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  1. Not sure if it has been reported before but Asanoyama's punishment will be decided later according to PR chief Shibatayama. The compliance committee is still investigating. Source : Nikkan https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202105270000820.html?cx_testId=66&cx_testVariant=cx_1&cx_artPos=1#cxrecs_s
  2. Rainoyama

    Sumo’s newest Ozeki — Shodai Naoya

    next yokozuna jokes ?
  3. Rainoyama

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    Well deserved Yusho for Shodai who has been incredible this basho, so so so happy to see him win finally and he may get promoted to ozeki on top of that ! Congratulations to Tobizaru as well, he fought with all his heart every single day.
  4. Rainoyama

    September (Aki) Basho- offical thread (yay..)

    To all people wondering about the Hoshoryu decision, Nishikido got confused because he couldn't remember/wasn't so sure about the names of the two guys fighting... When he actually remembered them, he didn't mention the dead body rule, he simply said that the monoi was called to determine if Shimanoumi's leg was out first but concluded Hoshoryu was out first and that the gyoji got it right. Probably was the dead body rule (even though Hoshoryu is trying something imho) but when the guy in charge can't even remember the names of the guys fighting you cannot be sure that was the actual conclusion and not something he just made up because he had to say something and wanted to go back to sleep quickly.
  5. Rainoyama

    Kizakiumi intai

    Sorry for being such a pain in the neck... Ok I'm out, I'm giving myself a 40% salary cut as well for this one
  6. Rainoyama

    Kizakiumi intai

    Well it's true that 首's meaning is quite broad, but headaches would be something like 頭痛 don't you think ? That's why I'm thinking it's neck pains
  7. Rainoyama

    Kizakiumi intai

    Yes exactly , I've been quite busy with life but I'll try to come back gradually and hopefully I'll find the time to translate a few things like I used to !
  8. Rainoyama

    Kizakiumi intai

    The article from nikkan says 首の痛み pain in the neck area rather than headaches though https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/news/202008270000413.html
  9. Rainoyama

    Kizakiumi intai

    aha you beat me to it I was about to press the submit reply button when your post came in, sasuga desu
  10. Rainoyama

    Shikihide beya troubles

    To answer Kintamayama's newsletter, here's an article from the NHK's website covering the incident but you've probably seen this one already https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20200805/k10012552111000.html?utm_int=news_contents_news-main_006
  11. Rainoyama

    The new mongolian generation

    POST JULY 2020 UPDATE And we are back... I've been quite lazy updating this topic (the last post was post Hatsu...) but this time the changes were too important not to update this page, the best mongolian hope is continuing his formidable come back taking the yusho for his first basho back in makuuchi. Makuuchi Terunofuji Haruo (28) Isegahama Highest rank: Ozeki 2 yusho, 4 jun-yusho, 2 shukun-sho, 1gino sho, 3 kanto sho. 192 cm 180 kg migi yotsu-yori M17e 13-2 YGS Terunofuji is back ! First basho back in Makuuchi after falling all the way down to jonidan and he took the yusho and two special prizes, I'm not sure you can dream of a better come back. He looked healthy and strong wich was good to see and despite being ranked at the lowest rank he actually face many of the top guys still around and in the race. He'll be ranked much higher next time so it should be quite interesting. The big question mark with him is not talent or strength but health, can he continue this incredible come back and get promoted to Ozeki again ? Can he go even further this time and become Yokozuna ? Only time will tell. Kiribayama Tetsuo (24) Michinoku beya Highest rank M3W 1 Kanto-sho 185 cm 135 kg Style Hidari-yotsu nage M3w 6-9 Not too many people are talking about him yet and he finished with a mk this time, but I tought Kiribayama was much better that what his record tells at his highest rank ever, I enjoy his sumo very much and he has a lot of potential I believe. Juryo rikishi Ichinojo Takashi (26) Minato beya Highest rank : Sekiwake 2 jun-yusho 3 special prizes ( 2 shukun-sho 1 Kanto-sho) 8 kinboshi 192 cm 201 kg Style : Migi-yotsu yori, lean machine J5 9-6 9-6 in juryo is not a great result for Ichinojo and he probably won't be promoted to makuuchi unless he benefits from some banzuke luck but after losing so much weight and after having so many troubles with his back, it's nice to see the big man slowly getting better. Hoshoryu Tomokatsu (20) Tatsunami beya Highest rank juryo 6 186 cm 127kg migi yotsu yori nage J6 10-5 D Strong basho at his highest rank ever for Hoshoryu who even had the chance to take the yusho but lost to his heyamate Meisei. Probably no Makuchi next time though unless he benefits from banzuke luck too but it's getting close. Daishoho Kiyohiro (25) Oitekaze beya Highest rank M9W 185 cm 180 cm Style : Migi yotsu-yori Another very poor basho from Daishoho down in low juryo only 6 wins and looking worse and worse, Mitoryu improved a bit while he is getting so bad, I think it's fair to say he is the worst prospect of the two now. Mitoryu Takayuki (25) Nishikido-beya Highest rank J9 188 cm 195 kg Style: Being 195 kg and kinda hard to move. Ranked at the bottom of juryo Mitoryu produced his best performance so far and even had a chance to take the yusho, let's see if he can finally start to improve
  12. Rainoyama

    The young generation (japanese rikishi only)

    POST JULY BASHO 2020 Sumo is back and so am I after being away from the forum for a while. Well I say sumo is back the basho is already over and I thought it was a good one ! Tokyo not Nagoya, only limited crowd but still more enjoyable to watch than with no crowd at all. The young japanese generation did quite well this time as well but it was former mongolian Ozeki Terunofuji who took away the stoplight taking the yusho from M17 on his come back basho ! I won't be lazy this time and edit version of this post for the mongolian generation. YUSHO WINNERS Asanoyama Hideki (26) - Takasago-beya Highest Rank: Ozeki 1 Yusho, 2 Jun-Yusho, 6 special prizes ( 2 Shukun-Sho, 1 Gino-sho 3 Kanto-sho) 1 kinboshi 188 cm 172 kg (-5) Favourite style : Migi yotsu-yori Ow 12-3 J Excellent first basho as an Ozeki for Asanoyama who almost looked like a yokozuna for the first 9 days, yet despite clinching his second jun-yusho in the end, it's a dissapointing basho for him too. With Kakuryu out and Hakuho pulling out injured despite a good start, he had an excellent chance to get the yusho but back to back losses to Terunofuji and his heyamate Terunotsuyoshi cost him big time. He still needs to learn but excellent sumo from him overall, if he keeps improving like that, yokozuna is only a matter of time. Takakeisho Mitsunobu (23) - Chiganoura beya Highest rank : Ozeki 1 Yusho, 3 Jun Yusho , 8 special prizes (3 Gino-sho, 3 Shukun-sho , 2 Kanto-sho) 3 kinboshi 175 cm 169 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi Oe 8-4--3 Another Kadoban basho for Takakeisho who saved his ranked rather easily yet again, he didn't looked good while doing so however, pulling and going backwards a lot. Despite getting extra time off to heal his knee bothered him quite a lot again which can explain the poor performance and even caused him to go kyujo as soon as his rank was saved. Getting 8 wins at this rank quite easily despite not being healthy and with bad sumo shows that much talent he has but that recurring knee injury at just 23 is a major concern for the progress of his career. Mitakeumi Hisashi (27) - Dewanoumi-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2 Yusho, 8 Special prizes (2 Gino-sho, 5 Shukun-sho ,1 Kanto-sho) 2 kinboshi 180 cm, 175 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi Sw 11-4 S Excellent basho for Mitakeumi who returned at sekiwake, double digits 11 wins including one against yokozuna Hakuho and one against rival Asanoyama which earned him his 6th Shukun-sho. Mitakeumi was technically in the race until the end but as often dropped bouts he should have won and lost to Terunofuji on Senshuraku giving him the yusho. Even though he didn't look dominant every bout he won he was solid and composed aroud the edge which is very important too, 11 wins (one is a fusen though) is a nice start for an ozeki run, hopefully he can finally pull through. Interesting prospects Shodai Naoya (28) Tokitsukaze-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2Jun-yusho 5 Kanto-sho 1 Kinboshi Sw 11-4 K 183 cm 165 kg (-6) Style : Migi Yotsu yori Shodai continued his journey as the next ozeki a changed man this basho with a second straight KK as a Sekiwake, 11 wins this time (1 is a fusen) - a nice score to start a run (!) and secured his 5th career Kanto sho as well. He looked dominant at times but also showed great technique and will when pushed to the edge which allowed him to win bouts he typically would have lost in the past. He was technically in the race yet again until quite late and was one of the two men able to beat yusho winner Terunofuji. More of the same next basho please ! Daieisho Hayato (26) Oitekaze-beya Highest rank Komusubi, 2 Shukun-Sho 2 kinboshi Ke 11-4 S 182 cm 164 Kg (-1) Style : Oshi-tsuki Very solid performance yet again from Endo's heyamate, 11 wins as a komusubi (including two fusen) and second shukun-sho for a win against Hakuho. I'm not a banzuke pro at all so I'm not too sure if Daiesho will get an extra sekiwake spot next basho, or stay komusubi while Endo gets an extra komusubi spot. Intriguing prospects Takanosho Nobuaki (25) Chiganoura Highest rank M2E 1 Jun-yusho 1 Kanto sho 183 cm 162 kg (-1) Oshi M2e 8-7 Solid basho and KK for onigiri man at his highest rank, I enjoyed watching him. Hokutofuji Daiki (28) Hakkaku-Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 1 Jun-Yusho 2 Gino-sho 7 kinboshi 183cm 157 kg (-5) favourite style : Oshi M5w 9-6 Good basho from Hokutofuji but he has the talent to do better, he will be back in the jo-i zone next basho. Terutsuyoshi Shoki (25) Isegahama Highest rank M7e 1Jun yusho 1 Kanto-Sho 169 cm 120 kg (+4) Style : acrobatic ninja ( migi-maemitsu/nage ) At his highest rank, with a small body and a knee apparently not in good shape, Terutsuyoshi produced excellent sumo. He finished with 8 wins including an very cool ashi-tori against shin-ozeki Asanoyama to help his heyamate Terunofuji stay in the lead for the yusho race. Gread basho from him. Wakatakakage Atsushi ( 25 ) Arashio Beya Highest rank M14w 182 cm 124kg migi yotsu/yori M14w 10-5 Solid performance from Watakatakage for his first healthy tournament in Makuuchi Kotoshoho Yoshinari ( 20 ) Sadogatake Beya Highest rank M15e 191cm 165kg Migi-yori yotsu M15e 8-7 Good first basho in makuuchi for the 20 years-old, especially in the first half, it was more difficult in the second half. He has great technique and versatility and is a young talent to watch closely. Kotonowaka Masahiro ( 22 ) Sadogatake Beya Highest rank : M13w 188cm, 169kg (-4) migi-yotsu/yori, oshi Very good start to the basho for the young man who showed some really solid and mature sumo for his age, he probably would have finished kk if it wasn't for an unfortunate injury that forced him to pull out. He came back the last few days but clearly he should not have as he clearly wasn't the same and had no power in the injured leg. Dissapointing prospects Yutakayama Ryota (26) Tokitsukaze Beya Highest rank M1W 1 Jun Yusho, 1 Kanto-sho 184 cm 175 kg (-4) Style: Tsuki oshi M1w 5-10 M1w 5-10 tough basho for Yutakayama at his highest rank 8 straight losses to start but he bounced back and won his last four. It looks like he was fighting with an injured arm or shoulder which is quite difficult even more so when you rely on oshi attacks Kagayaki Taishi (26 )Takadagawa Highest rank M4e 193 cm (+1) 163 kg (-3) M4e 5-10 Mediocre basho for Kagayaki back at his highest rank Enho Akira (25) Miyagino beya Highest rank M4E 1 Gino-sho 168 cm 96 kg(-3 !) Style : Acrobatic ninja ( hidari yotsu, shitatenage...) M6e 5-10 difficult basho for the little guy, he had some cool wins as always but his opponents are starting to figure him out more and he is getting blown away more often Onosho Fumiya (24) Oonomatsu- Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 4 Sansho ( 1 Shukun-Sho 3 Kanto-sho )2 kinboshi 177cm 155 kg (-2) Style : Tsuki oshi M2w 2-13 Attrocious basho from Onosho who lost 13 straight he didn't look injured and tried every day but his balance was terrible as often. He managed to get two wins on the last two days so hopefully it'll give him a bit of momentum to bounce back next time. Abi Masatora (25)- Shikoroyama beya Highest rank: Komusubi 2 kanto-sho 2 kinboshi 185 cm 155 kg favourite style : Tsuki/oshi A few months ago it was the picture incident, this time Abi decided to go out and eat with friends despite the virus situation and all the efforts made to try to limit the risks, his oyakata took the decision to force him to pull out. Abi's career is not going in the good direction. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meisei Chikara (24) Tatsunami beya Highest rank M2w 179 cm 150 kg Style: Hidari yotsu-yori Good performance down in Juryo from Meisei, his arm seemed completely fine and he will be back in makuuchi next basho.
  13. Rainoyama

    Tochiozan Retirement

    Wow that is quite sudden and I was very surprised to see it, especially with the basho starting soon, but it's true that he's only been a shadow of himself lately and had troubles getting healthy. Congratulations to him for a great career and I wish him the best for his next career as Kiyomigata oyakata
  14. Rainoyama

    Toyonoshima intai

  15. Rainoyama

    Toyonoshima intai

    Yet another talented veteran retiring after a very good career. Toyonoshima also seems like a very good husband and father, I am sure he'll be a good oyakata next, best of luck for the future and thank you for the memories !