool ashi-tori against shin-ozeki Asanoyama to help his heyamate Terunofuji stay in the lead for the yusho race. Gread basho from him. Wakatakakage Atsushi ( 25 ) Arashio Beya Highest rank M14w 182 cm 124kg migi yotsu/yori M14w 10-5 Solid performance from Watakatakage for his first healthy tournament in Makuuchi Kotoshoho Yoshinari ( 20 ) Sadogatake Beya Highest rank M15e 191cm 165kg Migi-yori yotsu M15e 8-7 Good first basho in makuuchi for the 20 years-old, especially in the first half, it was more difficult in the second half. He has great technique and versatility and is a young talent to watch closely. Kotonowaka Masahiro ( 22 ) Sadogatake Beya Highest rank : M13w 188cm, 169kg (-4) migi-yotsu/yori, oshi Very good start to the basho for the young man who showed some really solid and mature sumo for his age, he probably would have finished kk if it wasn't for an unfortunate injury that forced him to pull out. He came back the last few days but clearly he should not have as he clearly wasn't the same and had no power in the injured leg. Dissapointing prospects Yutakayama Ryota (26) Tokitsukaze Beya Highest rank M1W 1 Jun Yusho, 1 Kanto-sho 184 cm 175 kg (-4) Style: Tsuki oshi M1w 5-10 M1w 5-10 tough basho for Yutakayama at his highest rank 8 straight losses to start but he bounced back and won his last four. It looks like he was fighting with an injured arm or shoulder which is quite difficult even more so when you rely on oshi attacks Kagayaki Taishi (26 )Takadagawa Highest rank M4e 193 cm (+1) 163 kg (-3) M4e 5-10 Mediocre basho for Kagayaki back at his highest rank Enho Akira (25) Miyagino beya Highest rank M4E 1 Gino-sho 168 cm 96 kg(-3 !) Style : Acrobatic ninja ( hidari yotsu, shitatenage...) M6e 5-10 difficult basho for the little guy, he had some cool wins as always but his opponents are starting to figure him out more and he is getting blown away more often Onosho Fumiya (24) Oonomatsu- Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 4 Sansho ( 1 Shukun-Sho 3 Kanto-sho )2 kinboshi 177cm 155 kg (-2) Style : Tsuki oshi M2w 2-13 Attrocious basho from Onosho who lost 13 straight he didn't look injured and tried every day but his balance was terrible as often. He managed to get two wins on the last two days so hopefully it'll give him a bit of momentum to bounce back next time. Abi Masatora (25)- Shikoroyama beya Highest rank: Komusubi 2 kanto-sho 2 kinboshi 185 cm 155 kg favourite style : Tsuki/oshi A few months ago it was the picture incident, this time Abi decided to go out and eat with friends despite the virus situation and all the efforts made to try to limit the risks, his oyakata took the decision to force him to pull out. Abi's career is not going in the good direction. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meisei Chikara (24) Tatsunami beya Highest rank M2w 179 cm 150 kg Style: Hidari yotsu-yori Good performance down in Juryo from Meisei, his arm seemed completely fine and he will be back in makuuchi next basho.
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    Tochiozan Retirement

    Wow that is quite sudden and I was very surprised to see it, especially with the basho starting soon, but it's true that he's only been a shadow of himself lately and had troubles getting healthy. Congratulations to him for a great career and I wish him the best for his next career as Kiyomigata oyakata
  17. It was reported today that former Yokozuna (60th) Futahaguro passed away from a Chronic kidney disease ( 慢性腎不全) on February 10th. He was 55 years old. Futahaguro is known as the first Yokozuna to never win a Yusho. Born in 1963 (Mie prefecture), Yokozuna Futahaguro Koiji (real name Kitao Koji) entered sumo in 1979 as a member of Tatsunami beya. He was promoted to Ozeki before Hatsu 1986 and became the 60th Yokuzuna before the Aki basho of the same year following two consecutive Jun Yusho (12-3 and 14-1 D - playoff loss to the great Chiyonofuji). His tenure as a Yokozuna only lasted for 8 tournaments though as he was forced to leave sumo in 1987 because of a big argument with his master Tatsunami oyakata (former Sekiwake Anenyama). In 1990 he became a professional wrestler and fought under his real name, Kitao Koji. He retired from pro wrestling in 1998. In 2003 he returned to Tatsumi beya as an outside advisor, which was made possible because his former master had retired. "I want to help to revive of the prestigious Tatsunami stable" he declared at the time with enthusiasm. Note: Tatsunami beya's sole sekitori at the moment is Meisei, but I believe he should be followed soon by the young Hoshoryu (nephew of the Daiyokozuna Asashoryu). The future looks bright for the stable Futahaguro wanted to revive. https://www.nikkansports.com/m/battle/sumo/news/201902120000630_m.html?mode=all https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASM2D6CYQM2DUTQP04G.html https://www.fnn.jp/posts/00415230CX
  18. Rainoyama

    Toyonoshima intai

  19. Rainoyama

    Toyonoshima intai

    Yet another talented veteran retiring after a very good career. Toyonoshima also seems like a very good husband and father, I am sure he'll be a good oyakata next, best of luck for the future and thank you for the memories !
  20. Rainoyama

    Arawashi intai

    Best of luck for him in the future, he was a great technician and was very entertaining to watch. We always joke about him being Chiyoshoma's twin but I think he is much better than what Chiyoshoma will ever be, besides Chiyoshoma is an annoying brat while Arawashi was always respecful.
  21. Rainoyama

    The young generation (japanese rikishi only)

    POST HARU 2020 The second basho of 2020 is in the books and it was a strange one to say the least. We didn't know if the basho would continue until the end and no crowd in the arena felt really weird for many, but the basho did continue until the end and given the circumstances it was a success to me. Sumo vs Coronavirus, Sumo 1-0 Virus. I was very sceptical at first after terrible first few days but the quality of sumo gradually improved and although I missed the crowd a lot, it was actually quite nice to hear things you don't usually hear well like the yobidashi and gyoji's voice, the breath of the guys in the ring... The basho was decided on musubi, senshuraku between two mongolian guys (Hak and Kak I think they are called) One is 35, the other 34 but the two Yokozuna are not done yet and when healthy they are still dominating the game. Still, many veterans their age are continuing to stuggle quite a bit while many many members of the young generation did quite well again. The new generation even produced a second Ozeki, 26 years old Asanoyama, who also takes the first place of that list as the new face of the young wave. YUSHO WINNERS Asanoyama Hideki (26) - Takasago-beya Highest Rank: Ozeki 1 Yusho, 1 Jun-Yusho, 6 special prizes ( 2 Shukun-Sho, 1 Gino-sho 3 Kanto-sho) 1 kinboshi 188 cm 177 kg Favourite style : Migi yotsu-yori S1E 11-4 Asanoyama ideally needed 12 wins to meet the unofficial 33 wins criteria for promotion to ozeki. With two losses by day 8, things didn't look too good for him, but he persevered and went on to win four straight before facing the two yokozuna and sole Ozeki Takakeisho on the last three days. He lost to Hakuho in a rather one sided manner and lost to Kakuryu as well but this one was really close to the point we can argue torinashi could have been the call... With 10 wins entering Senshûraku, Asanoyama persevered again and secured his promotion by defeating struggling rival Takakeisho in a very important bout for both parties. "Only" 11 wins ( 32 total) in the end, but it was actually Asanoyama fourth straight double digit KK ranked in the jo-i/sanyaku zone (42 over four basho). He's been Mr. Consistency lately and has established himself as the new face of his generation, taking over Takakeisho's spot, and currently leads the race to become the first one to reach Yokozuna. Will he make it ? Only time will tell but he sure does have the body and the talent to get the white rope. Takakeisho Mitsunobu (23) - Chiganoura beya Highest rank : Ozeki 1 Yusho, 3 Jun Yusho , 8 special prizes (3 Gino-sho, 3 Shukun-sho , 2 Kanto-sho) 3 kinboshi 175 cm 169 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi O1E 7-8 A basho to forget for the 23 y-o, not only did he lose his spot as the face of his generation in a direct showdown against rival Asanoyama, but the defeat was his 8th loss, making him Kadoban again next tournament. The young Ozeki didn't look like himself, even when winning, and, despite him pretending otherwise, he likely was fighting injured. Old injury ? New Injury ? Nothing his clear at this point but hopefully Takakeisho won't become yet another Ozeki fighting while struggling to say healthy (Terunofuji, Tochinoshin, Takayasu...). With the spring tour canceled and uncertainty over when the next basho will take place, he should get some well needed rest and I expect him to bounce back next time and same his rank. Mitakeumi Hisashi (27) - Dewanoumi-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2 Yusho, 8 Special prizes (2 Gino-sho, 5 Shukun-sho ,1 Kanto-sho) 2 kinboshi 180 cm, 175 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi M3W 10-5 Mitakeumi was looking to bounce back after two straight losing records and did exactly that this basho, securing 10 wins and a return to San'yaku where he truly belongs. I am far from being a banzuke specialist but I expect him to be Sekiwake W next time. I thought he looked really solid and healthier, which is encouraging, but he still found ways to disappoint losing 3 of his last 4 bouts... Mitakeumi is the only member of his generation to win more than one tournament, yet two of his rivals had the time to become Ozeki before him... Hopefully Asanoyama's promotion will motivate him to actually start a serious run this time. Interesting prospects Shodai Naoya (28) Tokitsukaze-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2Jun-yusho 4 Kanto-sho 1 Kinboshi S1W 8-7 183 cm 171 kg Style : Migi Yotsu yori No double digit this time for Shodai, but clear signs of improvements from him. Back in San'yaku for the first time in two years, he secured his first KK at this rank (also his 3rd straight KK since Kyushu last year) and was one of the two rikishi able to defeat the GOAT this tournament ! With Asanoyama's promotion Shodai will move to Sekiwake East and hopefully will continue his resurgence next time. Daieisho Hayato (26) Oitekaze-beya Highest rank Komusubi 1 Shukun-Sho 2 kinboshi 182 cm 165 Kg Style : Oshi-tsuki M1E 8-7 Another solid basho from Daieisho. Despite losing his first 3 bouts and 4 of his last 5, he had an incredible 7 win-streak mid way trough and it was enough for him to secure a winning record and a ticket back San'yaku (probably to Koumusubi E). Who would have thought a couple of years ago that he would be where he is now ? Yutakayama Ryota (26) Tokitsukaze Beya Highest rank M2e 1 Jun Yusho, 1 Kanto-sho 184 cm 179 kg Style: Tsuki oshi M3E 8-7 "Only" a 8-7 KK barely obtained on day 15 after a very close bout against Chiyomaru, but it was Yutakayama's 6th straight KK starting in Juryo and he was ranked in the jo-i zone this time. Yutakayama continued to show some very good and clever sumo this basho. Even when listening to him talk you can tell he's matured a lot. He seems way more calm and focussed than he used to be, and probably healthier too which helps. His rough sumo and manners are starting to get more and more polished and it pays. Yutakayama most impressive whin this basho was probably the one against his long time rival Asanoyama. It didn't stop the later to be promoted to the second highest rank on the banzuke though. Will Yutakayama continue to improve to the point where he can join him there ? For now he is yet to reach san'yaku and his record this time isn't good enough to get him promoted over Okinoumi or Takanosho. Maybe next time ? Onosho Fumiya (23) Oonomatsu- Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 4 Sansho ( 1 Shukun-Sho 3 Kanto-sho )2 kinboshi 177cm 157 kg Style : Tsuki oshi M5W 9-6S It's been a long journey for the 23 y-o since his injury and fall from san'yaku. It took Onosho two long years to come back to the top, but he finally starting to look like himself again which is very nice to see. There are still area to improve of course, but his balance looks much better, his sumo way sharper. His good performance this basho and impressive victory against yusho winner Hakuho earned him his first ever Shukun-sho and second kinboshi. The next step for him is to get back to san'yaku. Intriguing prospects Takanosho Nobuaki (25) Chiganoura Highest rank M9e 1 Jun-yusho 1 Kanto sho 183 cm 163 kg Oshi M9E 12-3 JK Unforgettable basho for Takakeisho's heyamate and Tsukebito. Great sumo, 12 wins, a jun-yusho and a kanto-sho at his highest rank. Onigiri-kun even has a chance to be promoted to Komusubi although Okinoumi seems like the more likely choice. One thing is certain, it'll be a lot harder for him next time, will he be up to it ? Kagayaki Taishi (25 )Takadagawa Highest rank M4w 192 cm 166 kg M6W 8-7 No double digit this time but third straight solid basho from Kagayaki. Third straight KK, can he make it 4 next time ? Enho Akira (25) Miyagino beya Highest rank M4E 1 Gino-sho M4E 6-9 168 cm 99 kg Style : Acrobatic ninja ( hidari yotsu, shitatenage...) Difficult basho for the little man at his highest rank. Enho couldn't count on the energy boost he usually gets from the crowd and it took him a lot of energy to climb to that high rank, Mainoumi hinted that fatigue could explain his performance this basho. Still 6-9 at this high rank with this such a light and small body is not bad at all. Terutsuyoshi Shoki (25) Isegahama Highest rank M9e 1Jun yusho 1 Kanto-Sho 169 cm 116 kg Style : acrobatic ninja ( migi-maemitsu/nage ) M11W 9-6 Really good basho from Terutsuyoshi, it looked like he injured his arm at some point but it didn't stop him to finish the basho with a respectable 9-6 winning record. Kotonowaka Masahiro ( 22 ) Sadogatake Beya Highest rank : M18E 188cm, 173kg migi-yotsu/yori, oshi M18E 9-6 The 22 y-o is the newest addition to this list and I thought he did incredibly well in his makuuchi debut. His sumo looks quite polished and well rounded for such a young rikishi and he has great sice and weight. This Kotonowaka is not just the son of and the grand-son of, I think he has a lot of talent, enough to make a name for himself. His heyamate Kotonosho also looks very promising and will probably join him in makuuchi and on this list next basho. Dissapointing prospects Hokutofuji Daiki (27) Hakkaku-Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 1 Jun-Yusho 2 Gino-sho 7 kinboshi 183cm 162 kg favourite style : Oshi K1E 4-11 Hokutofuji is one of my favourite rikishi and I was rooting for him to build upon his great performance from last basho, and things started quite well with a win against Kakuryu on day 2, but we all saw what happened next. He fnished the basho 11 losses total including 8 straight. Even changing mawashi didn't save him this time. I thought he looked quite weak this basho, his legs in particular were not moving well. Injured maybe ? As much as I like him and want him to achieve great things Hokutofuji is yet to achieve a KK when ranked in San'yaku and consistency is a big issue with him. Despite his incredible talent I put him on that part of the list this time because if he doesn't improve, I don't see him becoming a serious ozeki candidate. Hopefully do better next time. Abi Masatora (25)- Shikoroyama beya Highest rank: Komusubi 2 kanto-sho 2 kinboshi 185 cm 155 kg favourite style : Tsuki/oshi M4W 7-8 Another frustrating basho from Abi, second straight Makekoshi, his leg has been bothering him for a while maybe it still affected him this basho. He can do better. Meisei Chikara (24) Tatsunami beya Highest rank M2w 179 cm 150 kg Style: Hidari yotsu-yori M17E 7-8 Painful basho for returning from injury but clearly far from healthy Meisei, only 7 wins (including a fusen) at such a low rank is uncaracteristic of him. He will probably fall down to juryo next basho.
  22. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Exactly which is completely different and way more appropriate
  23. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Kitanofuji like many Yokozuna has a very strong personality and a big ego, he is older than almost everyone and is therefore at the top of the sumo world social food chain. As such, he can basically do and say whatever he wants, the thing is a lot of the time he just spits nonsense, let's be honest. He is telling everyone what to do and think but most of the time he cannot even remember the names of the rikishi he is talking about. When you are excellent at your job like Mainoumi is and are treated like fool by a grumpy and out of touch old man, it can be a bit frustrating...
  24. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I was quite surprised when it happened, if I remember correctly Kitanofuji even called Mainoumi 君 (きみ) which I thought was a bit weird even for him. I understand better now thank you.
  25. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Surely 10-5, 11-4J, 10-5, 11-4 is enough to promote Asanoyama to Ozeki