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  1. Rainoyama

    The young generation (japanese rikishi only)

    POST HARU 2020 The second basho of 2020 is in the books and it was a strange one to say the least. We didn't know if the basho would continue until the end and no crowd in the arena felt really weird for many, but the basho did continue until the end and given the circumstances it was a success to me. Sumo vs Coronavirus, Sumo 1-0 Virus. I was very sceptical at first after terrible first few days but the quality of sumo gradually improved and although I missed the crowd a lot, it was actually quite nice to hear things you don't usually hear well like the yobidashi and gyoji's voice, the breath of the guys in the ring... The basho was decided on musubi, senshuraku between two mongolian guys (Hak and Kak I think they are called) One is 35, the other 34 but the two Yokozuna are not done yet and when healthy they are still dominating the game. Still, many veterans their age are continuing to stuggle quite a bit while many many members of the young generation did quite well again. The new generation even produced a second Ozeki, 26 years old Asanoyama, who also takes the first place of that list as the new face of the young wave. YUSHO WINNERS Asanoyama Hideki (26) - Takasago-beya Highest Rank: Ozeki 1 Yusho, 1 Jun-Yusho, 6 special prizes ( 2 Shukun-Sho, 1 Gino-sho 3 Kanto-sho) 1 kinboshi 188 cm 177 kg Favourite style : Migi yotsu-yori S1E 11-4 Asanoyama ideally needed 12 wins to meet the unofficial 33 wins criteria for promotion to ozeki. With two losses by day 8, things didn't look too good for him, but he persevered and went on to win four straight before facing the two yokozuna and sole Ozeki Takakeisho on the last three days. He lost to Hakuho in a rather one sided manner and lost to Kakuryu as well but this one was really close to the point we can argue torinashi could have been the call... With 10 wins entering Senshûraku, Asanoyama persevered again and secured his promotion by defeating struggling rival Takakeisho in a very important bout for both parties. "Only" 11 wins ( 32 total) in the end, but it was actually Asanoyama fourth straight double digit KK ranked in the jo-i/sanyaku zone (42 over four basho). He's been Mr. Consistency lately and has established himself as the new face of his generation, taking over Takakeisho's spot, and currently leads the race to become the first one to reach Yokozuna. Will he make it ? Only time will tell but he sure does have the body and the talent to get the white rope. Takakeisho Mitsunobu (23) - Chiganoura beya Highest rank : Ozeki 1 Yusho, 3 Jun Yusho , 8 special prizes (3 Gino-sho, 3 Shukun-sho , 2 Kanto-sho) 3 kinboshi 175 cm 169 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi O1E 7-8 A basho to forget for the 23 y-o, not only did he lose his spot as the face of his generation in a direct showdown against rival Asanoyama, but the defeat was his 8th loss, making him Kadoban again next tournament. The young Ozeki didn't look like himself, even when winning, and, despite him pretending otherwise, he likely was fighting injured. Old injury ? New Injury ? Nothing his clear at this point but hopefully Takakeisho won't become yet another Ozeki fighting while struggling to say healthy (Terunofuji, Tochinoshin, Takayasu...). With the spring tour canceled and uncertainty over when the next basho will take place, he should get some well needed rest and I expect him to bounce back next time and same his rank. Mitakeumi Hisashi (27) - Dewanoumi-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2 Yusho, 8 Special prizes (2 Gino-sho, 5 Shukun-sho ,1 Kanto-sho) 2 kinboshi 180 cm, 175 kg Favourite style : Tsuki-Oshi M3W 10-5 Mitakeumi was looking to bounce back after two straight losing records and did exactly that this basho, securing 10 wins and a return to San'yaku where he truly belongs. I am far from being a banzuke specialist but I expect him to be Sekiwake W next time. I thought he looked really solid and healthier, which is encouraging, but he still found ways to disappoint losing 3 of his last 4 bouts... Mitakeumi is the only member of his generation to win more than one tournament, yet two of his rivals had the time to become Ozeki before him... Hopefully Asanoyama's promotion will motivate him to actually start a serious run this time. Interesting prospects Shodai Naoya (28) Tokitsukaze-beya Highest rank: Sekiwake 2Jun-yusho 4 Kanto-sho 1 Kinboshi S1W 8-7 183 cm 171 kg Style : Migi Yotsu yori No double digit this time for Shodai, but clear signs of improvements from him. Back in San'yaku for the first time in two years, he secured his first KK at this rank (also his 3rd straight KK since Kyushu last year) and was one of the two rikishi able to defeat the GOAT this tournament ! With Asanoyama's promotion Shodai will move to Sekiwake East and hopefully will continue his resurgence next time. Daieisho Hayato (26) Oitekaze-beya Highest rank Komusubi 1 Shukun-Sho 2 kinboshi 182 cm 165 Kg Style : Oshi-tsuki M1E 8-7 Another solid basho from Daieisho. Despite losing his first 3 bouts and 4 of his last 5, he had an incredible 7 win-streak mid way trough and it was enough for him to secure a winning record and a ticket back San'yaku (probably to Koumusubi E). Who would have thought a couple of years ago that he would be where he is now ? Yutakayama Ryota (26) Tokitsukaze Beya Highest rank M2e 1 Jun Yusho, 1 Kanto-sho 184 cm 179 kg Style: Tsuki oshi M3E 8-7 "Only" a 8-7 KK barely obtained on day 15 after a very close bout against Chiyomaru, but it was Yutakayama's 6th straight KK starting in Juryo and he was ranked in the jo-i zone this time. Yutakayama continued to show some very good and clever sumo this basho. Even when listening to him talk you can tell he's matured a lot. He seems way more calm and focussed than he used to be, and probably healthier too which helps. His rough sumo and manners are starting to get more and more polished and it pays. Yutakayama most impressive whin this basho was probably the one against his long time rival Asanoyama. It didn't stop the later to be promoted to the second highest rank on the banzuke though. Will Yutakayama continue to improve to the point where he can join him there ? For now he is yet to reach san'yaku and his record this time isn't good enough to get him promoted over Okinoumi or Takanosho. Maybe next time ? Onosho Fumiya (23) Oonomatsu- Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 4 Sansho ( 1 Shukun-Sho 3 Kanto-sho )2 kinboshi 177cm 157 kg Style : Tsuki oshi M5W 9-6S It's been a long journey for the 23 y-o since his injury and fall from san'yaku. It took Onosho two long years to come back to the top, but he finally starting to look like himself again which is very nice to see. There are still area to improve of course, but his balance looks much better, his sumo way sharper. His good performance this basho and impressive victory against yusho winner Hakuho earned him his first ever Shukun-sho and second kinboshi. The next step for him is to get back to san'yaku. Intriguing prospects Takanosho Nobuaki (25) Chiganoura Highest rank M9e 1 Jun-yusho 1 Kanto sho 183 cm 163 kg Oshi M9E 12-3 JK Unforgettable basho for Takakeisho's heyamate and Tsukebito. Great sumo, 12 wins, a jun-yusho and a kanto-sho at his highest rank. Onigiri-kun even has a chance to be promoted to Komusubi although Okinoumi seems like the more likely choice. One thing is certain, it'll be a lot harder for him next time, will he be up to it ? Kagayaki Taishi (25 )Takadagawa Highest rank M4w 192 cm 166 kg M6W 8-7 No double digit this time but third straight solid basho from Kagayaki. Third straight KK, can he make it 4 next time ? Enho Akira (25) Miyagino beya Highest rank M4E 1 Gino-sho M4E 6-9 168 cm 99 kg Style : Acrobatic ninja ( hidari yotsu, shitatenage...) Difficult basho for the little man at his highest rank. Enho couldn't count on the energy boost he usually gets from the crowd and it took him a lot of energy to climb to that high rank, Mainoumi hinted that fatigue could explain his performance this basho. Still 6-9 at this high rank with this such a light and small body is not bad at all. Terutsuyoshi Shoki (25) Isegahama Highest rank M9e 1Jun yusho 1 Kanto-Sho 169 cm 116 kg Style : acrobatic ninja ( migi-maemitsu/nage ) M11W 9-6 Really good basho from Terutsuyoshi, it looked like he injured his arm at some point but it didn't stop him to finish the basho with a respectable 9-6 winning record. Kotonowaka Masahiro ( 22 ) Sadogatake Beya Highest rank : M18E 188cm, 173kg migi-yotsu/yori, oshi M18E 9-6 The 22 y-o is the newest addition to this list and I thought he did incredibly well in his makuuchi debut. His sumo looks quite polished and well rounded for such a young rikishi and he has great sice and weight. This Kotonowaka is not just the son of and the grand-son of, I think he has a lot of talent, enough to make a name for himself. His heyamate Kotonosho also looks very promising and will probably join him in makuuchi and on this list next basho. Dissapointing prospects Hokutofuji Daiki (27) Hakkaku-Beya Highest rank : Komusubi 1 Jun-Yusho 2 Gino-sho 7 kinboshi 183cm 162 kg favourite style : Oshi K1E 4-11 Hokutofuji is one of my favourite rikishi and I was rooting for him to build upon his great performance from last basho, and things started quite well with a win against Kakuryu on day 2, but we all saw what happened next. He fnished the basho 11 losses total including 8 straight. Even changing mawashi didn't save him this time. I thought he looked quite weak this basho, his legs in particular were not moving well. Injured maybe ? As much as I like him and want him to achieve great things Hokutofuji is yet to achieve a KK when ranked in San'yaku and consistency is a big issue with him. Despite his incredible talent I put him on that part of the list this time because if he doesn't improve, I don't see him becoming a serious ozeki candidate. Hopefully do better next time. Abi Masatora (25)- Shikoroyama beya Highest rank: Komusubi 2 kanto-sho 2 kinboshi 185 cm 155 kg favourite style : Tsuki/oshi M4W 7-8 Another frustrating basho from Abi, second straight Makekoshi, his leg has been bothering him for a while maybe it still affected him this basho. He can do better. Meisei Chikara (24) Tatsunami beya Highest rank M2w 179 cm 150 kg Style: Hidari yotsu-yori M17E 7-8 Painful basho for returning from injury but clearly far from healthy Meisei, only 7 wins (including a fusen) at such a low rank is uncaracteristic of him. He will probably fall down to juryo next basho.
  2. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Exactly which is completely different and way more appropriate
  3. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Kitanofuji like many Yokozuna has a very strong personality and a big ego, he is older than almost everyone and is therefore at the top of the sumo world social food chain. As such, he can basically do and say whatever he wants, the thing is a lot of the time he just spits nonsense, let's be honest. He is telling everyone what to do and think but most of the time he cannot even remember the names of the rikishi he is talking about. When you are excellent at your job like Mainoumi is and are treated like fool by a grumpy and out of touch old man, it can be a bit frustrating...
  4. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    I was quite surprised when it happened, if I remember correctly Kitanofuji even called Mainoumi 君 (きみ) which I thought was a bit weird even for him. I understand better now thank you.
  5. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Surely 10-5, 11-4J, 10-5, 11-4 is enough to promote Asanoyama to Ozeki
  6. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

  7. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Man that one really hurts for Asanoyama, his arm was out first but Kakuryu's wasn't doing anything at all and it was a strong case to call shinitai. With so many things on the line a monoi would have been nice... Hopefully they won't deny the promotion if he wins tomorow.
  8. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Where was that Hokutofuji all basho ?
  9. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    That was funny aha the journalist from NHK asked Kaisei why he was smiling in the hanamichi after his win and KK, he answered that he was actually laughing with his tsukebito because he was so stressed before the bout that he actually put chikaramizu in his mouth
  10. Rainoyama

    Basho cancellation?

    Article from Nikkan on Chiyomaru : his temperature was 38,6 yesterday night (14th) and 39,7 this morning. He had medical exams to see if it is regular flu this morning and will have more tests tomorow (16th). According to his brother and stablemate Chiyootori (currently fighting in Juryo) Chiyomaru was 'completely fine yesterday' and told him this morning that he had no physical problems at all except for the fever. Chiyootori thinks his brother will be back after a little rest. https://www.nikkansports.com/battle/sumo/photonews/photonews_nsInc_202003150000677-1.html
  11. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    His knees seem ok but his arm/elbow has been bothering him for a few days now and today it looked like he couldn't use it at all which is very worrying.
  12. Rainoyama

    Haru 2020 Basho Discussion (SPOILERS)

    Much more entertaining day today, after two weird and average days, I guess the guys are a little bit more used to fight with no audience and I am a bit more used to it too. Let's hope we'll continue to see more of the same for the rest of the basho.
  13. Rainoyama

    Terunofuji Watch

    Easy win again on day 3 but that right arm seems to bother him a bit, let's hope it's not too serious
  14. Rainoyama

    The new mongolian generation

    POST HATSU 2020 UPDATE The japanese version of that topic takes quite a lot of time to write so I've been neglecting this one for a while so I'd like to apologize. 2020, new decade and a lot of things happened since my last update post Nagoya. Makuuchi Kiribayama Tetsuo (23) Michinoku beya Highest rank M17 1 Kanto-sho 184 cm 129 kg Style Hidari-yotsu nage M17e 11-4 K Just like that Ichinojo and Daishoho, who were the two makuuchi regular young mongolian found themselves down in Juryo. 23 years old Kiribayama was the only young mongolian up in makuuchi for Hatsu. Ranked M17e following a very nice 11-4 showing down in juryo in december, he posted the same impressive result for his makuuchi debut this tournament. His performance was somewhat overshadowed by the other M17, Tokushoryu, who took the yusho, but Kiribayama collected 11 wins, once again using a lot of different kimarite and was awarded a well deserved Kanto-sho. He is just 23 and amazingly talented, he is really someone to watch. I also appreciate the fact that he respectful and is well behaved. Juryo rikishi Terunofuji Haruo (28) Isegahama Highest rank: Ozeki 1 yusho, 4 jun-yusho, 1 shukun-sho, 3 kanto sho. 192 cm 180 kg migi yotsu-yori J13w 13-2 Y A lot of things happened since my last update and this is the most important one, the heir is back... well back in juryo for now, but back in good shape. With his talent and a body in good condition Terunofuji is unstoppable, and he was unstoppable until he was stopped. 13 straight wins to easily clinch the juryo yusho but two losses on day 14 and 15 to Nishikigi and Daiamami. He is in good shape for sure but he may not be fully ready to dominate as much in makuuchi yet. Moreover, these losses may well end up costing him his promotion to makuuchi next basho. One thing is certain, he'll face stronger opposition next basho and it'll be interesting to see how he performs. Ichinojo Takashi (26) Minato beya Highest rank : Sekiwake 2 jun-yusho 3 special prizes ( 2 shukun-sho 1 Kanto-sho) 8 kinboshi 192 cm 200 kg (-27kg) Style : Migi-yotsu yori, lean machine J7e 6-9 Just as Terunofuji is climbing his way back, Ichinojo, the main guy in his absence is falling down. He is still listed at 200 kg after a 27 kilos loss, I think there's nothing more to say... Since my last update, Ichinojo's back finally completely quit on him and the big guy fell all the way down to mid juryo juryo after almost two entire basho off. If we consider his dramatic weight loss and the lack of training a MK even down there seems logical. Let's hope for him that he'll be able to climb his way back up soon. Daishoho Kiyohiro (25) Oitekaze beya Highest rank M9W 185 cm (+2) 185 kg (+5) Style : Migi yotsu-yori J5w 9-6 Daishoho did ok in Makuuchi for a bit but turned into a morozashi surrendering machine and quickly fell down the ranks. Down in juryo this tournament he did quite well until day 11 but lost his last four bouts and his promotion back to the first division at the same time. Mitoryu Takayuki (25) Nishikido-beya Highest rank J9 188 cm (+2) 195 kg (-5) Style: Being 195 kg and kinda hard to move. J4w 6-9 Instead of being mediocre and dissapointing in low to middle juryo, Mitoryu is now mediocre and dissapointing in middle to top juryo... He was up in makuuchi on day 8 and actually won the bout (against shimanoumi) but I'm still wondering wether he'll really make his way up there some day. Hoshoryu Tomokatsu (20) Tatsunami beya Highest rank juryo 13 186 cm 131 kg (+16) migi yotsu yori nage J14 8-7 Asashoryu's nephew is now up in juryo and after a 7-8 mk, his 8-7 kk for hatsu ensured he'll remain there for the third straight basho. Hoshoryu is showing some really cool things at times, his throws in particular but he is still so young, green and maybe still too light ( despite being up 16 kilos since my last update ) to do better than that for now even in low juryo. With a bit more experience and a few more kilos I reckon he'll start killing it, I bet he is going to do better next basho. Extra Roga Chikara (20) Futagoyama Ranked Ms17e this basho, the 20 years old is also a young guy to watch, never makekoshi since his debut he finished 5-2 this time, a record that should put him in the promotion zone for juryo next time. Very promising talent.
  15. Rainoyama

    The young generation (japanese rikishi only)

    Thank you so much for your comment ! I may add some of the juryo guys but this is a lot of work so I cannot garantee when. On the other hand, I'll update the mongolian version for sure ! I slacked off last time and so many things have changed ( Terunofuji, Roga...)